Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Double Bind[edit]

On the night when Amami Tooru and Yoshino Asami left at the same time.

Katsuragi Keima remained silent, and ignored Elsie completely after he got home as he continued with his gaming.

First, it was dinner.

Keima’s mother had something on and had to go out, so Elsie made it. At least it’s safe. Or rather, that’s what Elsie believed.

Keima glanced at the crawling food (which looked like a skeleton’s hand).


Normally, he would start grumbling about it.


He wordlessly put the food into his mouth and continued to play his PFP. Elsie couldn’t help but break out a little cold sweat, but Keima remained silent.

Elsie too,


‘’It, it’s not good for digestion when you play game and eat at the same time!’’


‘’Let’s talk as we eat!’’

Would suggest something like that usually. But as she failed very badly today, she couldn’t tell Keima off.

Dinner proceeded silently. After Keima finished eating,

“I’ve finished.”

He said these words quietly and moved straight to the sofa at the living room as he continued with his game. It was silence, silence that came with extreme pressure. Elsie’s expression was obviously nervous, not knowing what to do. Anyway, she decided to clear the dishes and watch Keima as she washed the plates.

Keima was completely silent.

Elsie finished washing and wiped her hands. Keima was still silent.

“Er, erm, kami-sama…since we just finished dinner, I want to peel some fruit. What do you want?”


“The, then, there’s apple and pear, you know?”

Still nothing.


(U~!) Held back her urge to cry out as she walked towards Keima. She sat down beside him, her knees bent together as she placed her hands on it.

“Eh, ehehe.”

She gave an engaging smile as she leaned her shoulder over.

“Ka, kami-sama. Well, today, that’s, erm.”

Just when she was about to apologize.

“I’ll take a shower.”

After saying this, Keima stood up and hurriedly left the living room, leaving behind Elsie who was crying away.

Keima was playing the PFP which was waterproofed in the bathtub. Even though Elsie was really worried,

He wasn’t angry.

He was thinking.

About the conquests this time.

He felt a little repulsed.

The ‘Denpakei’ Amami Tooru and ‘Dual Character’ Yoshino Asami. For some reason,

It felt like he left out something important.

Actually, Keima didn’t feel that the meetings with the two girls were tough. He was spinning his head at full speed to set a guideline. He nodded his head, and just when he was about to get out of the bathtub,

“Er, erm, kami-sama!!”

At that moment, the bathroom door suddenly opened.

“At, at least let me scrub your back!”

After saying that, Elsie gave a determined look as she rushed in. Just like how she and Keima met just before, her white naked body was only covered with the towel that was transformed from the hagoromo.

Her curves were unexpectedly ample.

And this figure was now hidden.

After Keima tensed up for a while,


He screamed out.

After thinking of ways to chase Elsie out of the bathroom, Keima changed and returned back to the living room while looking like he was enduring a headache.

Elsie also changed back into her original clothes.

“I’m sorry~, kami-sama, I’m sorry~”

She was rubbing her face as she shed tears. At this moment, Keima finally noticed that Elsie was depressed over her mistake just now.


He was speechless for a moment, and he then turned his reddened face away like he was hiding his embarrassment.

“I’m okay with it already! This isn’t some major mistake anyway, Elsie.”

“But~ but~”

“…Listen up, Elsie?”

Keima sighed and said.

“You saw many of my conquests from close up, right? Sometimes, the tactic of giving girls a bad impression may be an effective move.”


“Once I make her angry, once I’m hated by her, there’ll be a hint on how to conquer her successfully.”

“Bu, but~ but~”

“Minus points, Elsie. It’s sometimes linked to plus points.”

Keima said.

“We just need to believe.”

He merely stood up and placed his hand on his chest.


“I just need this belief. To be able to do something for this girl, to definitely be able to help this girl.”

To Elsie, that handsome and clean looking face of Keima, who just so happened to be facing the light, could be described as pretty.

This was just like a real one,

Like a game imported expression.

A guy’s expression while he’s full of belief.

Elsie inadvertently



“The, then.”

However, Keima didn’t seem to notice Elsie’s expression.

“As proof that I didn’t really mind it, I’ll give you the same mission, got it?”


“Elsie! Are you listening!?”

“Ah, ye, yes!”

Elsie slowly recovered and hurriedly answered.

“What, what is it, kami-sama?”

Elsie’s face was still a little red.


And he narrowed his eyes with a disappointed expression.

“That’s good, Elsie. We’re working separately. I’ll chase after Yoshino Asami. You will go find Amami Tooru.”


“Of course, we’ll be working together in school, but the efficiency will be higher once we separate after school. I’ll interact with Yoshino Asami inside school and outside, and if possible, I’ll conquer her. During this time, you will look around on the streets and find Amami Tooru.”

“…Erm, search out?”

“Find her and bring her home. If you can’t, try finding a way to contact. If there’s a need to track Amami Tooru down to her house, so be it. Anything. As long as we can find out any clue about her background.”


“Yes. You have the runaway spirit sensor, right? And you saw it in Amami Tooru as my younger sister. In the current phase, she probably doesn’t have any negative feelings about you. So you have to walk around the streets, thoroughly.”

“We, well.”

Keima nodded his head.

“We’ll have a battle on two fronts, a simultaneous conquest. So while you make contact with Amami Tooru, I’ll start my conquest on the other side.”


Keima sighed as he said this.

And then, he blushed as his finger scratched his face. He said softly,

“I still trust you, and find you reliable.”




Elsie’s eyes immediately widened.

That brain of hers which definitely couldn’t be called smart digested the meaning of the words Keima just said.

‘’I trust you.’’

‘’I find you reliable.’’

The meaning behind it.

