Tianluo Continent, the sacred land of Central Continent.

"Do you know? Entering the Blood Phoenix Nest this time is full of crises and thrilling!"

"The ice crystal centipede, spit out, even the Mahayana boss was frozen on the spot, and finally, the whole was blown to pieces!"

"What? The ice crystal centipede is so terrifying?"

"That's not it! The problem is, it's not an ice crystal centipede, it's overwhelming, everywhere!"

"So scary?"

"Actually, this is nothing, these ice crystal centipedes were besieged and killed by everyone."

"The most terrifying thing is that the four black-armored knights are ancient immortals! Although there is only a trace of instinct left, they are also extremely terrifying!"

"The old monster Du Jie is like a melon dish in front of the black armored knight, being chopped at will."

"Fang Xiaoxiao, the Fang family in the Northern Territory, was almost cut in half!"

"What? Even Fang Xiaoxiao is not an opponent? What happened afterwards?"

"Fang Xiaoxiao's guardian appeared and fought with four black-armored knights and was chopped to pieces!"

"What? Even Half Immortal can't stand it?"

"Aren't the remaining people dead?"

"Of course not! At this critical moment, the gods descended from the heavens! The gods and cunning men sent the Alliance to suppress evil!"

"The Dean Wen and Mu Bing of the West Court of the Cang Cang came forward, just with a single sword, they chopped the four black armored knights into ashes!"

The words fell silent.


To the sound of cold air, one after another.

The immortal cultivators surrounding the storyteller are full of worship.

"The gods and treacherous men are really powerful, do everything!"

"Yeah, that's amazing! The people sent are also so powerful! What happened later?"

The storyteller smiled slightly, and then spoke again.

The mouth is full of words, the sky is falling in chaos, and the eyes of the cultivators are shining.

"President Wen flew out with a sword, and between the heavens and the earth, there are sword lights, and the ten battles of the Heart Eater will be cut into countless pieces!"

"Seeing, Dean Wen is going to kill Soul Eater and Life Eater! At this time, the evil pharaoh will take action!"

"One move seriously hurt the Dean, and another move to contain the leader Luo and Mu Bing!"

"Finally, incarnate as Shura and slaughter thousands of immortal cultivators. No one can resist his footsteps!"

"Seeing that thousands of immortal cultivators will be beheaded clean, guess what happened afterwards?"

At this point, the storyteller paused on purpose.

"Don't stop, this is a spiritual stone, speak quickly, speak quickly!"

"Yes, isn't it the spirit stone? Here you are!"

At the storyteller's table, a pile of spirit stones was quickly filled.

The storyteller smiled slightly, put away the Lingshi calmly, and continued to speak.

"At this critical moment, the gods and treacherous men and their lovers came, and they began to play the piano. With a sound of the piano, the heart-chewing clan pharaoh broke into powder, and there was no power to fight back!"

"What? The gods are so powerful!?"

"God and cunning man, great!"

The faces of the cultivators are full of worship.

"Tell you, it's just a ghost of gods and treacherous men. If his deity comes in person, the whole world will not be able to withstand his power!"

This is the end.


The air-conditioning sound reverberated everywhere.

The faces of the cultivators flashed strangely.

"and after?"

"Later, League Lord Luo obtained the Soul Suppression Orb and gave it to the gods!"


Among the cultivators, Xuanyuan Shi stood there, listening quietly.

Suddenly, she seemed to think of something, and she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows.

"Playing the piano? Isn't that... the young man I saw that day was a **** and treacherous man!?"

"My God! I'm so stupid that I don't know?!"

"No wonder, the calligraphy and painting in my hand are so horrible, it turns out that he is a **** and treacherous man!"

Xuanyuan Shi clenched his fists with excitement, and it took a long time to calm down.

"Miss, let's go back as soon as possible!"

"it is good!"

Xuanyuan Shi took the middle-aged man and left quickly.

After a while, the two came to Xuanyuan's house.

As soon as I arrived at the gate, I saw a guard rushing in.

The two entered the family square.


A rush of footsteps sounded.

Immediately afterwards, hundreds of men and women wearing white robes and carrying long swords surrounded Xuanyuan Shi's two people.

"White clothes guard?"

Xuanyuan Shi frowned, her face uneasy.

"What do you want to do?" Xuanyuan Shi's voice was cold.


There was a laugh.

A group of middle-aged men and women came slowly.

The leader is the great elder.

Behind this group of people, tens of thousands of people are quickly arranging the circle


In a short while, a sleepy formation was arranged.

"Xuanyuan Shi, take out the demon pill!" The Great Elder stretched out his hand and said lightly.

"Just because you want the demon pill too? Only the Patriarch has this right!" Xuanyuan Shi said.

"The old man is now the Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Family!"

The words came out.


Like a heavy blow, it blasted Xuanyuanshi's chest.

Xuanyuan Shi's face changed drastically, and she pointed to the elder, "What have you done to my father?"

"Your father?"

The elder shook his head slightly, "Five days ago, your father disappeared, and he has not returned. Naturally, the family can't be left without an owner for a day. The old man has taken over for the time being as the head of the family!"

"When your father returns, I will return the position of Patriarch to him!" the elder said.

"" Xuanyuan Shi was shaking with anger, holding the long sword in her hand.

"Miss, needless to say, this thief killed your father, let me come!"

Next to Xuanyuan Shi, the middle-aged man stood up.

"Uncle Ying, be careful!" Xuanyuan Shi said.

"Ok, I will!"

The middle-aged man tore off his jacket, revealing a black shirt, and stood in front of the elder.

"You deliberately dismissed the lady, so you let me leave the house owner?"

"It seems that you are really deliberate about being the master of this family!"

The middle-aged man slowly drew out his sword and walked towards the great elder step by step.


The great elder laughed up to the sky, and did not answer directly, "A minion, dare to doubt it!"

"If it is at night, the old man will fear you three points, but now, go to death!"

The great elder waved his right hand, and the nine elders around him quickly rushed towards the middle-aged man.


The sword light flickered and the metal cried.

You come to me and fight hard.

For a while, there was no victory or defeat.

"A bunch of trash!"

The Great Elder looked at this scene and shook his head for a while.

Seize an opportunity and pierce out with a sword.


A sound of piercing into flesh and blood sounded.

The middle-aged man flew upside down like a broken kite.

Hit the ground, exploding a piece of dust.


The middle-aged man flushed and spouted a mouthful of blood.

One blow, serious injury.

The middle-aged man struggled to stand up and stood in front of Xuanyuan Shi, "Miss, run!"


The elder sneered all over his face, "Is it too late to run now?"

"Kill them for me!"


The nine elders rushed at the middle-aged man again.

On Xuanyuan Shi's side, hundreds of guards in white rushed over.

Baiyiwei, the killing machine trained since childhood, has no emotions and only obeys the person holding the order of the master.

"call out……"

The sword light flickered, and the figure wavered.

Every move is a fatal blow.

Every sword is an injury for injury.

It's just a playful style.


A sword pierced Xuanyuan Shi's arm, making her grin in pain.

"Damn it, if this goes on, it will definitely die!"

Xuanyuan Shi swallowed a pill and drew out the long sword, with killing intent in his face.

"In that case, go to death!"

On Xuanyuan Poetry, sword intent transformed into form and surged out.

Dao Jianguang shrouded her in the blink of an eye.


All around her was cold killing intent.


The sound of metal piercing the flesh and blood sounded.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of white-clothed guards were cut into pieces and died on the spot.

"This is the realm of sword intent! God!"


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