The Blood Phoenix Nest opened, and many forces in the Tianluo Continent went out to head to the Blood Phoenix Nest.

Suddenly, the situation was surging.

The restricted area of ​​life, at this moment, becomes a cornucopia, and all forces want to get a share.

As the leader of the Suppression League, Luo Liuyan learned about the upcoming opening of the Blood Phoenix Nest.

Immediately, she contacted Wenrenshi and asked them to gather quickly at Yaochi Palace.

"Unexpectedly, the son had already calculated that the Blood Phoenix Nest was about to open!"

Luo Liuyan looked at the direction of Big Demon Mountain with a look of worship.

"Master, don't worry, this town soul orb must be delivered! This blood phoenix must be obliterated!"

Luo Liuyan clenched his fists with a firm face.

For these, Sun Hao is naturally not clear.

At this moment, he is playing the piano with Huang Rumeng.

The tunes mingled together, and the rhythm oscillated.

The two tunes blend perfectly, creating a moving melody.

Hearing human ears, I feel comfortable.

The demon lotus flowers trembled crazily.

Two cherry trees danced lightly and their branches trembled.

Backyard medicine garden, garden, tea garden...

All the flowers and trees are dancing.


Huang Rumeng pressed his chest, revealing a look of pain.

"Child, come on, I can't stand it..."

"The younger generation with the blood of the Divine Phoenix can only hear the voice of this seat! This seat is inherited and cannot be annihilated here. It needs to be passed on to future generations as soon as possible!"

"If you hear these calls, come to the Blood Phoenix Nest..."

Lines of old voices rang in my mind.

The heart was beating violently, as if it was about to burst, which was extremely uncomfortable.

Dou sweaty beads slowly overflowed from Huang Rumeng's forehead.

"Rumeng, what's the matter?"

Sun Hao quickly walked to Huang Rumeng's side and helped him up.

"My son, I'm fine, I'm worrying you!" Huang Rumeng showed a pale smile.

"It's okay, my face is so pale!"

After speaking, Sun Hao held Huang Rumeng's hand and began to explore the pulse.

"Heart rate is unstable, it should be affected by a certain sound wave, like a dream, do you hear a certain sound?" Sun Hao said.

Huang Rumeng's expression was startled, looking at Sun Hao like a monster, and then silently nodded.

"My son, the ancestor is calling me, I may have to leave for a while." Huang Rumeng said.

"Old ancestor? What ancestor?" Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao, sighed secretly, and started talking.

"My son, in fact, the blood of the monster race is flowing in my body. My ancestor: the blood phoenix is ​​calling me!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Blood Phoenix?" Sun Hao frowned. He had never heard of this name.

I have always lived in the mountains and know very little about the world.

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He took out a map from his arms, pointed to the three big characters of the Blood Phoenix Nest and asked, "Are you going here?"

"Yes, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, "I came to the Great Demon Mountain this time to investigate the Blood Phoenix Nest under the will of the mother emperor."

Sun Hao didn't speak, but stared blankly at the three scarlet characters of the Blood Phoenix Nest.

This map is produced by the system.

Crimson, representing extreme danger.

"Where do you go, how long will it take to come back?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I don't know. It can be as short as a few months and as long as several decades." Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao trembled in his heart.

so long?

Without her, he would become a lonely person again?

How can this be? !

Looking at the beautiful elf in front of her, she looked startled.

I don't know when, I have been fascinated by her.

Hearing that she was leaving, there was a ten thousand reluctance in her heart.

As a mortal, he can live for decades.

When she sees herself again, I'm afraid it has become a pile of bones.

So sad!

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, "Rumeng, can you not go?"

"My son, this..."

Huang Rumeng shook his head slightly.

The Blood Phoenix Nest is a dangerous place. Go on your own, I'm afraid it is very dangerous!

By the way, there is an expert protection behind her!

That expert, even the weather can be controlled!

Besides, she just went to the burial place of the ancestors.

The danger is negligible.

What danger can be ignored?

Don’t you know that red represents the restricted zone of life?

You must die if you go in!

It’s hard to be reborn, and it’s hard to live again, so you go to die like this?

What about the promised happiness? Well said, comfortable?

Don't go!

No, definitely go!

Otherwise, this hurdle in my heart cannot pass.

Two voices sounded in Sun Hao's mind.

At this moment, he was very entangled.

"Rumeng, where are you now?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I have reached five steps to ascend!" Huang Rumeng said.

Five-step ascent?

It sounds powerful!

"In this Western Region, how many people can beat you?" Sun Hao said.

"Among people cultivating, I should be the first person." Huang Rumeng said.


First person?

That is invincible?

What's more to be afraid of then!

Like a dream to protect by your side, you can walk sideways in the Western Regions.

"Rumeng, let me go with you!" Sun Hao said.

When Huang Rumeng heard this, his expression was stagnant, "My son, it's dangerous in there!"

"Rumeng, isn't it because you are here? If you protect me, isn't it enough?" Sun Hao said.


The expression on Huang Rumeng's face changed uncertainly.

Going this time, with the strength of the son, there is no major problem.

However, if the son's moral heart is damaged, I will never forgive myself!

"Don't worry, Rumeng, you left me alone at home, I'm afraid I will have trouble sleeping and eating!"

"I'll go to see the ancestor with you, isn't that right?" Sun Hao held Huang Rumeng's hands with an affectionate expression.

Huang Rumeng lowered his face, blushing.

She was very hesitant and tangled in her heart.

at this time.

"Since the prince wants to accompany you, he has his own reason, so you can't refuse!"

At this time, the voice of Lian Yao came.

Hearing this, Huang Rumeng nodded, "My son, that's all right, you can come with me, I will protect you!"

"Good!" Sun Hao's face was full of joy.

In her words, that was enough.

With security, the rest is the value of good fortune.

"Rumeng, where you are going this time, will there be a cultivator?" Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng frowned slightly, revealing a thoughtful look, "Sir, the Blood Phoenix Nest is about to open, and there must be a lot of immortal cultivators who will come."

Hearing this, Sun Hao's eyes shone brightly.

Many cultivators? !

Wouldn't it be that I can give a lot of things and reap a lot of blessings?

This is a huge opportunity.

It is very likely that this time you will be able to reap full blessing value and gain supreme physique, and you will be able to start the road of cultivation.

"Rumeng, come with me!"

"Okay, son!"

Immediately afterwards, Sun Hao brought Huang Rumeng to the carving room and pointed at the statues, "Rumeng, help me put all these away and take them together."

"it is good!"

Huang Rumeng waved his right hand and put hundreds of statues into the space ring.

Then, she followed Sun Hao to the iron room.

"All these things are put away." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son."

After finishing speaking, Huang Rumeng waved his right hand again, and put away the hoe, rake, kitchen knife and other things.

In this way, Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng around every room, collecting everything that could be collected.

The last one is the study room.

Sun Hao rolled up all the scrolls and put them away.

"Hey, there are only dozens of paintings, don't know if it is enough?"

Sun Hao sighed secretly, looked at Huang Rumeng, and asked, "Rumeng, when will we leave?"

"In a few days, it hasn't been turned on yet." Huang Rumeng said.

"That's OK, I'm going to draw more in the past few days. If you are bored like a dream, go practice the piano!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, it's a pleasure to watch you paint. How can it be boring? Besides, I will help you study ink." Huang Rumeng said.


Sun Hao stood in front of the flat rice paper, taking a deep breath.

After Huang Rumeng studied ink well, he swiftly moved his brush.


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