Western Regions, God West Courtyard.

In a large hall, an old man with white hair stood on the stage, looking at the men and women below, with a solemn expression.

"Do you have any opinions about Jiangyang City, Yangzhou?" the white-haired old man asked.

"The Dean."

A burly man stood up.

"Hou Xing, you said." The white-haired old man said.

"Dean, the Jiangyang City matter is untrustworthy!" Hou Xing said.

"Why?" the white-haired old man asked.

"First, the cultivator's rumors will be exaggerated! Last time, some people said that the sky demon caused chaos and harmed all living beings. As a result, it was just a little demon who had just reached the Qi training level!

"Secondly, Luo Liuyan, the palace lord of the Yaochi Palace, was originally a student of the West Academy of God. Because of his mediocre talent and hopeless promotion, he went to the Yaochi Palace! Can she save Jiangyang City and kill the evil spirit? Dean, do you believe it? ?"

"Thirdly, as for that **** and treacherous person, I think it is nothing but Luo Liuyan invented it to confuse sentient beings."

"Fourth, the world of bliss, only appears in legends, not at all! Some experts in Buddhism and Taoism must be fabricated!"

"Combining the above four points, Luo Liuyan is deliberately suspicious, and there must be a conspiracy. I am afraid that those demons will not die at all, but will fight Luo Liuyan and destroy my foundation of the Cangyuan!"

"The dean, the students feel that they should send a large army to suppress the Yaochi Palace, arrest Luo Liuyan, torture her, and force her to tell the evil intentions!"

After Hou Xing finished speaking, he bowed to the ground respectfully and bowed.

"Dean, the student seconded!"

Then, several men and women stood up, bowed to the ground, and begged to leave the army.

The white-haired old man stood in place, closing his eyes and thinking deeply.

a long time.

He opened his eyes and looked at a woman in blue.

"Mu Bing, aren't you friends with Luo Liuyan? Why don't you talk?" the white-haired old man asked.

"Dean, you already have the answer in your heart. It's the same whether the student says it or not." Mu Bing said.

"Oh, let's hear it!" the white-haired old man asked.

"President, if I stand up to defend Luo Liuyan, it will only affect the dean's judgment. At the same time, it will also allow Hou Xing to take the opportunity to blame." Mu Bing said.

"You fart, how can Hou Xing be that kind of villain! I think you have bad intentions and take the opportunity to frame me, Dean, please punish her!" Hou Xing said loudly.


The white-haired old man spoke lightly, and Hou Xing shut up immediately.

"go on!"

"Yes, Dean!"

"Hou Xing said, it's all farting!"

"First, he pursued Luo Liuyan back then, but was ruthlessly rejected. He already had a grudge. He took this opportunity to frame Luo Liuyan!"

"Second, the Jiangyang City matter, is it right? How can a small sect be able to shake the foundation of the Supreme Court? Hou Xing exaggerated his words and intended sinister!"

"Third, as a student of the God Academy, it is a taboo to jump to conclusions without knowing the truth!"

"The above three points, the Dean must have already understood it!" Mu Bing said.

When Hou Xing heard these words, his fists creaked.

Those eyes were extremely resentful, as if they were about to swallow Mu Bing.

Dread the dean's majesty, he dare not attack.

When the white-haired old man heard this, he stroked his long beard and nodded slightly, "Then, as you can see, how should I handle this?"

"Then naturally send someone to investigate everything clearly before drawing conclusions!"

"As for the evil demon's attack, no matter it is false, I must report the matter to the General Hospital and take precautions as soon as possible!" Mu Bing said.


The white-haired old man laughed and looked satisfied.

"Okay, okay! You deserve to be a member of the Mu family, the old man will send you to investigate this matter! What do you think?" said the white-haired old man.

"The things that the dean arranged, the students' livers and brains, will definitely be done!"

Mu Bing clasped his fists calmly, without sorrow or joy.

As if everything had nothing to do with her.

"Well, you go, what you need, go to the treasure house to choose, in case there are gods and treacherous people, don't neglect!"

"Also, if the Buddha manifests, we have to investigate!" said the white-haired old man.

"Yes, Dean!"

After speaking, Mu Bing turned into a fragrant breeze and left quickly.

"The Dean!"

Hou Xing shouted.

"Shut up, don't think the old man doesn't know what you are thinking!"

"Useless things, immediately go to the old man to retreat! For a year, it is forbidden to go out!" the white-haired old man shouted.

"Dean, student..."

When he saw the fierce light in the eyes of the white-haired old man, he immediately closed his mouth.

"Yes, Dean!"

After speaking, Hou Xing stepped back.

"Old guy, Mu Bing! One day, I, Hou Xing, will tear you to pieces!"

"And that **** Luo Liuyan, what kind of noble!"

"You wait!"

Hou Xing thought secretly, clenching his fists.

Then, he turned into a long rainbow and flew back to his mountain.

Just landed.


A long rainbow flew quickly.

After landing, he turned into a man.

He looks personable, and one glance makes people feel ashamed.

"Brother Hou, why is your face so ugly?" the man said.

Hou Xing looked back, his face full of anger, "Chai Yuanchu, don't be yin and yang here, why don't you pursue your Mu Bing?"

"You don't need to worry about this matter, Brother Hou! Today, Brother Hou's position in the dean's mind can be said to have fallen drastically! Isn't it much to the benefit of Mu Bing?" Chai Yuanchu said.

"Damn Mu Bing, don't let me seize the opportunity!"

Hou Xing clenched his fists, his face full of resentment.

"Brother Hou, there is a plan to protect you from destroying Mu Bing, and to control Luo Liuyan in your hands, let you control it! Moreover, this matter is not known to the ghosts, do you want to listen?" Chai Yuanchu said.

"Just you? With this ability, you have used it a long time ago, do you need to run to me and beep?" Hou Xing said.

"Oh, forget it, it's hard to be a good person!"

"I think I should watch the fire from the other side!"

After speaking, Chai Yuanchu turned around, transformed into a Changhong, and flew into the sky.

That look, without any nostalgia.

Seeing this scene, Hou Xing frowned and thought, and finally shouted: "Wait a minute!"

"Oh, do you still have something?"

Chai Yuanchu stopped and said with a smile.

"Don't pretend, just say it!" Hou Xing said.

"It's not convenient to talk about it here!"

"Come with me!"

The two came to the secret room and arranged several layers of isolation formations.

Next, Chai Yuanchu started talking.

At first, Hou Xing resisted.

When Chai Yuanchu fully stated his plan, Hou Xing's face became more and more refined.

"You can say it is light!"

Hou Xing shook his head for a while.

"Look at this!"

At this time, Chai Yuanchu took out a space ring and handed it to Hou Xing.

Open it and take a look.

Hou Xing was surprised, full of unbelief.

"It's great, with these things, I can leave a fake body to face the wall! These two **** women, I definitely want you to survive or die!"

Hou Xing was so excited that his body trembled slightly, and it took a long time before he calmed down.

"Come on, what's your purpose?" Hou Xing said.

"I just want you to..."

Chai Yuanchu attached to Hou Xing's ear and said softly.

After hearing this, Hou Xing nodded repeatedly, "No problem!"


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