"Why is it so quiet?"

"Did the Blood Phoenix escape?"

Luo Liuyan's face was full of anxiety.

If the Blood Phoenix escapes, it will be a disaster for the entire world.

How can I be worthy of my son's request?


She turned quickly and ran forward frantically.

The Blood Phoenix Demon Pill was broken, and the flames in the passage dissipated.

There is no flame blocking, everyone is extremely fast.

Soon, they came to the bottom of the cave and saw the big hole above.

A wave of anxiety rushed through several people.

If the Blood Phoenix escaped, the consequences would be disastrous.

Is this hole caused by the Blood Phoenix? It must be pursued quickly.

"Everyone, follow me out!"


Tens of thousands of immortal cultivators rose into the sky, following Luo Liuyan's back.

Standing high in the sky, Luo Liuyan released his spiritual consciousness and swept around.

Within a hundred miles, there was no blood phoenix breath.

"President, you take everyone to search in the death penalty area, and send a letter to me as soon as there is news!"

"I will send the Soul Calming Orb to the son first, and the son should have instructions for the next step!"

Luo Liuyan transmitted voice to Wen Renshi and Luo Liuyan respectively.

When the two heard it, they nodded slightly.

"If you want to join the Evil Suppression League, first listen to the director's command and try to find the Blood Phoenix!"

"I have something to do, so I left first!"

After Luo Liuyan finished speaking, he turned to Changhong and went straight to the Great Demon Mountain in the south.

Shortly after.

Luo Liuyan stood high in the sky, looking at the valley, his eyes shining.

"Where is the son?"

"Do you know that I'm coming and wait for me on purpose?"

"The son is waiting for the beads in a hurry?"

"Then I have to quickly send the Soul Suppression Orb to the son!"

Soon, Luo Liuyan came to Sun Hao.


Sun Hao just handed the scroll to Xuanyuan Shi's hand.

When I turned around, I happened to see Luo Liuyan.

"I have seen the son!"

Luo Liuyan leaned and saluted.

"Hey, Miss Liu Yan?" Sun Hao was taken aback, "Why are you here?"

"My son, I just came out of the Blood Phoenix Nest!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Blood Phoenix Nest?" Sun Hao was startled slightly, his eyes lighted up, "Is the strength good!"

Although the Blood Phoenix Nest was not dangerous, it was only for oneself.

Because it is like a dream protection, whoever shoots on oneself will end up in fly ash.

Miss Liu Yan can come out safely, indicating that her strength is not weak!

"Thank you for the compliment, son!"

"My son, this is a bead found below, I hope my son will accept it!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan put his hands on the Soul Suppressing Pearl.

Looking at the gray bead in Luo Liuyan's hand, Sun Hao's eyes flashed.

This bead, polished very finely, is even more beautiful than jade.

In the sun, it also emits a faint brilliance.

If it's night, wouldn't it emit a dazzling light.

This is the legendary night pearl.

It just so happens that I can use it for lighting at night.

Such a big one, I even gave it to myself.

It hurts for a while if you don't accept it.

"Ms. Liu Yan, it's so polite, give me something again!"

Sun Hao took the beads and smiled.

Seeing Xuanyuan Shi's eyes in such a scene, his scalp exploded.

Damn it!

I am a fool!

The son gave him a peerless immortal work, but he didn't even think of giving him a gift in return.

Even if the son is an immortal, he doesn't like his own things, but taking or not taking it is totally an attitude!

Looking at Luo Liuyan's appearance, I know this very well, and I am highly regarded by the son!

Thinking about it this way, Xuanyuan Shi's consciousness swept towards the space ring, searching around.

In the space ring, there are hundreds of top-grade spirit stones, a dozen bottles of pills, two middle-grade spirit swords...

It seems that nothing is a fairy.

The son must look down upon.

How to do?

"I can only go back and discuss with my father!"

Xuanyuan Shi muttered to himself, thinking secretly.

the other side.

Luo Liuyan sighed and relaxed.

The son laughed, then this test is considered passed.

However, how should I ask about this blood phoenix matter?

"My son, a little gift, don't worry if you don't dislike me!" Luo Liuyan said.

"how come?"

Sun Hao handed the Soul Relief Orb to Huang Rumeng, "Rumeng, take some pictures out!"

"Yes, son!"

