Chen Daoming looked at the cup in front of him, his eyes were moved.

This kind of fairy tea is not weak in comparison with Wudao tea.

Every cup of tea is supreme good luck.

"Thank you!" Chen Daoming said.

"Brother Chen, just a cup of tea, it's not enough, come on, drink it!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Chen Daoming continued to drink.

He didn't dare to drink too much with every sip, and tasted carefully.

Chen Daoming's movements were clearly captured by Sun Hao.

"It looks like Brother Chen likes my tea!"

Sun Hao nodded secretly, stood up calmly, and walked into the room.

After a while, Sun Hao picked up a few packets of tea and walked out.

After Chen Daoming finished drinking, Sun Hao said, "Brother Chen, is it good?"


This is fairy tea.

And it is the fairy tea that can temper the flesh!

This is something that money cannot buy!

How delicious is it!

"My son, it's delicious!" Chen Daoming nodded.

"Do you like it?" Sun Hao said with a smile.

"Like it!" Chen Daoming nodded.

"Since I like it, Brother Chen takes a little back to drink!"

After speaking, Sun Hao handed three bags of tea to Chen Daoming.

Chen Daoming's scalp was numb, and his face was full of anxiety.

After he opened it nervously, the whole person was frightened and dumb.

"This...this is enlightenment tea, how many thousand pieces of it, ancestor!"

"This is Supreme Spirit Tea, this is Immortal Tea! There are thousands of pieces!"

A piece of tea is already a peerless treasure, how dare you collect so much.

"My son, this...this..."

Chen Daoming's heart was beating wildly, and he could not calm down after taking a few breaths.

These tea leaves completely break the three views.

It is impossible to imagine.

"What's the matter?" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I can't accept it!" Chen Daoming said.

Not to mention that this thing is expensive.

Your own strength alone is far from enough to protect this kind of thing.

If you get so many peerless treasures at once, if it is spread out, it will definitely be blasted into flying ash.

"Why? Are you looking down on my things?" Sun Hao carried a trace of anger on his face.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming trembled.

The son was angry.

Could it be said that the son gave this tea to himself with profound meaning?

It must be so!

I don't know what the meaning of the son is?

Have to think about it.

In that case, this tea must be accepted.

Chen Daoming thought to himself, holding the tea in his hand.

"Master, naturally not, but these things are too precious!" Chen Daoming said.

"Brother Chen doesn't dislike it!" Sun Hao said.

"So, thank you son!"

After Chen Daoming finished speaking, he put three bags of tea into the space ring.

"Ding, blessing value +300!"

It sounded.

Sun Hao's eyes sparkled after hearing it.


A few packs of tea leaves so much fortune.

Very good!

Now, the total blessing value has reached 8,400.

It is very likely that it will exceed 10,000 today.

"Still, what should I give the two girls?"

"They seem to like calligraphy and painting! Then give them the calligraphy and painting!"

Thinking about this, Sun Hao secretly made a decision.

Shortly after.

The food is ready.

Five people were seated.

There are six small dishes on the table.

Stir-fried lettuce, vinegar potato shreds, Mapo tofu...

There is no bit of fishy.

However, seeing Chen Daoming's three people's eyes, their eyes are full of strange light.

Just smelling the aroma, my stomach screamed unconsciously.

You don't need to taste these things to know that they are all superb elixir.

Usually, a supreme elixir is hard to find.

When the elixir is mature, it usually produces visions, attracting countless cultivators to fight for it.

The mighty ones may win the elixir.

The weak are either dead or envious by the side.

For a long time, they can only stand by the side to be jealous.

Here, these things are like home-cooked dishes, not worth mentioning.

May I ask, who can be compared with the son today?

"Rumeng, the remaining half of the rice eel should be stewed. You can bring it for help!"

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng quickly retreated.

"Ms. Liu Yan, Ms. Yi Ling, Brother Chen, this time, I caught a big eel, half of which is left, just enough for us to eat!" Sun Hao said.


The son actually likes to eat this vulgar thing.

With these elixir to eat, where can you eat that kind of vulgar thing?

However, in front of the son, you have to eat two bites!

"Thank you son!"

After a while.

Huang Rumeng carried a large casserole and put it on the table.

The lid is open.

Steaming, straight up.

Boiling hot white soup, like **.

A peculiar fragrance rushes to the face.

Wait for the heat to evaporate.


Like the nine gods thunder blasted into the heads of several people.

Luo Liuyan looked at the head inside the big casserole, all dumbfounded.

This...Is this rice eel?

This is obviously the Jiaolong!

In the entire Western Regions, where there are dragons, there is only Ghost Dragon Pool.

That peerless ferocious dragon swallows an eighth-class sect every month, and the whole sect goes up and down without leaving a living.

Despite this, Peerless Fierce Jiao also lived well.

Even the Shang Cangyuan didn't dare to wipe it out.

Because this fierce dragon is a branch member of the ancient dragon clan!

Even if the human race is rampant and domineering, the strong human race can only swallow their anger.

Is it possible that this dragon in the pot is that peerless fierce dragon?

The son dared to eat the dragons?

Thought of this.

The three of them trembled, and the air was cold.

May I ask, now, who else has such a courageous son?

"My son, did you catch the eel by Ghost Dragon Pool?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Huh, Miss Liu Yan, do you know?" A hint of surprise appeared on Sun Hao's face.


Luo Liuyan and the three took a breath.


The son caught a peerless ferocious Jiao.

"Several people, don't froze, let's eat!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened the three of them.

Seeing Sun Hao moving his chopsticks, the others followed in turn.

Luo Liuyan sandwiched a piece of fierce dragon meat, and his chopsticks trembled slightly.

This peerless ferocious Jiao turned out to be a piece of meat on his chopsticks.

This feeling, like a dream, is very unreal.

The meat is delivered into the mouth.


The extremely mellow aroma fills the entire mouth cavity.

The taste buds on the tongue are all alive at a moment.

The flesh of the dragon melts at the mouth, and the two powers of immortality and spirit flood all over the body.

Luo Liuyan could clearly sense that his strength was rapidly increasing.

After a while.


The membrane of the realm burst instantly.

At this moment, she reached the Mahayana state.

With just a mouthful of fish meat, his strength has grown so much.

If this is to eat two more bites, is it still worth it?

Luo Liuyan was not polite.

Eat in silence.

None of the five spoke, and ate for themselves.

Sun Hao was unwilling to break the atmosphere of the meal at the moment.

On his face, there was a seemingly nonchalant smile.

Even if it is a cultivator, so what?

No cannibalistic fireworks?

Ha ha.

That's because it didn't taste delicious!

In front of your own food, then you have to obediently catch it?

Ding, blessing value +5

Ding, blessing value +3


This reminder sounds once from time to time.

After Sun Hao heard it, he was extremely comfortable.

Shortly after.

"Mahayana is complete!"

Luo Liuyan's face showed a trace of regret.

If time can return to the day that I ate with the son, I have to finish eating before leaving.

If you finish eating that day, maybe you have reached the tribulation realm now!

Reaching this state, in the entire Western Regions, it can be regarded as the strongest!


Luo Liuyan looked at the entire table of dishes, only a little soup remained, and could not help but sigh secretly.


At this time, the duckling sounded.

A golden pheasant croaked around Sun Hao.

Luo Liuyan looked up, her pupils shrank.

Such a beautiful golden pheasant?


This is the Nine Heavens God Luan!


Jiutian Shenluan is a pet of the son.

This... how is this possible?

Has this kind of beast ever been raised by anyone?

Have you ever pleased the owner like a dog?

What happened to this?

At this moment, Luo Liuyan's three views were completely broken.


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