"Lord, you called us back?"

Aoki stepped forward and asked.

Sun Hao nodded slightly, "Yes!"

"Why is this?"

"Things are not as simple as you think, or I will take you personally!" Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, Aoki and the others had their faces solemn, and then nodded all together, "Yes, Lord."

"Don't call me the lord in the future, just call me the lord."

"Let's go!"

Sun Hao waved his hand, wrapped everyone in and disappeared in place.

When he reappeared, he had already come to the outside of Gumu Village.

"Qingmu, do you know the location of other villages?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, we know one, the closest to us is Guji Village."

"The tree is two hundred kilometers away to the southwest." Aoki said.

"Okay, then I will take you over."

When Sun Hao waved his hand, everyone only felt that the scene changed and appeared two hundred kilometers away.

Here, it happens to be the location of Guji Village.

I saw that an ancient village appeared in front of everyone.

There are not many people in the village, about three to four hundred, which is much more than the number of Gumu Village.

At this moment, they did not notice that Sun Hao and others had arrived.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

"My son, there is Guji Village!"

"For a long time, they have been enemies of our Gumu Village."

"This time persuading, they may not listen to us." Aoki introduced.

"No hurry, they will listen."

Sun Hao raised the corner of his mouth, stretched out his finger, and pointed forward.


Fingertips shone light, and ancient runes condensed and formed at the fingertips.

These runes quickly piled up, and soon formed an ancient rune array that enveloped the village of Guji, covering the whole village aura, so that outsiders could not detect it.

No one in the village of Guji noticed this scene.

"Aoki, Yumeng, you follow me in, and everyone else is here to wait."

Sun Hao stretched out his finger and pointed it at everyone.

Another big rune formation shrouded everyone.

Ordinary people see them as if they don't exist.


Sun Hao took the two of them and disappeared instantly.

Guji Village, in the ancestral hall.

A dozen people sat together and talked.

"Patriarch, our Tianli Pool, the Tianli generated every year is getting thinner and thinner. If this continues, one day it will run out."

"Yes, patriarch, we must find a way."

The head of the man was an old man with a long gray beard. His face was flushed, and he looked very surging.

The old man with long beard stroked his long beard, looked at the people present, and asked, "Do you have any good suggestions?"

"Patriarch, with the current plan, we must find a way to occupy the Tianli Pool in Gumu Village."

"Yeah, Gumu Village has always been an enemy of us, opposing us everywhere, and occupying their Heavenly Power Pool, of course."

The old man with long beard shook his head slightly, "Occupying the Heavenly Power Pool, how easy is it to talk about?"

"The sacrificial spirits of our village will not go with us. Faced with the sacrificial spirits of their village, who can you deal with?"

As soon as this was said, everyone was dumbfounded.

Everyone bowed their heads and said nothing.

The sacrifice to the spirit is like a big mountain pressing on everyone's chest, it is an insurmountable existence.

Until now, no one can beat the spirit sacrifice.

"Even if you don't have the guardian of the spirits, facing the big formation of Gumu Village, who of you can break through?"

Everyone bowed their heads again, without saying a word.

The elderly with long beards are poking at their pain points.

"Patriarch, what should we do? If this continues, our strength will never be improved."

"Now, there is only one way." The old man with long beard said.

"any solution?"

Everyone stared at the old man with long beard, showing a look of expectation.

"Abyss monster."

"Abyss monster?"

The faces of everyone showed a deep look of fear.

"The patriarch, and the monster in the abyss are extremely clever, they are all in a group together, with our strength, we can't deal with it."

"Yes, patriarch, these abyss monsters are not only strong, but their IQs are not weaker than ours, and even higher."

"Not long ago, more than 50 people in our village lost their lives. It was a lesson of blood."

Everyone babbled, and they all disapprove of slaying the monsters in the abyss.

The old man with long beard shook his head for a while, "Since everyone thinks like this, there is no way to improve his strength."

"We, just wait for the village to be swallowed by other villages!" said the old man with long beard.

The crowd bowed their heads, their expressions wilted.

They cannot refute what the patriarch said.

"I have a solution here."

Suddenly, there was a sound.

It shocked everyone.

Looking for fame, everyone couldn't help but shrink their pupils, their hearts tightened, and their faces changed drastically.

He opened his mouth, but didn't say a word in a daze.

I saw that in front of them, two men, one old and one young, suddenly appeared.

These two people are Sun Hao and Qing Mu.

Sun Hao and the others didn't know each other, but Qingmu, they were in their bones.

How did these two get in?

Why suddenly appeared in front of them.


The old man with long beard pointed at Aoki and said for a long time, but he didn't say a complete sentence.

"Old man, I didn't expect that you still remember me."

"The old man is here to save you from the heat."

"Don't be excited, who will let our son be compassionate and take the salvation of the world as his own duty!"

Aoki said in a sentence, and didn't care about the angry elder man with long beards.

After Chang Shu several breaths, the old man with long beard calmed down.

He looked at Aoki, as if to see him thoroughly.

However, after watching for a long time, I didn't see any fluctuations in the power of Qing Mu.

After repeated confirmations, the old man with long beard took a few sighs of relief and calmed down.


Then, the old man with long beards looked up to the sky and smiled.

That appearance seems to have obtained the ultimate treasure.

This scene stunned the other people in Guji Village, and looked puzzled.

"Aoki, Aoki, there is really a way to heaven, you don't go, and there is no way to hell, you break in."

"It just so happens that our Tianli Pool is almost exhausted. Unexpectedly, you will send it to the door!"

"As long as we catch you, isn't your Heavenly Power Pool ours?"

The old man with beard looked smug.

"You are so sure to control the decay?"

Aoki looked calm and spoke lightly.

In this scene, seeing the eyes of the old man with long beards, his expression could not help but stagnate.

After reconfirming that there is no heavenly power on Aoki, he smiled all over his face, "Aoki, you are now exhausted, how do you fight with us?"

As soon as this was said, everyone's expressions changed slightly, and joy was all over their faces.

"What? The patriarch of Gumu Village is exhausted?"

"I don't have any power, and I dare to send it to the door. I really admire his courage."

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