In a passage east of the Blood Phoenix Nest.

This passage was blue, and inside, it was cold and icy.

The cold that was frozen to the bones directly penetrated the spiritual shield and penetrated into the body.

"It's cold!"

This passage, at a glance, is full of immortal cultivators.

These immortal cultivators trembled their teeth and trembled.

Frost formed on the hair and eyebrows.

"This has no end at all, and it's getting colder and colder. I'm afraid I will freeze to death before reaching the end!"

"Yes, fortunately there are no monsters on the road, otherwise, we would be miserable!"

"My eyebrows are jumping, I think it's safe to go back!"

"Go back? Do you think the Blood Phoenix Nest belongs to your family? Come as you want, or come back as soon as you want? Right now, there is only one result. Either die here or get the treasure and leave here!"

After the crowd, Fang Xiaoxiao led dozens of people and slowly followed.



A strange cry sounded.

These voices hit the soul and made people's scalp numb.

"No, Ice Crystal Centipede!"

An exclamation blasted in my mind like a thunder.

Many immortal cultivators have panic on their faces.

I saw that in front of the cave, a transparent centipede covered the entire passage.

Each centipede, with the thickness of an arm and a ray of blue light, surges forward from the tail and gathers on the head.

After a few breaths.

The blue light was so bright that people couldn't look directly at it.

"Run, run, they are about to attack!"

A loud roar resounded throughout the passage.

One by one the cultivators, their scalp numb, turned around and ran back.

It’s just, where’s too late!

All ice crystal centipedes opened their mouths.

"call out……"

The icy air, like blue ice silk, made bursts of air-breaking sound and shot towards everyone.

"Do not……"


The panic sounded constantly.

Ice silk hit the body, and the shield shattered.

Endless chill enveloped the whole body.

The whole person is directly frozen into an ice sculpture.

They look frightened, at this moment, become eternal.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of ice sculptures lay across the passage.

Immediately after.


The explosion sounded constantly.

The ice sculptures burst one by one.

Minced flesh and ice, covering the entire passage.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the nerves of the surviving cultivators.

Their bodies trembled violently and their teeth trembled.

"Don't be stunned, when they are accumulating energy, attack together, otherwise, everyone will die together!"

At this time, a bald man stood up.

He is the person of the Chilian Sect.

With dozens of bald heads, he went straight to the ice crystal centipede.

He held down an ice crystal centipede, stretched out his right hand, and hit it with a punch.


There was an explosion.

The ice crystal centipede burst open directly.

This group of bald heads, powerful, can kill the ice crystal centipede by relying on their physical body.

"It's them, from the Chilian Sect!"

"Since they are taking the lead, let's go together!"


The remaining cultivators, one by one, also rushed over.

"Miss, shall we help?"


On Fang Xiaoxiao's face, the corners of his mouth raised, "Help me, save your strength is the most important thing!"

"It's okay if you go and think, don't do your best!" Fang Xiaoxiao said.

"Yes, miss!"



Behind this group of cultivators.

Three transparent figures walked forward slowly.

At every step, I was careful not to make any noise.

"Dean, your clothes are so easy to use, even Fang Xiaoxiao didn't find us!"

"This is only useful for those below the half immortal, presumably Fang Xiaoxiao's guardian has discovered us long ago!"

"So what? The Taoist guards don't usually show up. They only show up when they are in fatal danger. We didn't take any action against her. The Taoist guards wouldn't bother them!"

"Good point! Go, let's follow up slowly."

"it is good!"

Three figures, slowly moving forward.




In front of the passage, there were explosions from time to time.

The whole passage was buzzing and shaking.

On the road, from time to time I encountered the corpse of a cultivator.

The miserable appearance makes people can't bear to look straight.

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye is a few hours.


In front, there was an exclamation.

With this sound, hearing Luo Liuyan's ears, his eyes couldn't help but shine.

It seems that the destination is almost reached.

"Go, let's follow carefully and never expose!"

"it is good!"

The three speeded up and moved forward.

Not long after, several people looked at the scene in front of them, their faces shocked.

I see.

They are in a huge circular space.

This space is large enough to accommodate a medium-sized city.

The surrounding rock walls are neat and level, as if they were opened by someone.

On the stone walls are densely packed, depicting countless ancient formations.

A few hundred meters away.

Thousands of immortal cultivators stood on the spot, looking up at the front, their eyes flickering and gleaming.

Follow their gazes.

Luo Liuyan's pupils shrank and their faces were shocked.

I saw that in front of the group of cultivators, there was a ten-meter-high square stone platform.

On the stone platform, there is a head-sized stone bead floating.

"That's the Soul Calming Orb!"

An exclamation sounded.

This sound just fell.


Immediately some cultivators moved.

Dozens of immortal cultivators each resorted to means and rushed forward.

In his eyes, greed blooms.

"No, the Soul Calming Orb will be taken away by them!"

"Damn, it's a step late, regret it!"

The immortal cultivators who had not had time to move, one by one, were full of regrets.

Many people also tried their best to pursue them frantically.

It seems to come first.

But how is it possible.

They could only watch those immortal cultivators pounce on the soul calming beads.

Seeing, someone will succeed.

At this time.



On the soul calming pearl, dazzling white lights lit up, illuminating the entire space transparently.


These rays of light spread down, rushing to the table, and following the ancient lines, spreading to the ground.


On the ground, the ancient formation pattern quickly lit up.

A force of extreme cold, centered on the Soul Calming Orb, quickly scattered around.

"not good……"

The immortal cultivator rushed in front, his scalp exploded.

There was panic and regret on his face.

"Do not……"

The shout stopped abruptly.

Their bodies are directly frozen into ice sculptures.


In the next second, it exploded.

To death, he didn't even make a scream.

Centered on the Soul-retaining Orb, the immortal cultivators within a kilometer of a radius all died tragically.

Surrounding the soul of the town.

Fragments of the corpse were all around.

The icy air and the smell of blood spread rapidly.

Such a scene strongly stimulated everyone's eyes.

Many cultivators secretly wiped out their cold sweat.

The body moved backwards involuntarily.

"It's too dangerous, almost, just a little bit, I became a corpse!"

"Fortunately, I didn't move, otherwise, the end will be the same!"

They looked at the Soul Resurrection Orb as if they were looking at a terrifying monster.

Although the Soul Calming Orb is good, it is not so easy to get.


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