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Ye Chen looked back, when Ye Chen looked behind Ye Chen to find a figure that was completely familiar to him, this figure was definitely Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu was currently wearing a bamboo hood to change her appearance.

Song Ziyu looked at Ye Chen, the eyes of the two looking at each other.

"Ye Chen, Song Ziyu" Ye Chen and Song Ziyu called each other, they both couldn't believe they would meet in a place like this.

When Ye Chen and Song Ziyu met the two of them staring at each other with hostile gazes, it was clear that both of them had some sort of personal grudge that couldn't be said.

"What are you doing here?" Song Ziyu asked what Ye Chen was doing in a place like this.

"I was taking a walk and looking at things that could catch my eye" Ye Chen said in a nonchalant tone as if he didn't want to answer Song Ziyu's questions.

Song Ziyu gritted her teeth as she listened to Ye Chen's indifferent words to her, this man was so annoying, he was clearly a natural enemy sent by the heavens for her.

"Do you two know each other?" Song Han asked Song Ziyu and Ye Chen, he wanted to know whether the two knew each other or not.

"A little, no. . " Ye Chen said that he knew Song Ziyu, while Song Ziyu herself refuse that she knew  Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately glared at Song Ziyu, this woman in front of him was so annoying.

Song Ziyu also looked at Ye Chen, the two of them glaring at each other.

Song Han took a deep breath when he saw Ye Chen and Song Ziyu interaction, it was clear that the two of them knew each other and had deep personal animosities.

Song Han knew very well his granddaughter, it was clear that Ye Chen and his granddaughter had a personal grudge, it could be seen clearly by Song Ziyu eyes.

"Old man, is this the granddaughter you told me back then?" Ye Chen asked Song Han who was standing at the side.

"Yes, she's the person I said ." Song Han didn't deny this, Song Han told Ye Chen that Song Ziyu was his granddaughter.

"Ye Chen, how can you call grandpa an old man?" Song Ziyu looked angry when she saw Ye Chen call Song Han an old man.

"Why, there's nothing wrong with calling him that" Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu.

Ye Chen didn't feel wrong when he called Song Han an old man, Ye Chen had no relationship with Song Han, so why did he have to call Song Han grandfather.

" You . . ." Song Ziyu pointed at Ye Chen, she couldn't believe that Ye Chen dared to answer her words.

Song Ziyu felt that Ye Chen was being too bold, Song Ziyu had to teach Ye Chen a lesson so he would know where she was.

Song Ziyu herself was a core disciple who had a high position, how could a core disciple like herself be bullied by Ye Chen, Song Ziyu would not allow that to happen.

"Ziyu, stops there" seeing Song Ziyu wanting to try to attack Ye Chen, Song Han immediately stopped her.

"Grandpa why did you stop me, I want to make a calculation with this man" Song Ziyu tried to break away from Song Han, Song Ziyu really wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson.

"Ziyu, Ye Chen is the one who saved your grandfather from bandits and treated your grandfather wounds, you should be more polite to him." Song Han told Song Ziyu that Ye Chen was the one who saved him.

"What, how is that possible?" Song Ziyu couldn't believe that Ye Chen was the one who had saved her grandfather from criminals and the one who had healed her grandfather's wounds at the same time.

"Hahaha, you heard that you better apologize to me, otherwise you will be an unfilial son to your ancestors." Ye Chen put on a triumphant pose, this time he felt he had won over Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu gritted her teeth, for some reason Ye Chen looked so annoying right now, she made Song Ziyu feel disgusted.

"Grandpa, how could that happen?" Song Ziyu couldn't believe what her grandfather said, she couldn't believe that Ye Chen was the one who had saved her grandfather.

A cowardly man like Ye Chen couldn't possibly have saved her grandfather who had an incurable wound for a long time.

"Ziyu,  grandfather can't possibly be joking with you, Ye Chen is really the one who has helped me, so I beg you to take care of that attitude of yours" Song Han told Song Ziyu that Ye Chen was really the one who had helped him, if it wasn't for Ye Chen may be that Song Han's current fate is not suffering so much at the hands of criminals.

Song Ziyu was silent when she heard this, Song Ziyu still couldn't believe what Song Han said.

Song Ziyu had interacted with Ye Chen for a while now, so she knew what Ye Chen was like, this man was so cowardly, he didn't even dare to face the enemy, so how could Ye Chen save her grandfather from the hands of criminals, it was absolutely impossible Song Ziyu once thought.

"Grandpa, are you sure you are not mistaken, this person is a coward, he is even the first to run away when facing the enemy" Song Ziyu asked Song Han once, she tried to tell Song Han what it was like it's Ye Chen.

"Ziyu you better keep your attitude in front of Ye Chen, he is the one who saved your grandfather, so I hope you can apologize to him for what you just said" Song Han scold at Song Ziyu, he told Song Ziyu to apologize to Ye Chen.

After all Ye Chen was the one who had saved him, how could his granddaughter insult the person who had saved her.

Song Han was really embarrassed by his granddaughter's attitude, even though he originally wanted to get Ye Chen into the Song family, Ye Chen's talent is something that is very rare,

Unfortunately now it might be very difficult to happen, attitude Song Ziyu was going too far, so perhaps Ye Chen had actually thought something bad about Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu didn't expect that her grandfather would be so angry with her, this was the first time that Song Ziyu had been scolded like this by her grandfather.

Even though Song Han was someone who never scolded and always protected Song Ziyu when she made a mistake, this time Song Han really scolded Song Ziyu quite hard.

"It's all this ugly man's fault" in her heart Song Ziyu started cursing Ye Chen, she was really dissatisfied with Ye Chen.

"Ziyu what are you waiting for, quickly apologize to Ye Chen" Song Han again told Song Ziyu to apologize to Ye Chen, otherwise this would embarrass Song Han's face.

"Didn't you hear what your grandfather said, you should apologize to me immediately." Ye Chen was happy to see this, right now the face behind the veil must be unsightly.

Song Ziyu gritted her teeth, she was furious, if Song Han wasn't here, then Song Ziyu would definitely beat Ye Chen down.

"Ye Chen, I'm sorry." Song Ziyu finally apologized to Ye Chen, she still had to respect her grandfather who was by the side.

If Song Han wasn't by the side surely Song Ziyu wouldn't be willing to do something like this to Ye Chen. 

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