In the karst cave east of the Blood Phoenix Nest.


Fang Xiaoxiao struggled to stand up, gasping with pain.

She looked around, her face full of doubt, "Am I still alive?"

"These ancient formation patterns have all been wiped out? Who on earth is it so powerful?"

Fang Xiaoxiao's face changed slightly and her pupils contracted.

When she looked at the huge skeleton in front of her, cold sweat was streaming down her forehead.

"What happened afterwards?"

"You must leave here quickly!"

Fang Xiaoxiao took out the pill and swallowed a few pills.

After adjusting the interest rate, leave quickly.

Shortly after.

She came to the ground and followed behind several cultivators.

"This time, I'll be lucky enough to survive, thanks to the gods and treacherous people!"

"Yeah, after listening to that tune, not only the body recovers, but the talent is also increased dozens of times. Some people have even increased a hundred times!"

"It's a great fortune. Now, even if Fang Xiaoxiao's talent is compared to ours, I'm afraid she doesn't even have the qualifications to carry shoes!"

"Stop talking, the gods and treacherous people arranged for us to find the blood phoenix! This matter must be completed!"

"it is good!"

A few people left quickly.

Fang Xiaoxiao's expression changed after hearing this.

"God treacherous man? Is there really a treacherous man in this world?"

"It doesn't matter, go back and talk about it!"

After speaking, Fang Xiaoxiao turned into Changhong and left quickly.



Sun Hao looked around and found that there was no figure, he couldn't help sighing secretly.

This time, I was fully prepared, but I didn't see the cultivator.

Even if they saw it, when they met, they would scream and slay them and take their own lives.


Sun Hao sighed secretly.

Forget it, go back this time and prepare a lot of ammunition.

In the future, together with Rumeng, travel all over the world and send things all over the world.

At that time, is it possible to collect dissatisfaction value?

"Okay, take Rumeng, let's go back!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng finished collecting things and hurried away with Sun Hao.

Time flies, and it is three days in a blink of an eye.

The Blood Phoenix Nest is located in the northern part of the Western Region, closer to the Northern Region and Zhongzhou.

Most of those who came to the Blood Phoenix Nest this time were immortal cultivators from the Western Regions, Northern Regions, and Central Regions.

Because of the blood phoenix nest, the name of the gods and sly Taoists spread throughout the Western Regions, even spreading rapidly to the Northern Regions and Central Regions.

So many immortal cultivators have seen with their own eyes, and after many disseminations, the gods and treacherous people have become omnipotent beings behind.

As long as the mention of gods and treacherous people, many immortal cultivators' eyes are flashing, and the color of worship is all over their faces.

There are too many people who want to visit gods and treacherous people.

Of course, the name of gods and treacherous people is not only spread in the human race, but also spread to the demons.

On this day, somewhere in Ziyang Star, in a tall tower covered by skulls.

The five-meter-high human-shaped skeleton sits in the main seat, and two groups of soul flames are constantly jumping in the hollow eyes.

It is the Lord of the Evil Clan—Ghost Candle.

In front of Gui Zhu, there were more than a dozen patriarchs standing, each of them was so powerful that people did not dare to look directly at them.


With a sound, the Patriarch of the Heart-Biting Clan bowed down and his voice was grieved, "Great Lord, my clan has suffered heavy losses, please help my clan to avenge this **** revenge!"

After speaking, the Patriarch of the Heart-Biting Clan kept kowtow.

"stand up!"

Ghost Candle spoke lightly, his voice roared.

The voice seemed to have some magical power. Hearing the ears of the patriarch of the Heart-Biting Clan, his body trembled and he quickly stood up.

Then, Gui Zhu looked around and said, "What can you say?"


At this time, the patriarch of the corpse puppet clan-Mohun stood up.

"Say!" Ghost Zhu said.

"God treacherous people, three times have broken my clan's big plan, must be eliminated!" Mohun said.

"In this way, do you also believe in gods and sly men?" The ghost candle's voice revealed a bit of anger.

