"I was born to be useful, and I will come back when my money is gone!"

Sun Hao looked at the cursive script that had just been written, and nodded in satisfaction.

All in one go, without a pause.

It's full of flavor and perfect.

"carry on!"

When the ink was dry, Sun Hao directly rolled up and laid out a piece of drawing paper again.

Pick up the pen and dip the ink, just about to swish it.

"Master, sister Liu Yan, they are here!"

At this time, Huang Rumeng's voice came from outside the door.

Hearing this sound, Sun Hao's eyes beamed.

"Okay, go ahead, I'll be there soon!"

"Yes, son!"

Sun Hao opened the Fu Yuan value panel, looked at the 26,000 points above, and secretly said: "Finally, I can get the Fu Yuan value again. I don't know, can I get 4000 points today?"

Putting down the pen, Sun Hao walked directly out.

"I have seen the son!"

Seeing Sun Hao coming out, Luo Liuyan and the three hurriedly clasped their fists and saluted.

Although they have been here many times, several people still seem very cautious.

The more you understand, the more admiration you have.

"I'm looking forward to you! Hey, why didn't Girl Mu Bing and Lao Wen come?" Sun Hao said.


The son is looking forward to the five of us coming together?

Damn, it should come together.

"My son, they're back to Shang Cangyuan." Luo Liuyan said.

"Oh!" Sun Hao nodded, "You are welcome, come, sit down!"

"My son, let me help cooking." Luo Liuyan said.

"I'll go too!" Su Yiling said.


Sun Hao and Chen Daoming walked into the pavilion and sat opposite each other.

Chen Daoming looked nervous, paying attention to every movement of Sun Hao.

I dare not relax for a moment.

"Brother Chen, this time we drink Biluochun?" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you, son!" Chen Daoming clasped his fists.

"Brother Chen, you and I are friends, you are welcome!" Sun Hao said.

The words came out.


Like the nine gods thunder blasted in Chen Daoming's mind.

At this moment, his sanity was completely lost.

It took a long time before he recovered a little.

"The son actually regarded me as a friend? I...have there been blue smoke on my ancestral grave?"

"My son, don't worry, if you have any instructions, go through the fire and water, and you will not hesitate!"

Chen Daoming thought secretly, looking at Sun Hao, revealing an extremely respectful light.

"Brother Chen, in a few days, Ru Meng and I will be away for a while!"

The instructions are here!

The son has a new mission!

Chen Daoming listened carefully and didn't interrupt.

"I don't know if Brother Chen will be free for a while?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, what's your order? Just say it!" Chen Daoming said.

So talkative?

Sun Hao was startled slightly and said, "I just want to invite Brother Chen to stay with me for a few days, take care of it here, and help feed the chickens."

"Master, there is no problem!" Chen Daoming said.

"Then thank you Brother Chen!"

Sun Hao sighed in relief.

With Chen Daoming's help to look after the house, he can rest assured and dream about going out to enjoy the mountains and rivers!

"The tea is ready, come, Brother Chen has tea!"

"Thank you son!"

Then the two started drinking tea and chatting.

Chen Daoming held the teacup and dared not drink it.

Now that he has reached the early stage of crossing the catastrophe, if he breaks through to the middle stage, it will be in trouble.

The Tricolor Thunder Tribulation is coming, how should I resist it?

"Brother Chen, don't froze, drink!" Sun Hao said.

"Ok... OK, son!"

No way.

If you don't drink, the son will be angry.

By the way, that hatchet, with it, Lei Jie counts as a ball!

Thinking this way, Chen Daoming was full of confidence.

Without even thinking about it, I just drank it in one gulp.


Endless spiritual power flooded all over the body.


In an instant, the barrier of Chen Daoming's realm broke open.

this moment.

He reached the middle of crossing the tribulation realm.


In the sky, dark clouds appeared instantaneously.


The three-color thunder light shuttled in the dark clouds, creaking.

The power of destroying the heavens and the earth makes people's scalp explode.

In the dark clouds.

The Thunder Tribulation Giant galloped quickly.


The Thunder Tribulation Giant looked up to the sky and laughed, "I'm here!"

"I don't know which doll is crossing the robbery?"

"This time, no matter who it is, this seat will definitely want you to be out of your soul!"

"Dare to compete with heaven and earth for power? Let you know that heaven is inviolable!"

The Thunder Tribulation giant secretly clenched his fist, extremely firm.

His eyes shone with thunder, looking towards the ground, his scalp numb, and his whole person collapsed to the ground.

"I... my ancestor, why... are you here again?"

"That little guy, sitting with the supreme being and drinking tea, the relationship is so ironic!"

"What should I do?"

Lei Jie Giant's face was bitter, and his expression wilted.

"If this continues, this year's performance will not meet the target!"

"At that time, I will be punished!"

The giant Lei Jie looked down, his expression changing.


Sun Hao looked up at the sky.

This look is like the gaze of a **** ghost.

The Lei Jie giant collapsed to the ground, shivering.

"Supreme exists, you don't need to say, I understand!"

After finishing speaking, the giant Lei Jie with an expression of incomparable pain, drew a ray of electric light from his body, pointed it at Chen Daoming, and threw it down.


In the sky, the clouds cleared, and the sky was clear again.

Sun Hao looked at the sky, frowning slightly.

This weather is really weird.

Seeing it was about to thunder, it was clear again!

what happened?

Is there really someone secretly operating?

This method is also terrible!

Sun Hao thought to himself, picked up the tea cup and took a sip.

Chen Daoming's consciousness sank into his dantian, and when he saw the light of thunder and robbery inside, he stood silly on the spot.

"I... my god, it turned out to be the Light of Thunder Tribulation, it didn't have any harm, and it even merged with my Nascent Soul!"

"This...this is the supreme good fortune! My talent has increased several times!"

"All this, thanks to the son!"

It took a long time for Chen Daoming to return to calm.

He looked at Sun Hao with gratitude in his eyes.

"The food is ready!"

At this time, a crisp sound sounded.

I saw Su Yiling walked out quickly with two plates.

Behind her, Huang Rumeng and Luo Liuyan each carried two plates.

Set the table, six small dishes, on top.

It's all plain, all vegetarian, not at all meaty.

Sun Hao watched this scene with a hint of apology on his face, "It's all vegetarian dishes, and the hospitality is poor!"

"My son, you are too polite, these are all my favorites!"

Su Yiling's eyes bloomed with strange glow, and she kept swallowing saliva.

"Girl Yiling, you are welcome, eat!"

"it is good!"

After Sun Hao moved his chopsticks, the others followed in turn.

Luo Liuyan sandwiched a piece of radish, wanted to bite but didn't dare to bite.

Now, he has reached the early stage of crossing the catastrophe and has been suppressing it.

If you take the supreme elixir here, you will definitely break through.

At that time, Thunder Tribulation will come, can I resist it?

"Friend Luo Dao, don't be afraid, let go of eating, there is a son, there is no problem in crossing the catastrophe!"

At this time, Chen Daoming's voice came.

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan looked at Chen Daoming, his eyes gleaming, "Did you break through?"

"Not bad! Moreover, it has been shocking!" Chen Daoming said.

Luo Liuyan looked at the piece of radish, without even thinking about it, he bit it down, and after a few bites, he swallowed it in his belly.


It sounded.

The membrane of realm broke again.

At this moment, she broke through!


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