Yuejun Inn.

Sun Hao closed the "Heart Sutra" and secretly relieved.

After reading the sutra, the feeling of palpitations disappeared cleanly.

The whole person is extremely relaxed.

It seems that this is what the system forces you to recite!

In addition, I just got more than 1,200 blessing points!

Don't be too comfortable!

"My son, are you better?"

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao with worship in his eyes.

Just now, the young man actually killed the general of the blood demon tribe by reciting the scriptures.

This method, this strength, was shocking.

Moreover, looking at the appearance of the son, I don't know this at all.

In this way, the son's heart was not damaged, and he saved the entire Jiangyang City.

This made her unable to imagine at all.

"A lot! The whole person is extremely comfortable!" Sun Hao said.

"That's good." Huang Rumeng nodded.

"Like a dream, go, continue to look for the storefront!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng followed Sun Hao closely.


The door opened.

Seeing the scene before him, Sun Hao almost vomited.

I saw a tragic corpse lying in the hallway.

Decapitated head split brain, bowel outflow.

Sun Hao knew one of the men with his broken head.

This person is the guy who serves himself.

Yesterday, it was fine, but today, people are gone.


On the ground, there was pitch black pus spreading, and a strange smell came on his face.

Let people smell it, and the whole person is bad.

What's going on?

what happened?

Sun Hao was stunned.


At this time.

A bald head quickly ran over, looking at Sun Hao with excitement.

He is Ning Mingzhi.

Seeing this bald head, Sun Hao recovered.

He was puzzled, this person seemed to know, and he didn't seem to know.

"Are you?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I am Ning Mingzhi! Yesterday, you gave me a painting!"

After speaking, Ning Mingzhi picked up the picture scroll and raised it in front of Sun Hao.

Hearing this, Sun Hao understood.

It turned out that it was the scholar yesterday.

"Talking in the house, outside here, it smells too bad!"

Sun Haoqiang endured the discomfort and walked into the room.

"Okay, son."

Ning Mingzhi followed behind them.

The door is closed.

"Why did you shave your head?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son..."

Ning Mingzhi was preparing to answer, and at this moment, a sound rang in his ears.

"The prince is a mortal, and he must not be broken, otherwise, I will blame you for being polite!"

At this time, Huang Rumeng's voice reached Ning Mingzhi's ears.

Hearing this, Ning Mingzhi let out a long sigh of relief.

Almost, it caused the son to doubt.

Too dangerous!

In this way, the identity of the son is unimaginable?

No wonder!

No wonder it is so strong, just relying on the sound of the piano can kill the murderer!

This method must be a peerless fairy!

"My son, I figured out some things, so I decided to become a monk!" Ning Mingzhi replied.

Hearing this, Sun Hao looked stunned.

People in this world have strange ideas.

Yesterday I talked to myself about poetry and painting, and today I am going to be a monk.

Can't figure it out, can't figure it out!

"Brother Ning, what is going on with so many people dead outside here?" Sun Hao asked.

Ning Mingzhi did not answer directly.

Instead, he glanced at Huang Rumeng.

Then, began to answer.

"My son, something big happened in Jiangyang City!"

"A big deal? What big deal?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, the evil race invaded Jiangyang City, and many people died tragically. These people were killed by puppets." Ning Mingzhi said.

Evil race?

Gnawing the living?

Do you want to be so exciting?

Or is it in the center of Yangzhou-Jiangyang City, does this evil race dare to come?

What if it's elsewhere?

This world is too dangerous!

Sun Hao's heart trembled, but there was no change in his face, "What is a puppet?"

"My son, the human puppet is the human puppet clan using a secret method to erase the soul of a living person and become an unconscious puppet!"

"This kind of puppet, after a series of medicinalization, has a body like a knife, very powerful."

"There are some powerful puppets that can destroy the world and the earth, extremely powerful!" Ning Mingzhi said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao's back became cold, and his body went cold.

A puppet is so powerful.

If it is a bunch of puppets, who can resist.


"Could the evil race only attack Yuejun Inn?" Sun Hao said.

"of course not!"

Ning Mingzhi shook his head slightly, "My son, there are traces of puppets in the entire city. Many people should have died last night!"


Sun Hao secretly gasped.

What about security?

Don’t you need protection?

This is totally a purgatory, OK?

This place, can't stay!

"I'm scared to death, this medical clinic won't open anymore, it's better to go back to where I live for safety!"

If you run into such a monster, you can at least hide in the farm.

The farm is a secret space, and ordinary cultivators cannot get in without their own consent.

"Thank you, Brother Ning, for telling me that I have to go back when I have something to do."

Having said that, Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, "Rumeng, pack things up, let's go home!"

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded and began to pack up.

Pieces of objects were put in the space ring by her.

"The son."

Seeing Sun Hao about to leave, Ning Mingzhi quickly stopped him.

"Brother Ning, are you still okay?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I want to be by your side, can I?" Ning Mingzhi asked.

"Follow me?"

Sun Hao frowned, with a look of doubt, "You said you want to become a monk, what do you do with me?"

"My son, I want to hear you recite the scriptures." Ning Mingzhi said.


Some people like to listen to their own chanting?

This guy, didn't he just wanted to become a monk after hearing his own chanting?

Look at his head, it seems to have just been shaved, and in some places, it is still bumpy.

I must shave it myself!

Finally found a guy who likes to listen to his own chanting.

If someone listens to chanting, it will not be as boring, and it will even have a sense of accomplishment.

"Yes, but I won't stay in Jiangyang City. If you want to listen, come to my residence!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

As soon as he looked up, he saw Huang Rumeng taking Sun Hao quickly into the air.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a black spot and disappeared.

"My son, where do you live?"

Ning Mingzhi yelled.

Only he responded.

"The son asked me to go to his residence, but he didn't tell where to live?"

"Why is this? Is this a test?"

"It must be like this. Only when he finds a place where he lives, he will truly teach me!"

Ning Mingzhi muttered to himself, thinking about every word Sun Hao said.


He filtered every word of Sun Hao, and after thinking about it, he couldn't figure out where Sun Hao lived.

"Why am I so dull, the son test, where is it?"

"Isn't it in the words, but in the painting?"

It must be so.

Thinking this way, Ning Mingzhi picked up the picture scroll and looked at it carefully.

He went straight back to his room and sat like a wooden sculpture.

I do not know how long it has been.

"I see! Isn't this painting a mountain in the Great Demon Mountain Range?"

"And this monastery, judging from its location, should be in the south! The son means, doesn't it mean the southern location of the Great Demon Mountain Range?"

"When the son gave me this painting, he already pointed everything out!"

"The son is deeply impressed, it is wise to wake up, I am really ashamed!"

"My son, wait for me, I will find your place!"

After speaking, Ning Mingzhi returned to his room and began to pack up and salute.


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