The words came out.

The patriarchs couldn't help but tremble.

"Master, isn't it?" Mohun asked.

"You wait for a long time!"

The flame of the ghost candle's soul is constantly jumping, seeming to be angry.

When the patriarch heard this, they all bowed their heads, not daring to face it.

"Three times I have broken my plan, and each time, it is arranged in advance. You said, who can count this, who?" Ghost Zhu said.

"Lord, the bald donkeys in the Western Paradise are proficient in the Great Way of Time, is it possible that all of this is their work?" Mohun asked.

"Not bad!"

Gui Zhu nodded slightly, "A god, a treacherous man, but a bald donkey in the Western Paradise, manipulating everything behind his back and doing bad things to me!"

"How can this mind escape the eyes of this seat!" Ghost Zhu said.

Heard this.

The faces of many patriarchs showed a suddenly realized look.

If the **** treacherous man is a bald donkey, then everything really makes sense.

See through the future and do everything.

Today, except for the bald donkeys in the Western Paradise, who can do it?

"The Lord is wise!"

The patriarchs bowed to the ground and saluted again.

"Lord, since the **** treacherous person is a bald donkey, what should we do?" Mohun asked.

"Of course, after finding him, kill him!"

The calm voice of Ghost Candle is full of domineering.

In his eyes, two groups of soul flames revealed unparalleled confidence.

"Master, leave this to me!" Mohun said.

"Lord, let me go!"

"Lord, it will be much easier to deal with the bald donkey and let me go!"

A group of patriarchs stepped forward one after another.

In the ghost candle's eyes, the soul flame was beating slightly.

Finally, he turned his head to face Mo Soul, "This matter, leave it to Mo Soul!"

"Thank you, Lord!" Mohun knelt down and saluted respectfully.

"I'll give you three months. If you haven't finished, I will meet you by picking up your head!" Gui Zhu said.

"Yes, Lord!"

"Well, that's it for today, let's go!"

After speaking, the ghost candle flashed and disappeared instantly.


The other patriarchs disappeared one by one.

"Finally got this task!"

There was no skin on Mohun's face, and his smile was very awe-inspiring.


Then, his figure flashed and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had come to a cave.


The Mo soul looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

"God treacherous man, turned out to be a bald donkey, this is interesting!"

"If you can do everything, you must be strong enough. When this seat refines you into a puppet, you may not be weaker than Drought!"

"At that time, the position of the first clan will be my corpse puppet clan!"


Mo soul laughed again.

"Patriarch, what is good?"

At this time, a black shadow floated in.

"Mo San, you came just right!"

Mo soul looked at the dark shadow and said.

"Patriarch, you say!" Sombra said.

"Mo San, this time the Lord has sent my clan to kill the gods and treacherous people!" Mohun said.

"God treacherous man?"

"Is that the **** and cunning man who has done everything to make my clan lose four generals?" Sombra asked.

"Not bad!" Mohun nodded.

"Patriarch, I'm afraid this person will be difficult to deal with!" Sombra said.

"Of course! You don't know, he is a bald donkey in Paradise!" Mohun said.

"What? Bald donkey? What should we do then? Since he is eyeing us, he will know in advance by any means we use, patriarch, this is not a good job!"

"Besides, where is this **** and treacherous person? How strong is we, we don't even know!"

"Once we move, we might be caught in his trap again!" Sombra said.

"You are right!"

"Don't worry, we have three months!"

"It's easy to find out where he is. Just ask for help from the Heart Demon Clan to find him."

"Since he can count all our actions, then we can't do it by ourselves, then we can only kill with a knife!" Mohun said.

"Killing someone with a knife?"

"Whose knife should we borrow? Ordinary knives, I'm afraid it won't hurt the gods and treacherous people at all!" said the shadow.

"Don't worry, I will see the high priest tomorrow! I'll figure out which knife to borrow soon!"

"Okay, you go down first and get ready to get out of the drought!" Mohun said.

"Yes, patriarch!"


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