Twenty kilometers south of the Big Demon Mountain, in a small road.


A man is riding a unicorn horse, walking towards it step by step.

His clothes are ragged and in tatters, and his body is covered with mud stains. He looks like a beggar.

The man held a picture scroll wrapped in a bamboo tube tightly in his hand, carefully for fear of damage.

This person is not someone else, but Ning Mingzhi.

The scroll in his hand is the "Pray for Buddha" given to him by Sun Hao.

"Here, it will be here soon!"

"My son, you can find your place soon!"

In Ning Mingming's eyes, there was a strange glow.

Over the past few dozen days, I have travelled all the way through the mountains and rivers, and have experienced thousands of difficulties.

Enter the poison den, enter the den of thieves, suppress the pig demon...

As a mortal, I almost die every time.

However, there is a picture scroll presented by the son, every time it can be a good luck.

Especially when I encountered the Pig Demon that time, I was almost torn apart by it.

Fortunately, through chanting, the pig demon was enlightened, and now, protecting himself, came here.

Moreover, surrendering a single wildebeest on the road speeds up a lot.

Every time I recite the scriptures, these two little demons will be utterly intoxicated.

On the Avenue of Buddhism, I only have to learn something, so I have such amazing skills.

If you are in the hands of the son, you are absolutely omnipotent!

The hard journey will surely be the test of the son.

Fortunately, everything passed!


Suddenly, there was a loud roar.

Like tigers roaring in mountains and forests, like tyrannosaurus roaring.

Hearing human ears, my whole body was numb.

The pig demon's sweaty hairs stand up, and he keeps growling low.

That appearance seemed to be in great danger.

"Little pig, what's the matter?" Ning Mingzhi asked.


The pig demon looked ahead, his eyes fixed on him.

At this time.

"Boom! Boom..."

Huge roar, coming from the front

Every sound made the ground buzzing and shaking.

Looking through the gap in the dense forest, Ning Mingzhi could not help but shrink his pupils and his scalp exploded.

I saw a giant ape as tall as several tens of meters, walking step by step.

The great ape is completely dark, with a metallic luster.

The knotted muscles seem to tear the world apart, terrifying boundless.

"This...this is the big demon!"

Ning Mingzhi's voice trembled and his whole body trembled.


The unicorn neighed, stepped forward, and ran back.


The pig demon immediately turned around and ran back quickly.


The great ape seemed to have spotted them, flapping his chest and roaring constantly.

The sound was like thunder, shaking the trees to sway.

Immediately afterwards, the giant ape stepped forward and rushed over quickly.

"Boom! Boom! Boom..."

The surrounding trees were uprooted and flying around.

The ground was lifted up layer by layer, crushed rocks skyrocketed.

The whole look is like the end of the day.

"Escape... can't escape!"

Seeing the giant apes approaching, Ning Mingzhi was sinking into **** and sweating.

He quickly took the scroll out of his hand and spread it out in the palm of his hand.

After that, he closed his eyes and started to read.

"Sarizi, form is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from color, form is emptiness, emptiness is form, perception and consciousness are the same..."

His voice, turned into a scripture, fluttered out, straight into the ears of the great ape.

The giant ape froze, hugged his head, fell to the ground, roaring again and again.

Its body is shrinking rapidly.

After a few breaths, it turned into a monkey, and the red light in its eyes was clear.

The eyes are clear and clear, just like a newborn baby, full of curiosity about the whole world.


The monkey ran to Ning Mingzhi, jumped up, and hugged his head tightly.

It looks like hugging his mother, very dependent.

Ning Mingzhi retracted the picture scroll and slowly wiped away the cold sweat.

He hugged the monkey and said, "From today, you will be called the monkey!"


The monkey scratched his head and scratched his ears and nodded.

"Well, now follow me to see the son, go!"

Ning Mingzhi snorted softly, and the horned horse stepped forward and walked forward.

The pig demon hid directly behind the unicorn, shivering.

It looked at the monkey from time to time, and his eyes were full of fear.

After half a day.

Ning Mingzhi stood outside the Great Demon Mountain Range.

He glanced around, frowned and thought deeply, "Where does the son live?"

At this time.


The piano sounded for a while.

The voice turned softly, and it was very comfortable to hear the human ear.

Ning Mingzhi stood there, motionless, listening quietly.

The three demons around him also followed him, listening carefully.

When the sound of a tune is finished, the remaining sound will linger.

Long time.

Ning Mingzhi opened his eyes.

He looked at the mountain ahead, his eyes gleaming brightly.

"My son, thank you!"

"You know I'm here, you deliberately played the piano to lead me, thank you!"

"Little monkey, little pig, little horse, go!"

Along the path up the mountain, one person and three demons quickly went up.



"Rumeng, yes, great progress!" Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and nodded slightly.

"My son, you taught me well, so Ru Meng can learn this level!" Huang Ru Meng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao felt comfortable all over.

This girl can really talk.

It’s kind to myself, serving tea and water, washing and cooking...

Treating herself as a grandfather completely, every time she wants to help, she will find excuses to drive herself away.

Maybe the previous life was too sad, and in this life, God gave me such a good wife.

"Rumeng, wait, wait for me to gain supreme physique, I will work hard to cultivate, and I will surpass you!"

"From then on, you will be guarded by me!"

Sun Hao muttered, clenching his fist secretly.

"My son, the water in this pool is very cold. It's such a hot day. How about we swim together?"

Huang Rumeng drew his hands towards the water of the Yaochi Lake and said with a smile.


Sun Hao's eyes gleamed.

It's really good exercise.

However, without a swimsuit, how can one swim naked

Can I stand it?

No, absolutely not!

clam down!

If I am a mortal, Rumeng is not sure of his strength.

Maybe it will:


It broke with a sound.

From now on……

Think about it, it makes people sweat.

"Rumeng, wait for me to knit two swimsuits!" Sun Hao said.

"Swimsuit?" Huang Rumeng looked puzzled.

"That's clothes for swimming."

"Wearing clothes for swimming? That would be troublesome!"

"My son, come on, let's swim together!"

Huang Rumeng stepped forward, gently pulling Sun Hao with his weak boneless hands.

The fragrant wind entered Sun Hao's nose.

The face of the country and the city was blushing.

This is okay!

do not care!

Big deal, broken!

He has supreme medical skills, drink some medicine, recuperate for a period of time, and he should be able to recover!

Sun Hao's eyes were blurred, and he unconsciously followed Huang Rumeng to the side of Yaochi.

Soon, the two came to the pool.

Looking at the sparkling water of the Yaochi Lake, there is a clear glow in his eyes.

"My son, let me undress you!"

Speaking of this, Huang Rumeng blushed to the root of his ears, afraid to look at Sun Hao's eyes.

"En!" Sun Hao nodded.

Seeing, Huang Rumeng was about to do it.

At this time.

"Is the son at home?"

There was a sound outside the courtyard.


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