The center of the Great Demon Mountain Range.

Hundreds of great monsters gathered in one place to hold a demon master trial.

The trials are extremely rough, and whoever is the strongest is the next demon master.

A big tiger with fighting eyes and white forehead leaped up, standing on the stage, eyes sweeping.

"Bai is not talented, and is willing to be the demon master. If you disagree, stand up!"



Tigers roar in the mountains and forests, the world trembled.

The great demons were shocked, their faces changed greatly.

Many big monsters stepped back one after another with a panic expression on their faces.

"The White Tiger actually reached Mahayana Consummation, and one step short of reaching the Tribulation Realm!"

"It's terrible, this demon lord belongs to the white tiger!"

Hearing this, the big white tiger's eyes lit up, and a touch of arrogance appeared on his face.

At this time.

"I'm not convinced!"

A two-headed rhino came out.

"Boom! Boom..."

The two-headed rhino shook the ground with every step.

The huge body is twice as big as the white tiger.

The body exudes metallic luster and looks indestructible.

"Hmph, since you want to challenge, then you have to have the consciousness of death!"

After speaking, the big white tiger rushed towards the two-headed rhino.

The demon wind bursts, and the waves are rolling.

The aftermath whistled and attacked all directions.

The little demon who was close had no chance to struggle, so he was blasted to pieces on the spot.

Throughout the forest, the explosion sounded constantly.

It looks terrifying.

a long time.

The sound of fighting gradually ceased.

The two-headed rhino was bruised all over.

The white-fronted tiger pressed on it, his paws clasped its deadly position, "Is it convinced?"

The two-headed rhino looked languid and sighed secretly, "The demon Lord is up, the calf is convinced!"


The big white tiger laughed wildly, his eyes swept, "Who else is not satisfied?"

As they watched, a crowd of great demons knelt to the ground.

Seeing, the big tiger with white forehead was about to ascend the position of demon lord.

At this time.

"Hehe, the position of the demon master belongs to this seat."


A figure slowly gathered.

He was dressed in black and couldn't see his face clearly.

The extremely dangerous atmosphere caused the surrounding big monsters to retreat.

The black shadow pointed to the white tiger, "You, you can come down!"

When Bai-headed Tiger heard this, his face was full of anger.

After finally becoming a demon master, some cultivators came to make trouble.


"You are a human being, to be the demon master, is that appropriate?" said the big tiger.

"Hehe, are you suspicious of me?" Black Shadow said lightly.

"What about doubting? Do you really take yourself seriously?"

After speaking, the big white tiger turned into a gust of wind and went straight to the shadows.


There was a loud noise.

The black shadow flew out like a broken kite and hit a rock hard.

The whole rock burst open directly.

"Huh, don't know what you can do!" The face of the big tiger was full of disdain.

In the next second, his face changed drastically.

I saw that the shadow had come to him at some point.

"In that case, let you see the power of this seat!"

After speaking, Sombra's body changed rapidly.

His head is divided into two and two into four.

Finally, it turned into nine heads.

Long neck, stretch up.

Black energy surged crazily on it.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the surrounding monsters changed dramatically.


"How can this kind of big monster come here?"

"It is said that Hydra was born in the Mahayana realm. Depending on its strength, it is also an Ascendant realm!"

The big white tiger saw the Hydra, his liver and guts torn apart.

It crawled to the ground, shivering, "Demon Lord, forgive me!"

"Dare to provoke this divine might and kill it!"

"I don't think it is necessary. The life and death of the princess is unknown, and I need it to help find it!"

"One more is not more, one less is not more, it is the same if it is destroyed!"

"I think this will work!"

Nine heads make different sounds.

Most of the heads supported the extermination of the white tiger.

The big white tiger sank into hell, instantly losing his look.


Hydra Xinzi vomited wildly, and rushed towards the big tiger with a large forehead.

Seeing, the white-fronted tiger was about to be torn into dregs.

At this time.


A figure appeared in front of Hydra.

She wins the snow in white, and her body is suffocatingly beautiful.

The person here is Huang Rumeng.

"Hydra, it really is you!" Huang Rumeng looked at Hydra and said calmly.

The look of the nine heads changed and they were all different.

Some are frightened, some are proud, some are unbelief...

"Princess, it looks like you are not dead yet!"

"Unexpectedly, you have not only recovered, but your strength has increased a lot!"

"Now that you know everything, no wonder it's down!"

The words just fell silent.

The Hydra rushed into a flash of lightning, and rushed towards Huang Rumeng quickly.

Nine heads sprayed out different poisonous mists, and in an instant, they enveloped Huang Rumeng.


"Princess, you are really sluggish, you don't understand the principle of starting first!"

"Yes, it's so stupid that we have been with her for so long!"

Nine heads uttered different sounds.

However, in the next second, Hydra's expression changed drastically.

They looked at Huang Rumeng and kept shaking their heads.

"This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

"This is a dream! Ouch, why are you biting me? It hurts me to death."

The exclamation sounded constantly.

I saw that when the poisonous mist touched Huang Rumeng, the clothes on her body evaporated into nothingness.

I can't get close at all.

"It can isolate our poison, at least it's the best spirit weapon!"

"Send, this kind of thing, used to give it to the owner, will get supreme benefits!"

"Send a fart, naturally it's our own use!"

Hydra stared at Huang Rumeng like a piece of treasure.

"Hehe, it also depends on whether you have life to enjoy?"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng gently waved his hands.

What he used was the handprint of dying that he felt from Sun Hao!


The space is still.

Time freezes.

The only thing that was moving was the handprints of Huang Rumeng.

The Hydra was stunned and could only watch the handprints hitting the ground, unable to do anything.

"This... what is this? It's terrible!"

"It's over, it's over, the strength of the princess is at least three steps to ascend to the realm!"

As soon as these thoughts took shape, the Nirvana hand blasted on it.

"Boom! Boom..."

The explosion sounded constantly.

Hydra's eight heads and eight necks were directly fried into powder.

There was one head left, lying on the ground, shaking.

"Princess, spare my life, I didn't betray you, they betrayed you!"

"I really can't tell you the truth, please spare my life!"

After finishing talking, Hydra, it's wrong, a snake keeps kowtow.

Huang Rumeng looked at a snake with a cold voice, "You are still alive now, because you have not betrayed!"

"Starting from today, you will be the demon master, and any disturbances must be reported to me!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng threw a jade slip and threw it in front of a snake.

"Thank you princess! Thank you princess!"

"The task must be completed next!"

A snake kept kowtow.

"Listen to me again!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng took out the guqin and began to play.


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