After thousands of repairers, no one can enter the portal.

Just when everyone is desperate.

"I'll try!"

At this time, an ordinary-looking man stood up.

Seeing this man, many immortal cultivators frowned.

"What? Can he get in?"

"Who is he? I haven't seen him before!"

"He claims to be Tu Tiancun! Very strong!"

Everyone looked at the man without moving their eyes.

I see.


The man turned into an afterimage and rushed into the portal.



The blue light flourished on the portal and wrapped him up.

Wait for someone to react.

The man has disappeared in place.

"What? Go in?!"

"Did he find the right position?"

"It is very possible that the entry is so smooth, it must be in the right position!"

The faces of the cultivators were shocked.

"Since he can find the right position, I don't believe I can find the wrong position!"

An immortal cultivator rushed in quickly and crashed into the portal.


Without any suspense, he was knocked tens of meters into the air and fell heavily to the ground.

"It seems that it has nothing to do with the position, it must be the wrong posture, then I will try it!"

After that, a cultivator stands upside down, his hands are feet, his hands are like flying.


Strong enough, he was also hit with a head roar.

The next test, without exception, all ended in failure.

"Why can the Tutian stick go in?" Mu Bing asked.

"Could it be?"

Suddenly, Luo Liuyan seemed to think of something.

"What is it?" Wen Renshi and Mu Bing asked together.

"Didn't he kill a giant rock beast, and then swallow the blood of the giant rock? Is it related to the blood of the giant rock?"

"What are you waiting for, go!"

After speaking, the three figures quickly moved away.

"Miss, only Tu Tiancun can enter!" a man said.

"I understand, but I finally see hope!"

Fang Xiaoxiao raised his mouth slightly, and said, "Everyone, who knows about Tu Tiangun, talk to me in detail, and the answer is good, ten yuan high-grade spiritual source is yours!"

"Miss Fang, I know some!"

At this time, several men came quickly.

After a moment.

"What? So, just swallow a drop of Lieyan Giant's blood to get in?"

"Then what are you waiting for, go find the Lieyan Giant Beast!"

"That's a seven-step Ascendant Beast, if you don't want to die, team up!"



Somewhere in the Blood Phoenix Nest.

The two phantoms looked at this scene with different expressions.

"Why does this doll tell others about the entry conditions? Isn't it okay for her to go in with the tribe?"

"Do you think she is stupid? Wrong! She is very scheming, she knows that the Blood Phoenix Nest is extremely dangerous, and other people are just cannon fodder to her!"

"Then this person is not bad, he has potential!"

"Don't talk about me, look at your side!"

"My side is the dead door. If you enter it, you will definitely die. You don't need to look at it!"

"The extreme of death is life. The master creates these two great formations. Whether it is life or death, there is vitality!"


The two of them stared directly into the western passage of the Blood Phoenix Nest.

"Weak, too weak, really a group of weak chickens!"

"No, so many people entered the dead gate?"

"What's the use of that? You won't die in the end?"

"That little guy is good, don't you know if you can survive?"

"It's hard, we dare not approach that old blood Phoenix monster. Just her, there is no way to survive!"

"I don't know how they got in? It stands to reason that their current strength can't kill the ice giant beast!"

"How many ice and rock giants are left outside?"

"Just look at it!"

After a while.

Two phantoms retracted their eyes.

The color of shock, written all over the face.

"What, the ice giant beast is dead?"


A phantom could not help but burst out a foul language, "They were all killed, and they were all slapped to death!"

"Who is it? Did you come to break it? After killing, you don't even want Ice Core!"

"No wonder so many people came in, it turns out they went in by picking ice and rock cores!"

"Then let's see who killed it?"

"it is good!"

In the eyes of the two phantom shadows, the light bloomed, sweeping directly to the vicinity of the western portal.

After a while.


It was as if the thunder of a **** blasted above them.

The phantom was erratic and seemed to dissipate.

They opened their mouths wide, their eyes were dull, shocked, and their faces were written all over.

"This this……"

Their voices trembled, and they didn't say a complete sentence for a long time.

That expression was like seeing the scariest monster in the world.

"He... who is he? Why did he get here?"

"It looks like it is a supreme being, he... he came here, how should this be good?"

"It seems that he is going to the gate of death! With his strength, he can smash through the gate of death with just one finger. By then, the Blood Phoenix will definitely escape!"

"Quickly release the prohibition and let the supreme being in! It's too late, it's too late!"

"Remove the ban and we will die."

"Don't tremble, it will be too late!"

The two phantoms began to operate.



Death penalty area west.

Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng held hands and moved forward.

With Huang Rumeng by his side, Sun Hao didn't show the slightest fear on his face.

Along the way, I encountered a lot of behemoths of ice and rock, only to be slapped to death by Huang Rumeng!

With such a powerful strength, what can she not deal with in it?

"That is?"

Sun Hao pointed to the front and frowned slightly.

I saw that a few hundred meters away, there was a portal across the ground.

This portal is blood red, which is different from the Eastern portal.

From a distance, it was like the eye of a gorefiend.

Following the direction of Sun Hao's finger, Huang Rumeng narrowed his eyes and looked at it intently.

"My son, that is a portal!" Huang Rumeng said


Sun Hao frowned slightly.

Portal, but I have seen a lot.

However, they have all been seen in previous games.

It can be described as diverse, all types, everything.

"Like a dream, go, go and take a look!"

"Okay, son!"

The two quickly walked to the portal.



There are many immortal cultivators hidden behind some huge rocks around the portal.

They stared at the location of the portal, carefully guarded.

"We are so lucky, we didn't find the ice core!"

"If this goes on, you will definitely die!"

"I can only pray for someone to enter inside, to gain inheritance and break the sky! We can escape!"

"Don't count on others, but rely on yourself. The most important thing is to grab the ice core first!"

At this time.


On the portal, the red light flourished, and the dazzling light made it impossible to look directly at it.

"This...what's wrong with this? Run!"

"Isn't this going to explode? Let's stay away!"

A crowd of immortal cultivators flew away, keeping a long distance from the portal.


The outermost layer of the portal, the blood-red barrier, peeled down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"somebody is coming!"

An exclamation sounded.

Everyone squinted and saw Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng walking towards the portal.


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