The death penalty zone is an endless desert.

Rocks are raging inside, storms are everywhere, and there are vibrations from time to time.

this day.


Dozens of Changhongs flew in quickly, standing outside the death penalty area.

These people are all immortal cultivators.

They looked into the death penalty area, their pupils shrinking slightly.

"It feels extremely dangerous inside, do we really want to go in?"

"As a cultivator, you are still afraid of danger?!"

"That is, I have never seen such a timid immortal cultivator, it is shameful!"

Soon, someone took the lead and rushed into it.

The others followed closely, without any hesitation.

Even the immortal cultivator who was afraid of death in the restricted area sighed secretly before rushing in.

Scenes like this were staged around the death penalty area.

Most people who can embark on the path of cultivators are not afraid of life and death.

After half a day.

To the east of the death penalty area, three changhongs flew quickly.

They were Luo Liuyan, Mu Bing, and Wen Renshi.

They stood high in the sky, looking inside the death penalty zone, frowning slightly.

"Are you ready?" Wen Renshi looked at Luo Liuyan and asked.

"Dean, this time I have enough preparations. Even if you are trapped inside, you should be able to last for thirty to fifty years!" Luo Liuyan said.

"It's so good. The two of us prepared can last for decades!" Wen Renshi said.

"This time, I must get the Soul Calming Orb and destroy the Blood Phoenix!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Okay, let's go in!"


The three turned into Changhong and rushed into the death penalty area.

Entering inside, the three of them landed and walked forward carefully.

Huang Yan was red as blood, covering all directions, blocking the sight of the three of them.

At most, only two hundred meters ahead can be seen clearly.


Luo Liuyan released his spiritual consciousness and swept forward.

Just after being released, she hurriedly retracted, with a trace of fear on her face.

"This Huangyan can really block the divine sense, everyone, don't use the divine sense!" Luo Liuyan said.

"En!" Wen Renshi nodded their heads.

The three of them walked forward carefully.

The surroundings are quiet, and there are no insects.

Everyone can clearly hear the heartbeat.


The rhythm is fast and slow, and it is not controlled at all.

The smoke of the phoenix shrouded, the rocks were like weird, teeth and claws, as if to rush forward.

The atmosphere is depressed and deep.

Anger grew, and the whole person became uncontrollable and irritated.

"This phoenix smoke can affect your mind, so quickly use the shield!" Wen Renshi said.


The three of them immediately used their power and used a shield to cover the whole body.


Huang Yan rubbed against the shield, making sizzling noises from time to time.

Several people's body strength is losing rapidly.

"If this continues, we will support it for up to five years and we must speed up!"

"Okay, let's quickly find the entrance and enter the Blood Phoenix Nest!"

The three of them stepped forward and ran forward.




The metal cried and rang continuously.

A monster with a height of five meters, resembling a lion and skin like a rock, was fighting with a group of immortals.

The skin of the monster is like metal, and the weapon in the hands of the cultivator hits it, leaving only shallow scratches.

There are bones everywhere at the feet of the monster.

Each corpse belonged to many immortal cultivators.

Their bodies were deformed and it was terrible to watch.

Some of them were directly trampled into flesh by the monster.

There was a strong smell of blood in the air.

Behind a boulder, three pairs of eyes came out.

When they saw the scene before them, their pupils shrank slightly, and there was a trace of fear on their faces.

"That's the Lion Rock Beast!"

Wen Renshi exclaimed.

"Lion Rock Beast? What is that?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Dean, is this scary?" Mu Bing said.

"More than terrible!"

"Lion Rock Beast is a wild beast!"

"The brutal beasts are a kind of monster beasts, but they are still savage, unable to transform themselves, and remain wild!"

"When you see a different kind, you can only kill it instinctively!"

"Their bodies and defenses are extremely strong, ordinary cultivators are not opponents at all!"

"This lion rock beast, I am afraid that its strength has reached the Mahayana state, even if it is a cultivator who crosses the catastrophe, I am afraid it is not an opponent!" Wen Renshi said.

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan showed a trace of fear on the faces of the two women.

"Just them, they still want to deal with the Lion Rock Beast, they are all looking for death!" Wen Renshi said.

"President, should we take action?" Mu Bing asked.

"No! We need to save our strength and complete the task of the son, this is the most important thing!"

"Yes, we just look at it!"

Several people hid behind the rock and continued to watch.


The Lion Rock Beast roared, raised its paw, and patted a cultivator who was rushing forward.

"I block!"

The immortal cultivator came first, pointed his long sword at the lion rock beast's claw, and pierced it.


It sounded.

The long sword in the hands of the cultivator broke directly into pieces and splashed around.

"Do not!"

This shout stopped abruptly as soon as it sounded.

The speed of the claws did not decrease, directly hitting the chest of the cultivator.


The chest is sunken directly.

The claws carried the cultivator's body and blasted towards the ground.

In an instant, this person turned into meat sauce and could not die again.

The miserable appearance makes people unable to look directly.

The cultivators around, did not retreat because of the dead.

On the contrary, he rushed forward desperately.

"If you destroy it, you can get a lion rock core!"

"Who can kill it, sell it at that time, and divide him half!"

Not far away, a big five and three strong man commanded a group of men.

With this sound, the cultivators rushed forward desperately.




The cultivator kept falling down.

After a while.

"A bunch of trash, look at me!"

The strong man snorted coldly, took out the giant hammer, and went straight to the lion rock beast.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, "Finally it is almost consumed!"


The Lion Rock Beast stretched out its claws and patted it at the giant hammer in the hands of the strong man.


With a loud noise, the giant hammer did not collapse into dust, but smashed the lion rock beast into flight.

The lion rock beast fell heavily on the ground, smashing a piece of rock.

It was about to struggle to stand up, but saw the strong man descend from the sky and hit the lion rock beast's head severely.


Lion Rock Beast's head roared, struggled several times, and couldn't stand up.

Finally, the head tilted and there was no movement.

"The helper is great!"

"The helper is mighty!"

The group of men shouted loudly.

Hearing this, the strong man raised his head slightly, his arrogance and pride written all over his face.

At this time.

"Get out, get out!"

There was a rude voice.

A dozen bald heads quickly gathered around.

On each body, there is a body of tendon.

They wore fiery red long clothes with a flame mark on their brows.

It looks like a sect.

"Dare you stare at me?"

"Why did I stare at you?"

"What's wrong?"


Raising his bald head is a punch.


With a loud noise, the immortal cultivator was blown away with a punch, and he bounced on the ground several times before stopping.


A mouthful of blood spewed out.

Badly wounded with a punch!

When other cultivators saw this scene, their faces changed slightly.

They backed away one after another.

The group of bald heads directly surrounded the lion rock beast body, coldly looking at the strong man with the giant hammer.


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