"This trick is so powerful that it works!"

The guardian has jumped out of the black armored knight encirclement.

The corners of his mouth are raised, and his face is full of pride.


In the next second, his face changed drastically.

I saw that a black-armored knight appeared in front of him, aimed at him and cut it off.

"This... how is this possible?"

He hurriedly urged his power and stab forward.


There was a loud noise.

The protector flew upside down and hit the ground hard.

"What, even the protector was shaken back?"

", don't...don't look!"

"Where can I go without the teleportation formation?"

"So what should I do?"

A crowd of immortal cultivators watched this scene, their faces full of fear.

I see.

The black armored knight appeared in front of the guardian after he landed.


Swinging a broadsword, quickly cut down.


The guardian let out a roar, drew his physical strength, and cut out his sword to resist.



There was a loud noise.

The guardian flew flat on the ground, and the whole person bowed into a shrimp-like appearance, looking painful.

Just stopped.


A big knife was chopped down.

"Do not……"


The big knife cut his arm off like a tofu.

The protector hasn't screamed yet.

See you.

Three broad knives were cut at the same time.


After three beeps.

The guardian chopped the whole into four sections, and the blood was flowing.

In his wide-eyed eyes, he was unwilling.

There was a dead silence all around.

A guardian, that is a half immortal.

In front of the four black-armored knights, how many breaths did he insist on?

These black armored knights are extremely terrifying!


The cultivator gasped, and his body trembled violently.

They stand where they are, if they are filled with lead, it is difficult to move forward.

"My God, even the protector is dead!"

"Even Banxian is not an opponent, how can I fight back?"

"It's over, it's over!"

The panic sounded constantly.

A crowd of cultivators scattered and fled.



Two black-armored knights walked in the air, but for a moment, they blocked everyone's back.


When the black armored knight came, it was the sound of the knife breaking the flesh.

All of a sudden, the minced meat flew across.

The treasure on the cultivator's body is vulnerable to a blow before the black armored knight's sword.


The screams kept ringing.

Flanking on both sides, like a Shura hell!



The two black armored knights directly locked Luo Liuyan's trio.


Immediately afterwards, the two black armored knights rushed towards the three of them.


Wen Renshi and Mu Bing looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

The two, one after the other, ran in two directions respectively.

Mu Bing drew out the fairy sword, like lightning, rushing to the two black armored knights.

She draws physical strength and pours into the fairy sword.



The fairy sword seemed to grow in the palm of her hand, frantically extracting the power from her body.

Within a moment, Mu Bing's body strength was drawn clean.

this moment.

Immortal Sword broke away automatically and rushed out.


The black-armored knight snorted coldly, waved his long knife, and slashed at the fairy sword.


It sounded.

This sound was very soft.

It's like a chicken breaking its shell.

It seems that there is no power.

In fact, Vaillant is monstrous.

The big sword in the hand of the black knight shattered every inch.

Immediately afterwards, the body of the black armored knight burst into pieces.


The shock wave shook all around.

The shield of the immortal cultivator who was close to him instantly shattered, causing bleeding in his mouth and nose.

"Boom! Boom! Boom..."

The cultivator is like a fairy scattered flowers, hitting the ground hard.

the other side.

After drawing half of Wenrenshi's power, Immortal Sword quickly flew towards the black armored knight.

No accident, the two black armored knights also shattered and dissipated on the spot.

A piece of immortal cultivator, flying in all directions, hit the ground.

It was quiet on the court.

A group of immortal cultivators fell to the ground, staring around blankly, and did not respond for a long time.

The joy of the rest of life was revealed on everyone's face.

"Shook two black-armored knights to death with one sword?"

"Too...too incredible, who are they so powerful?"

"I know, she is Mu Bing, a student of the West Campus of the Cang Cang. How did the dean of the West Cang Cang Court become so young?"

"What? They? I heard that they have joined the Alliance of Suppressing the Evil. Is it possible that Leader Luo is also here?"

"Look, Lord Luo is there!"

I see.

Luo Liuyan and the three stood together.

Luo Liuyan looked at Mu Bing, who was pale, and asked, "How are you?"

"It's okay, it's just that my strength has been drained." Mu Bing waved her hand and signaled that she was okay, "The fairy sword the son gave is really terrifying! I want to fully use its strength, I am far from enough!"

"Yes!" Wen Renshi's face showed a touch of shock, "The son gave us the fairy sword, which was used to deal with them! However, the old man is too weak and can only use two moves at most!"

"All this is in the calculation of the son!"

A group of cultivators looked at the three people and quickly gathered around.

Without hesitation, he bowed down at the three of them.

"Thank you Lord Luo for your life-saving grace!"

"Thank you Dean Wen for his life-saving grace!"

"Thank you Mu Bing for her life-saving grace!"

Looking at this scene, the three of them recovered.

"Get up all! Save you, it has nothing to do with me!" Luo Liuyan said.

A bald head stood up and asked, "Lord Luo, don't be kidding, we have all seen it!"

"I didn't make a joke with you, we came here because of the guidance of gods and treacherous men!"

The words came out.

Everyone's expressions stagnated.

In the eyes, the light blooms continuously.

"What? God and cunning man?"

"In this way, the gods and treacherous people have done everything, knowing that we are in danger, and send the Lord Luo to save us?"

"That goes to say! Gods and treacherous people are really the incarnations of justice!"

The faces of the immortal cultivators were filled with emotion.

Especially those bald heads, they were overwhelmed.

"Lord Luo, we want to join the evil alliance, do you think it's okay?"

"you guys?"

Looking at these bald heads, Luo Liuyan thought of when they fought against the Lion Rock Beast.

That physical body is comparable to the evil race.

They are the people of the Northern Territory, and it's not bad to develop their forces there.

"Yes, but not now. Next, we have to help the gods and treacherous people to get the Soul Calming Orb!"

"Soul Soul Orb?"

Everyone seemed to think of something, and they all looked at where the Soul Calming Orb was, and their expressions suddenly changed slightly.

I saw that a cultivator held the Soul Calming Pearl in his hand and laughed up to the sky.


"Soul Soul Orb is mine!"



It sounded.

A black claw poured in from his back and pierced out of his chest.

In the claws, holding a heart.


The heart is beating.


The heart quickly dries up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then collapses into fly ash and disappears.

The cultivator stared at his chest blankly, with a look of disbelief.

Holding the hand of the Soul Calming Orb, he also slowly released it.


The Soul Calming Orb fell down, just falling into a black claw.


The body of the cultivator fell softly.

His face pale, distorted and hideous, full of unwillingness.

A dark shadow appeared.

He was dressed in black armor, his whole body exuding metallic luster, and he looked indestructible.

With a ghost-shaped mask on the black shadow's face, he couldn't see his appearance.

"Jie Jie..."

A weird laugh came from the ghost mask, and it was terrifying.

"No, they are a branch of the evil race: the people of the heart-eater!"

"What? Heartbiter? This...what can I do about this!"

"He is the only one. What are you afraid of? A group attacked and destroyed him!


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