"Damn it!"

Fang Xiaoxiao looked at Tu Tiancun in front of him, bitterly hated.

Just now, he hesitated for a while, but he rushed to the forefront, unexpectedly.

This ordinary-looking guy has such strength.

This popular face makes people unable to distinguish for a while.

"Damn it, just slow down!"

Fang Xiaoxiao hated her secretly, and kept taking out the accelerator paper and releasing it on her body.

Despite this, he still couldn't catch up with Tu Tian stick.

She could only watch Tu Tiancun rushing towards the Soul Calming Orb, helpless.

Seeing that, Tu Tiancun was about to catch above the Soul Calming Orb.

At this time.


On the ground, the Great Array of Ancient Times lit up with dazzling light.

These rays of light flowed quickly, poured into the table, and penetrated into the bodies of the four skeleton knights.

In the black armor knight's eyes, two groups of blue light lit up, like a soul flame, making people afraid to look directly.


There was a howl.

With four waves of air, shocked out.

"Do not……"

Tu Tiancun's body was immediately stunned by the air wave and hit the ground hard.

Immediately afterwards, it was Fang Xiaoxiao.

She kissed the ground intimately, her lips swollen and she was dizzy, very refreshing.

None of the immortal cultivators who rushed over were benefited.

I smashed my eyes and stared at Venus, and my face was ashamed.

"Ka Ka..."

Everyone hadn't understood what was going on. Around the table, there were sound of bone rubbing.

Immediately after.

The four skeletons followed the mount and stood up in a daze.

In the bones' eye sockets, light blue flames stared at everyone like a ghost fire, making it creepy.


I don't know who shouted out, shocked everyone, and the body trembled.

I saw four black-armored knights, sweeping around.

"You dare to destroy this place, die!"

There was a chilling voice in the black armored knight's mouth.

Immediately afterwards, the black knights moved together.


The ground buzzed and trembled like an earthquake.

A black-armored knight rushed towards a fallen fairy cultivator.

The cultivator's scalp exploded.

Apart from anything else, all kinds of protective methods were used madly.


On him, several shields were immediately covered.

Immediately after.

He threw all the treasures out to slow the speed of the black knight.



The treasure is like tofu.

Hit the black-armored knight and exploded.

Except for bursts of fire, no damage was left.

Even the speed hasn't stagnated.

The black-clad knight stood in front of the fallen immortal cultivator, staring at him condescendingly.

The soul flame in the eye sockets, beating slightly.


A big sword in his hand fell from the sky.

Obviously there is no power, but the cultivator's body trembled and his face changed greatly.

"Do not……"

The shout stopped abruptly.


The cultivator's body was split in half and fell softly.


The black armored knight did not stop, and continued to rush to other immortal cultivators.

"Do not……"

As soon as the shouting sounded, it stopped abruptly.

No one can resist the black knight's knife.

What method is used, in front of the black armored knight, is like a joke.

No one can cause harm to the black knight.

The whole scene is like Shura Field, with broken limbs and pieces flying around.

"Damn, damn!"

Tu Tiancun struggled to stand up, his face extremely ugly.

There was no war on his face, and without thinking about it, he ran away quickly.



A black-armored knight directly locked on him and ran towards him.

That speed, seemingly slow, is actually extremely fast.

Without a breath, the black knight had already come behind him.

"Shrinking the ground, this...this is a fairy skill!"

Tu Tiancun turned around, watching the big knife chop off, his scalp numb.

"Help me!" Tu Tiangun let out a heartbreaking roar.


The big knife is like dipping tofu.


It sounded.

Human head scrolling.

On Tu Tiangun's head, his eyes widened and he looked unwilling.

Finally, his head rolled in front of Fang Xiaoxiao, staring at her.

Fang Xiaoxiao looked at this scene, frightened to death.

She struggled wildly.

However, the injury was so severe that he couldn't stand up for a while.

At this time.


A black-armored knight rushed in quickly.

In the blink of an eye, he stood in front of Fang Xiaoxiao.

Without any pity, Xiangxiyu, aiming at her was cut off.

"Do not……"

Fang Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and let out an unwilling roar.


A metal symphony sounded.

The terrifying air wave directly sent Fang Xiaoxiao away.


She hit the ground hard, and after several rounds, she passed out.


The black knight was repelled by two steps.

He froze in place, looking ahead.

I see.

In front of the black armored knight, a dark shadow appeared out of thin air.


This dark shadow, the body kicked straight back.

It took a lot of strength to stabilize the figure.

There was a look of astonishment in the eyes of the black shadow.

He looked at the black-clad knight, his face full of fear.

The black knight was also staring at him, as if to see him through.

Nothing moved for a while.


An exclamation sounded.

The cultivators who were running, all stopped.

"What? A guardian appeared?"

"We are saved, but the Taoist protector is a half immortal, extremely powerful!"

"That is, I must deal with those few undead creatures, there should be no problem!"

Everyone looked at the dark shadow, and their eyes were full of brilliance.


The other three black-armored knights seemed to have discovered something wrong and surrounded the dark shadows.

Seeing this scene, the black shadow's face was full of jealousy.


His figure disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he had already come behind the black armored knight.

Aiming at the black-armored knight, a sword stabbed.


The air oscillated.

The sword intent howled.

Like waves, layer upon layer, straight to the black knight.

The power of terror makes people sweat cold.

"Sword Intent Transformed!"

Many cultivators stared at this scene, dumbfounded.

Seeing, these sword intents were about to hit the black armored knight.

At this time.

The black-armored knight turned his body in an instant, raised his long knife, pointed it at the front, and slashed it away.


It sounded like glass cracking.

The sword intent like a wave, all cracked.


A loud noise shook the entire space humming.


The black-armored knight and the guardian kicked back.

With a lot of strength, the Taoist guards stabilized their figure.

In his eyes, he was extremely jealous.

At the same time, the three black knights have gathered around.

They, standing in all directions, forming horns, ready to attack at any time.

"Damn it!"

The protector screamed secretly and retreated.

He glanced at Fang Xiaoxiao who had fainted, with a firm expression, "Miss, don't worry, I will save you!"

After speaking, the guardian's figure flashed and rushed towards a black-armored knight.


The black-armored knight had already prepared a big sword, aimed at the guardian, and slashed over.


The figure of the bodyguard was directly split into light and shadow and disappeared.


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