"Rumeng, help pick some fruits here!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng left quickly.

After a while, a plate of crystal clear cherries was placed on the table.

The black is red and fruity.

Mu Bing secretly shook his head when she saw Luo Liuyan's wistful look.

No matter how you look at it, it's all fruit.

Can't be ordinary.

This kind of thing, for myself, has long since stopped eating.

Unexpectedly, Luo Liuyan would be tempted by this mundane food. It was a failure.

"Two girls, you are welcome, eat!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son!"

Luo Liuyan picked up the cherries and chewed them with a contented expression.


Mu Bing sighed secretly, and picked up a cherry.

This thing can only be used for fruit belly, I really don't want to eat it.

But if you can't save face, you just can't help it.

Put the whole fruit in your mouth and lightly bite.


The water bursts four times, fragrant and sweet, full of mouth.

too delicious!

The taste buds are all opened in a moment.

Every cell is active.

Two mouthfuls, an incomparably pure spiritual power, mixed with strands of celestial power, poured into the meridians like a torrent.

At this moment, Mu Bing felt that the meridians seemed to be split.

Run the exercises quickly and transfer this power to Dantian.

The immortal power in the meridians quickly transforms her meridians and physical body.

Just a short breath, his physical body strengthened tenfold!

"This... how is this possible?"

"What good fortune did I encounter?"

Mu Bing murmured, feeling as if being hit by a flash flood, unable to calm down for a long time.


It sounded.

The realm membrane on her body cracked.

The originally suppressed realm collapsed instantly.

At this moment, she reached the middle stage of crossing the tribulation realm.

Mu Bing's face changed drastically when she sensed the change in her dantian.

Working hard to suppress, only to prepare for the catastrophe.

Although it was only a tri-color thunder robbery, without the best spirit weapon, he definitely couldn't get through it.

After so many years of accumulation, 80% of the materials for the best spiritual weapons have been prepared.

It takes two years at most to gather them all.

At that time, ask the master craftsman to build a superb spiritual weapon, and only 50% hope to survive the thunder.

Unexpectedly, coming here to eat a piece of fruit, unexpectedly pierced his own membrane.

Now, it's dead!

Thinking about it this way, Mu Bing looked up, his face changed drastically.

I saw a dark cloud suddenly appeared in the sky.

Within a moment, the entire sky was enveloped.

Within a hundred miles, it was pitch black.


The three-color electric glow keeps beating and rattling in the sky.

Every time, there was an electric noise that made the scalp numb.

Sun Hao frowned slightly and looked back at Huang Rumeng. After seeing her expression normal, he relaxed.

"It seems that Rumeng is not afraid of thunder." Sun Hao secretly said.

In the dark clouds.

A giant made up of electric lights was galloping, and from time to time, he found bursts of laughter.

"I'm out again, haha, great!"

"This time, I want to see which little guy is crossing the robbery?"

"Sample, I want you to know that the power of heaven is unstoppable!"

"This time, I must let your soul fly away, otherwise, this year's performance has not reached the target, and I will go back to see the master without a face!"

Having said this, Lei Jie Giant's gaze swept away, and he stared directly at Mu Bing.

With this stare, Mu Bing got goose bumps all over her body as if she was stared by the Hell Horror Beast.

The body trembled violently uncontrollably.


In the sky, three-color electric lights are brewing.

That kind of ruining aura makes people unable to produce any resistance.

Mu Bing closed his eyes and quietly waited for this moment to come.

In the sky.

The Thunder Tribulation Giant suddenly exploded.

"God, the supreme being is sitting there!"

"I... Am I here again?"

"It looks like, this little guy, the supreme existence also matters!"

"In that case, let me give you some good luck!"

After finishing speaking, the giant Thunder Tribulation showed an extremely painful color, drew a ray of electric light from his body and threw it down.


The three-color electric light disappeared.

The dark clouds all around gradually dispersed.

In less than a moment, it was still sunny.

Like everything just now, it's a dream.


Mu Bing froze in place, with a face full of disbelief.

Such a terrifying thunder robbery is obviously aimed at oneself.

And now, there must be a reason for the thunder robbery.

Is there an expert in secret to help.

For these four weeks, even the Nine Heavens God Luan did not have this ability.

Besides, I just called her a duck, how can I help myself?

Having said that, there is no one else except the son!

After thinking about it this way, Mu Bing showed a suddenly enlightened look.

Son, thank you for your help!

Mu Bing looked at Sun Hao with gratitude in his eyes.


She raised her eyebrows and looked at Dantian, her whole person stunned.

"The Light of Thunder Tribulation?!"

The light blue thunder light jumped in the dantian, blending with her dantian Yuanying.

The whole Yuanying is getting stronger fast!

good fortune!

Supreme fortune!

God, I can get such good luck!

All of this seemed to be the result of the son secretly.

Son, thank you!

"Girl Mu Bing, don't froze, let's eat!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened Mu Bing.

"Thank you son!"

Mu Bing nodded, picked up a cherry, and tasted it carefully.

She looked at Sun Hao secretly, grateful and admired the spirit, swept away in waves.

The son saved himself and gave himself supreme good luck.

This kindness is unforgettable.

A little gift must be given to the son to show his gratitude.

Thinking like this, Mu Bing secretly opened the space ring and began to check.

Finally, his gaze was fixed on a black shining stone.

This thing, named Heiwenxianjin, is the treasure of the Shangcangyuan.

The entire sect is only a few hundred yuan.

Your own piece is to win the college competition and get the top ten awards!

This thing was originally intended to be used to refine the best spirit weapon to block the thunder robbery.

However, now that he has such a ray of lightning in his body, he is no longer afraid of thunder.

Give this thing to the son, should you be able to see it?

Thinking so.

Mu Bing took out the immortal gold with black stripes and handed it to Sun Hao respectfully.

"My son, I came hastily, a little courtesy, not respectful, please accept my son!" Mu Bing said.

"Black veins fairy gold?!"

Luo Liu smoked a strange glow in his eyes.

Seeing Luo Liuyan's reaction, Sun Hao was taken aback.

This black stone is not ordinary.

Give it to yourself, how can you not receive it!

It just so happened that I found this opportunity myself and gave her something.

If she dares not accept it?

Then pretend to be angry and pull your face down.

Presumably she was like others and accepted it honestly.

This is amazing!

"Miss Mu Bing, come here as soon as you come, and you have to deliver something. It's so polite!"

With a smile on his face, Sun Hao took Heiwen Xianjin in his hand and began to look at it.

"A good piece of iron, but it's a bit small, and a dagger is not enough!"


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