After seeing this picture scroll, the four corpse puppets let out a sigh of relief.

"Scared me to death, I thought she was holding back some big move!"

"Yeah, it looks like it really looks like this! I don't see the clue."

"No, Little Wawa, do you want to use a picture scroll to deal with us? Are you here to be funny?"

"so funny!"

The four corpse puppets shook their heads.

Just now, my nerves collapsed and I used various methods to look at the scroll. No matter how I looked at it, there was no spiritual power fluctuation on the scroll.

It must be no different from the secular scroll.

No one likes this kind of thing, except for the likes of non-cultivating waste.

Use this vulgar thing against us?

Ha ha.

However, in the next second, the four faces changed dramatically, and their whole bodies trembled involuntarily.

At this moment, Su Yiling has spread the picture.

A snow scene appeared in front of the four people.

It was bitingly cold, and the self-painted scroll came out continuously, wrapping the four people.

"This... this is impossible!"

"This... so terrifying Daoyun, too... terrible!"

"Who is it, with such strength?"

"Do not……"

The voice of the four corpse puppets trembled and let out a cry of unwillingness.

As soon as their voices sounded, they stopped abruptly.

They turned into ice sculptures, frozen in place, motionless.


A gust of wind flew out from the scroll.


Four bursts sounded.

Immediately afterwards, the four corpse puppets exploded the ice sculptures, turning them into fragments, and splashing them all around.

To death, there was no scream.

All around, there is dead silence!

A group of cultivators stared at this scene blankly, unable to believe it.

"The heavy snow presses the green pine, the green pine is upright and straight!"

Su Yiling finished this sentence.


The world trembled.

I saw the scroll flying out of Su Yiling's hand, rapidly growing in the sky.

Space Long Zu saw this scene, his face changed slightly.

"Damn it, World Tree, you turned into a licking dog!"

"It turned out to be the green pine in the painting!" Space Longzu said.

These words were just passed into the painting and were not heard by anyone.

"Hehe, you are not the same, you are willing to be bound by a carving!"

The voice came from the painting.

Immediately afterwards, a green pine flew out of the painting and stood above Yaochi.

"Hmph, I have a destiny with the son!" Space Longzu snorted coldly.

"Oh? That's it! That's not a licking dog!"

Sekaiju spoke without mercy.


Space Longzu dumbly snorted, "Huh, I'm too lazy to talk to you!"

After saying this, the spatial dragon ancestor's figure shrank rapidly.

In less than a moment, it turned into a sculpture and flew back to Mu Bing's hands.

The sky over Yaochi.


Infinite aura, rushing from the scroll.


There was a hail roar.

The aura formed a violent wind around the world tree.

Immediately after.

On the world tree, strands of light are shed.

Like the nine-day Milky Way, pouring down.

The entire Yaochi Palace is undergoing rapid changes.

As long as you stay in the Jade Lake Palace, even if you don't need to practice, the surrounding spiritual energy will flow to everyone's meridians silently.

The problem is that these auras are ten times better to absorb than top-grade spiritual stones.

It's just a breath, and the increase in strength is several times faster than usual practice.

this moment.

Everyone was completely stunned.

This method, this ability, is extremely unimaginable.

What kind of existence is the author of this picture scroll?


In the sky, the green pine grows rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a thousand-meter tree.

From a distance, it looks like a giant mountain.


The green pine slowly fell and took root in the forbidden area of ​​Yaochi Palace.

From a distance, it looks like a world tree, standing proudly in the sky, supporting the world.

The breath of life, continuous, seems to be unable to stop, flooding every corner of the Yaochi Palace.

a long time.

The sky scroll gradually shrank and returned to Su Yiling's hands.

At this moment, everyone froze in place, motionless.

That kind of consternation.

That kind of shock.

Write on everyone's face.

They looked at the thousand-meter-high green pine, and its light shone.

"My son, you are transforming Yaochi Palace's luck!"

Su Yiling muttered to herself, her heart pounding, "You are really omnipotent!"

She opened the scroll in her hand and found that the green pine on it had disappeared.

But the ice and snow inside are still there.

Endless rhyme, shaking out, seems to be able to freeze everything.

"My son, thank you!"

Su Yiling retracted the picture scroll, very moved.

After a while.

A group of cultivators recovered from the shock.

"I... my horse! Such a terrifying method is too shocking! With such a strong aura, I am afraid that the entire Tianluo Continent will not find such a place!"

"That is! Even if it is the Central Territory Holy Land, compared with here, I am afraid it is far from here!"

"If I can stay here for a year, even if I don't practice, I am afraid I can break through several realms!"

The explosion sounded continuously.

Mu Bing held his heart beating violently, and took a few long breaths before calming down a little.

"This method is completely for good fortune!"

"My son, what kind of existence are you?"

Mu Bing looked at the direction of the Great Demon Mountain, her expression shining.

At the beginning, I actually wanted to expose the son?

Think about it, it's after a while.

That is completely brain-dead, I don't want to live anymore!

Fortunately, make a good bond with the son!

"My son, thank you!"

In Luo Liuyan's eyes, the brilliance continued.

This must be after he passed the test, the son changed the Yaochi Palace into the Supreme Holy Land.

This great favor is unforgettable!

Recovering his mood, Luo Liuyan glanced away.

Cold killing intent, billowing out.

Those who are still cultivating immortals in consternation, instantly wake up.

Without thinking, one by one fell to his knees.

"Palace Master Luo, you have a large number of adults, please take your life!"

"Palace Master Luo, it's all about my greed, and it's not about the other disciples, please let them go!"

"Palace Master Jade Lake, I am greedy, but my subordinates are innocent. Please forgive them and I will let you treat them!"

The first few people knelt directly in front of Luo Liuyan and kept kowtow.

"Huh, attack my Jade Lake Palace! You want me to let you go. Is it good to be bullied when I am Jade Lake Palace?" Luo Liuyan's voice was cold.

"Palace Master Luo, we were wrong, we were really wrong, please forgive me!"

A group of immortal cultivators lay on the ground, shaking.

"Capital sins are forgiven, living sins are hard to forgive!"

"You guys, self-defeating cultivation base!"

"Other people become servants of the Jade Lake Palace, can you understand?"

Luo Liuyan's voice was cold, and she rolled out.

"Yes, Palace Master!"

The first few people, without any hesitation, directly shattered their Dantian.

Although he has become a mortal, he is still alive.

The other cultivators knelt down on the ground, their faces grateful.

"It's great, we can become servants of the Jade Lake Palace. It's really a blessing from our previous life!"

"Yes, now Yaochi has become the supreme sacred land and become a slave. It is a good thing for us!"

The faces of many cultivators are full of joy.

However, they think too much.

"Wait, leave Yaochi Palace immediately, stationed at the foot of the mountain, ready to call at any time!"

"As long as one person escapes, everyone is executed together!"

The icy voice, like a bitter chill, surged over everyone.

At this moment, those who want to stay in the Jade Lake Palace to practice, are like discouraged balls.

Those who want to flee also put their minds away.

There is joint and several responsibility, and it is impossible to escape.

As for everyone fleeing?

Hehe, looking for death!

Nearly ten thousand cultivators, like a defeated army, have their heads down, without the slightest expression.

Since then, he has become a slave and can only listen to the call of Yaochi Palace.

Wait for everyone to leave.

Luo Liuyan walked to the crowd and said, "Go, let's go to the secret room!"

"it is good!"

Chen Daoming nodded together, followed Luo Liuyan, and left quickly.


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