"Like a dream, there is a pavilion on the top of the stone tower, take me up to see it." Sun Hao said.


A trace of jealousy appeared on Huang Rumeng's face.

She clearly remembered that within 100 meters of the top of the stone tower, she couldn't get close at all.

Presumably above, there is a ban on it, which is extremely scary.

These prohibitions are very ancient. I am afraid that one and a half immortals will be destroyed.

The son actually wants to go up, I'm afraid...

"Rumeng, what's the matter?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, it's okay, I'll take you up." Huang Rumeng said.

Thinking of Sun Hao catching the peerless ferocious Jiao with one hand, Huang Rumeng was relieved.

Huang Rumeng took out a long sword and floated in front of him.

"My son, I stand in front." Huang Rumeng said.

"No, just stand behind."

After speaking, Sun Hao leaped slightly, standing on the tip of the sword, his whole person as stable as Mount Tai.


The two rushed up to the top of the stone tower.

Huang Rumeng controlled the flying sword and stood a hundred meters away, not daring to approach it.


If there seems to be no prohibition, blocking it in front, Huang Rumeng's face changes slightly.

"Like a dream, come closer."

Sun Hao looked at the pavilion on the stone tower with his eyes shining.

This space looks like a pavilion, but it is much bigger than the pavilion.

Wouldn’t it be nice to set up tables and chairs, play the piano, paint, drink tea and chat, while enjoying the beautiful scenery?

Thinking about this, Sun Hao stretched out his right hand.

"My son, little..."

The words did not fall.


It is forbidden to collapse and crack like shredded paper.


Huang Rumeng was dumbfounded.

Looking at Sun Hao, he admired the spirit, shining indefinitely.

"The young man broke this ancient prohibition with his body alone. This is really terrifying!"

"Looking at the appearance of the son, it seems that no prohibition has been found!"

"My son, that's amazing!"

This means, this strength, is unimaginable.

The more I look at it, the more Huang Rumeng can't see through Sun Hao.


Peerless master?

Supreme Immortal?

It's all possible.

"Like a dream, take me in!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng took a few deep breaths, which made him feel much better.

"The view is great!"

On the top of the stone tower, Sun Hao looked far away with a smile on his face.

"Yes, son."

Huang Rumeng stood beside Sun Hao and nodded slightly.

"I want to paint now, like a dream, please help me fetch tools!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

Huang Rumeng nodded.

After a while.

Sun Hao spread out the rice paper and shook his brush.

The pen and the dragon snake, a pair of ink and wash landscapes, vividly on the paper.

On the drawing paper, a man and a woman are standing on the top of the mountain, looking at the mountains.

Under the layers of clouds and mist, there is a continuous mountain range.

This situation and scene are extremely blended with the present mood.

Although the figure is blurred, the artistic conception is profound, which makes people reluctant to look away.

Sun Hao picked up the pen and swiped it again. In the blank space, he wrote two lines: I will be the top of the mountain and look at the mountains!

The "Climbing Map" is thus completed.

Huang Rumeng looked at this painting, and stood there stupidly, motionless.

The scenery in front of her changed completely.

It is as if she is already standing in the painting, and the woman in the painting becomes her.


The wind and clouds in the painting surging rapidly.

Spiritual energy around, not right, immortal energy surged.

Huang Rumeng clearly felt that his strength was rapidly improving.

After a while.


On the body, the film that blocked the repair base cracked.

At this moment, she reached a stage of ascension!

There are two heavenly moats between the soaring realm and the fairy.

The first is the transformation of spiritual power.

This process is extremely slow.

Ordinary cultivators generally need a thousand years.

Even if it is an evildoer, it will take at least a hundred years.

The transformation process of spiritual power is divided into ten steps.

Every 10% conversion, the strength will explode several times, so it is divided into ten steps.

Unexpectedly, in just ten days, he would be promoted from the Tribulation Realm to the Ascension Realm by one step.

If this is said, I am afraid that it is the old monster who has been sleeping for countless years, and he has to jump out.

Everything, thanks to the son!

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao with admiration, gratitude, and admiration all over his face.


Huang Rumeng rushed over and hugged Sun Hao tightly.

"Like a dream!"

A fragrant breeze entered the nasal cavity.

A softness came from the chest.

In some places, uncontrolled, like a dragon soaring into the sky, unstoppable.

Huang Rumeng felt that Sun Hao's body was abnormal, and his face was reddened.

She hugged tightly, not daring to move.

Sun Hao did not dare to move.

Huang Rumeng, that's a cultivator.

I'm a mortal, and if you double repair with her, one is not good, and the force is too strong.



Thinking about it makes people afraid.

I still have to wait until I can practice and reach the same strength.

"My son, are you at home?"

At this time, there was a voice outside the courtyard.

Huang Rumeng quickly let go of Sun Hao, his face flushed and stood aside.

"It's them!"

In Sun Hao's eyes, a strange glow was blooming, and he could reap the value of fortune.

Returning from Jiangyang City, it has been almost two days without any good luck.

As for Huang Rumeng, as early as a few days ago, he had been unable to obtain the blessing value.

I don’t know if it’s too familiar or there is an upper limit.

Today, when they came over, they could harvest a wave of good luck.

"Like a dream, take me down!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

After the two landed, they opened the courtyard door.

"I have seen the son!"

Seeing Sun Hao, Chen Daoming, Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling salute respectfully.

Sun Hao clasped his fists, "Brother Chen, are you here together?"

"Yes, son!"

Chen Daoming stood up.

In his eyes, there was a look of admiration.

He took out a jade bottle and handed it to Sun Hao, "Master, a little bit, please accept it!"

Bringing gifts again?

Really particular!

The cultivator is polite.

"Brother Chen, you are so polite!"

Sun Hao took the jade bottle, opened it, and a scent poured.

What's inside is a pill with purple awn flowing.

At first glance, it is not a thing.

This thing, I will definitely use it in the future.

"Thank you Brother Chen, please come inside!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Chen Daoming nodded and strode in.

The two women Luo Liuyan looked sad when they saw this scene.

This time, they didn't bring gifts to the son, so they were really embarrassed to go in.

"Ms. Liu Yan, Miss Yi Ling, don't froze, come in quickly!" Sun Hao said.


The two goddesses are stagnant, wanting to enter but not daring to enter.

"Sister Liu Yan, sister Yiling, don't dare!"

Huang Rumeng walked up to the two women, dragged them, and entered the courtyard gate.

"Thousand Color God Lotus!"

Chen Daoming's face changed greatly when he saw the lotus flower in the pond.

It was only a month, and I did not expect that the demon lotus would grow thousands of petals.

"With so many petals, this strength is beyond imagination."

Chen Daoming looked at the Thousand Colors Shenlian with awe in his eyes.

If this continues, it won't take long to become a miraculous lotus.

At that time, how terrifying is the strength of this lotus demon?

Thinking about it makes people scared for a while.


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