In Luo Liuyan's dumbfounded gaze, Sun Hao picked up the leftover leftovers coldly, filled it with a bowl, and sent it to Yingyou.


Yingyou took a big mouthful to eat, happily.

In this scene, Luo Liu's eyes could not be calm for a long time.

The dignified beast has become so mixed up?

Do not!

It should be said that this is the good fortune of the Nine Heavens God Luan!

It seems that the realm of the son is far from what I can imagine!


Luo Liuyan took a few breaths.

"too delicious!"

"This is the best thing I have ever eaten!"

Su Yiling touched his round belly, a look of satisfaction.

This meal not only satisfied the appetite, but also soared in strength.

Now, it has reached the middle stage of Dongxu.

Moreover, there is still a lot of inventory in the stomach, which cannot be digested.

After all digestion is completed, you can even reach the Mahayana state!

At the age of twenty, will he reach the Mahayana state?

Just ask, in the whole world, except for Su Yiling, who can do it?

However, all this good luck depends on the son.

Thinking of this, Su Yiling looked at Sun Hao with gratitude.

"Since I like to eat, I will come often in the future." Sun Hao said.

"Master, really?" Su Yiling's eyes flashed with a strange light.

"A little home cooking, as long as Girl Yiling likes it, come here often!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you, son!" Su Yiling looked moved.

Chen Daoming was also stunned at the moment.

At once, break through from the Nascent Soul Realm to the Cave Void Realm!

Even across two realms!

This soaring feeling is extremely refreshing.

All this depends on the son!

Chen Daoming murmured, clenching his fists.

"The son." Luo Liuyan hesitated to speak but stopped.

"Miss Liu Yan, just say something!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, the picture you gave Yi Ling last time was broken by me!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan took out a picture scroll and presented it to Sun Hao.

Hearing this, Sun Hao's eyes flashed with spirit.

It just so happens that you can just give them paintings!

Sun Hao picked it up and opened it, and couldn't help frowning slightly.

All the ink stains on it disappeared.

This pair of "Lovesickness" was painted before his art reached the supreme state.

The use of paper and ink is very ordinary.

Now, what I use is completely higher.

After giving it to them, it will not fade.

"Ms. Liu Yan, don't worry about it!"

"Since the two girls like it, I will give you two more pictures!"

After speaking, Sun Hao quickly ran back to the house, took out two sets of scrolls, one for each, and handed them to Luo Liuyan and the two daughters.

"Master, this... how can this be?"

The faces of the two women changed slightly, and they waved their hands again and again.

I came here this time without any gifts.

I'm still very embarrassed to eat and drink.

Where is the face to accept such a peerless treasure?

"Why? I don't like it?"

Sun Hao lowered his face, looking a little angry.

Seeing this scene, the two women trembled.

I don't like it.

But I dare not want it!

The son seemed to be very angry.

It won't work if you don't answer.

The two women looked at each other and took the picture.

"Thank you son!" The two women clasped fists.

"You're welcome!"

Sun Hao's face showed a touch of joy.

These cultivators are really strange.

I sent them kindly, and even pushed this but that.

Pulling his face down slightly, they took it.

Could it be that?

Are they afraid of themselves?


Sun Hao shook his head slightly.

How can they be afraid of being a mortal.

If they are not afraid of themselves, then they are afraid of the indispensable master behind them?

It feels pretty good!

It seems that Chen Daoming told the two of the master behind him.

It's not so good to spread like this.

Someday it will show up.

Have to think of a way to stop them from continuing to disclose.

"Brother Chen, do you know Miss Liu Yan?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, son, we are fellow daoists!" Chen Daoming said.

That's it.

It seems that the relationship is not ordinary.

"Very good, the daoists should help each other!" Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming trembled.

Could it be?

Chen Daoming's eyes shined.

"By the way, Brother Chen, Master is traveling all over the world, for a while, he won't be back!"

"Don't tell anyone about this, you know?" Sun Hao said solemnly.

The words came out.

Chen Daoming's three faces changed slightly.

The three of them thought about it, with a puzzled look on their faces.

"Don't worry, son, no one else knows about this except us!" Chen Daoming said.

"My son, since you told me this, we will never say it!"

Luo Liuyan and the two women also stood up, with all their faces assured.

Hearing this, Sun Hao took a long sigh of relief and relaxed.

With their guarantee, at least the transmission speed will be much slower.

When they react, they can already cultivate.

"So, thank you three!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, you are welcome!"

"My son, it's not early, today I will leave first."

Luo Liuyan stood up first, holding his fists and saluting.

"Shall we go with a cup of tea?" Sun Hao said.

When Su Yiling heard it, his eyes shone.

When he was about to answer, Luo Liuyan was stunned and stopped talking.

"My son, thank you, I won't bother you today, and I will visit you again tomorrow!" Luo Liuyan said.

"That's OK, three of you go slowly!"

Send away the three of Chen Daoming.

In Sun Hao's eyes, his eyes were gleaming.

Today, it is a big profit!

Obtained more than 4,000 blessing points, and the total blessing value has exceeded 10,000!

Harvesting luck is so simple.

The more you are willing, the more blessing value you will reap.

Next time when they come over, try to give them more.

If this continues, I believe that in the near future, I can start cultivation.

"My son, what are you so happy about?" Huang Rumeng asked.

Hearing this, Sun Hao was slightly startled.

Afterwards, she showed a deep and unpredictable smile, "Like a dream, soon, I will be able to practice, then, I will protect you!"

Huang Rumeng's expression was startled, and his face was full of joy.

In that case, the young man's experience in the world is almost over?

The son said to protect me?

Wouldn't it be the end of the experience, and you won't forget yourself?

Think so.

Huang Rumeng blushed and smiled happily, all over his face.

"My son, thank you!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Rumeng, you are not allowed to be polite to me!" Sun Hao pretended to be angry.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded slightly, and quickly picked up the dishes and chopsticks on the table, "My son, I will wash the dishes first, and you will teach me to play the piano later!"

"Rumeng, I will wash it today. I always let you wash it. How embarrassed!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, don't grab this little thing from Rumeng!"

"Otherwise, Ru Meng feels that he is useless!" Huang Ru Meng said.

"That's fine, we will play the piano after washing!"


Looking at Huang Rumeng's back, Sun Hao felt like a dream, extremely unreal.

"It's as strong as a dream, if I also practice cultivation, that would be great!"

"Rumeng, wait, I will try to catch up with you!"


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