Huang Rumeng took out five scrolls and handed them to Sun Hao.

"Ms. Liu Yan, since you like painting and calligraphy, these will be given to you!" Sun Hao said.

The words came out.

Luo Liuyan stood silly on the spot.


Five immortals, all for yourself?

Could it be because of the extermination of the heart-chewer pharaoh?


Killing the heart-chewing pharaoh is entirely the master's contribution, and has nothing to do with him!

The son gave five immortal paintings to himself, which seemed to have other profound meanings.

It must be related to the Blood Phoenix.

Go back and think about it, it's best to discuss it with everyone!

"Sister Liu Yan, the Blood Phoenix is ​​dead, don't worry!"

Huang Rumeng seemed to see what Luo Liuyan was thinking, and a voice of divine consciousness came out.

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that the son had long since found that we couldn't deal with it, so he personally killed it.

"Thank you son!"

Luo Liuyan clasped his fists in salute and took over the painting.

"Ding, blessing value +250!"

It sounded.

"How about 250 points for five paintings? Shouldn't it be 2500 points?"

"What's going on? Ten times less?"

Sun Hao frowned secretly.

"Ms. Liu Yan, it's hard to find a soulmate, so you don't like it!" Sun Hao said.


The son regards me as a friend!

It seems that he must have understood the meaning of the son.

However, I still didn't guess what the son meant.

The son is the soul-suppressing pearl, the second is to deal with the blood phoenix, and the third is to deal with the pharaoh.

The three-level meaning is difficult to guess.

Hey, ashamed!

Luo Liuyan sighed secretly, showing a touch of embarrassment.

"Hey, what about Girl Yiling? Why aren't you with you?" Sun Hao asked.

"Young Master, Yi Ling is cultivating in the sect and didn't come out with me!" Luo Liuyan said.

"When do you call her, come to our house and sit down together and have a casual meal!" Sun Hao said.

The son told us to go?

Apparently, there are other instructions!

Luo Liuyan nodded, "Okay, son, in a few days, I will bring Yi Ling!"

"Okay, then it's settled!" Sun Hao said.

"for sure!"

Luo Liuyan clasped his fists, "My son, then I will leave first!"

"Go slow!"

Luo Liuyan turned into a long rainbow and left quickly.

Wait for Luo Liuyan to leave.

Xuanyuan Shi stepped forward, crossing her fingers, clasping tightly.

"My son, there is an unrelenting invitation!" Xuanyuan Shi said.

"Girl Xuanyuan, if you have anything, just say it!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, where do you live? I'll come and visit!"

Xuanyuanshi's body trembled slightly.

Qiao's face was overflowing with fine sweat.

The heart beats violently.

She regretted it just after she said this sentence.

Damn it!

That's stupid!

The immortal residence dare to inquire, is this seeking death?

"My son, if it is not convenient for you, then forget it!" Xuanyuan Shi said.

Sun Hao smiled, "Miss Xuanyuan, how come! I live in the south of the Big Demon Mountain. You can come often if you have time."

"Really?" Xuanyuan Shi's face was full of unbelief.

Can this be fake?

As long as immortal cultivators come to live in their own place, eat and drink, and drink tea, they can reap blessings.

Why not?

In addition, the strength of this Xuanyuan poem was not low, and just given a picture scroll, he could get 50 points of luck.

Not much, but not bad!

This kind of character is always best.

"Of course!" Sun Hao nodded.

"Thank you son!"

Xuanyuan Shi hugged his fists and saluted, "My son, I've been out for too long this time. I have to go back first. I'll come and thank you next time!"

"it is good!"

After Sun Hao nodded, Xuanyuan Shi turned into a long rainbow and left quickly.

After a while.

Xuanyuan Shi looked behind him and shouted, "Who?"

"It's me, miss!"

At this time, the figure of a middle-aged man slowly condensed.

Seeing this middle-aged man, Xuanyuan Shi showed a look of surprise.

"Uncle Ying, why are you?" Xuanyuan Shi asked.

"Entrusted by the family owner, I came here to protect the young lady!" said the middle-aged man.

"Uncle Ying, what about father?" Xuanyuan Shi said worriedly.

"It should be fine!" the middle-aged man said.

"Must go back as soon as possible!"

"it is good!"

The two turned into Changhong and left quickly.


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