The weight behind it.

To Elsie,

It was all enough…


She stood up tearily and hugged Keima.

“Thank you!”

She thought that this person was really a god.

“I’ll do my best!”

In response, what Keima said was,

“Wah, hey! Le, let go of me! Don’t get too close!”

Just that.

His face was redder than before.

After being all delighted, Elsie let go of Keima and asked,


She placed her finger on her face and asked in a puzzled manner.

“…Erm, it’s not that I’m making irresponsible remarks about kami-sama’s plan, but why not conquer them one by one?”

It was a simple question.


Keima remained silent. Elsie then said,

“I find that it would be less difficult.”

At this moment, Keima started laughing, ‘fu’, and pushed his glasses.

“Well, I’m actually a single route follower, but it’s not like I can’t conquer both at the same time.”

And then, he muttered,

(I haven’t really seen it before, but there’s a game with really bad balance such that I can’t conquer one person without trying to conquer more than 10 of them at the same time…)

And then, he clenched his fist and said,

“Anyway, a gal-gamer won’t be scared of trying to conquer at the same time!”

Facing these forceful words, Elsie could only,

“Ha, haa.”

Nod her head away. Keima was burning ridiculously for some reason.

On the next day, Keima and Elsie observed Yoshino Asami while they were in school. Both of them kept their faces near each other while watching her read a book at the seat at the back of the classroom.

(Are we right?)

They were whispering to each other.

(That’s right…it’s her. She had a runaway spirit.)

Elsie answered. Her runaway spirit detector was reacting. Doro doro. Keima stared at her.

“…Is that so?”

He merely muttered that.

Keima just felt that there was something he couldn’t figure out…

Anyway, he kept his doubts to himself. First, they started collecting information about Yoshino Asami. It was at this point that Elsie made a huge contribution.

Or rather, since Keima, who couldn’t integrate himself into the class at all, would be completely useless, only Elsie, who was extremely sociable and gets on really well with both genders, could do so; and this would be the more precise explanation. Either way, Elsie made a huge contribution.


The reason why it was like it was because Elsie’s personality was such that she really couldn’t act, causing Keima to have all sorts of information on Yoshino Asami from all angles.

Witness account number 1.

A girl who provided the first information, called A.K.

“Ee-chan, why are you so mindful about Yoshino-san…well, it doesn’t really matter. Yoshino-san, eh…well, I’m not really clear about that person at all. It’s not that she’s being bullied or hated or anything, but well, it seems like she couldn’t get along well. We went to play darts together. Yeah, it was like a class outing. At that time…arre, it’s a little too much to say it to you like that, Ee-chan, but the one who was far away from everyone and didn’t take part at all was your brother. Ee-chan, your brother Keima-kun always give that vibe, often…are, what’s that? Game? Anyway, it seemed like he was always playing games, and Yoshino-san went back home because she said she had a cold. Thus, our relationship’s still not very close now.”

Witness account number 2

A boy who sits beside Yoshino Asami, called E.K.

“Me? Un? Soccer club~ I’m the ace and the forward, and also 16 years old. Trying hard to gather girlfriends…eh? You want me to tell you about Yoshino-san instead of this? Ah, hahaha, okay, okay. I got it, Elsie-chan. Eh, Yoshino-san who sits beside me, un…actually, as far as I know, that girl looks a little frail. I once invited her out before. You see, Yoshino-san’s pretty good looking too, right? I like those ‘ordinary-looking’ girls. And then, we went out to sing karaoke with other guys and girls. Then, she didn’t seem to be feeling well then and kept resting outside…more than that, Elsie-chan. How about we go for karaoke next time? Eh? What? ...ah, hahaha. So you need your brother’s permission? Is, is that so?”

Witness account number 3

A girl who’s also from the tea ceremony club, called T.Y.

“What nya? You’re talking about Asa-chin? Asa-chin…well, I don’t really know Asa-chin~. She’s really ‘ordinary’~. H, but I do know about this, you know? Asa-chin looks like she’s easily sick~last time, everyone went to the theme park, and she didn’t seem to feel well after taking that spinning thing. She tried her best, but ended up resting on the bench~ but, Asa-chin will never say anything bad about others, and she would sweep and clear the rubbish quietly. I think she’s a good person hya~n.”

“Number 3.”

Keima read through the reports that was collected during lunch (repeating what Elsie just said into a notebook), and couldn’t help but give off cold sweat.

“…That’s really intense.”

Besides feeling interested in it, there were other aspects he was interested in.

“I see…‘ordinary’, is it?”

Will this person really change outside school…no, once she’s in normal clothing?

Keima narrowed his eyes as he remembered Yoshino Asami who was so lively and talkative yesterday. At that time, she gave the impression that she liked hanging out with others, that she was really lively.

Keima pondered.

Such a person like her…

Why would she become like this in school?


“And then, there’s this.”

Elsie, who linked her table together with Keima’s as they were eating their bentos together, looked around and brought her face close.

“This report’s really a little unconfirmed…”


Puzzled, Keima prompted her,

“What’s wrong?”

Elsie stuttered and said,

“I don’t really believe this,”

“So, what is it?”

“…Ah~! It’s strange! I feel that there’s no such thing!”


“Ah, okay, okay. It’s about…this.”

Elsie continued to stutter, but after Keima glared at her, she started waving her hand frantically and said,

“Eh, this…the 3rd person said that. Yoshino-san, she may have someone she likes.”


Keima coolly accepted it unhurriedly.

The possibility was small.

But he didn’t deny this possibility. A possibility that the ‘dual character’ was a result of having a crush on someone.

“And then.”

Keima drank his green tea as he calmly thought and waited for Elsie to add on.

“She said that the person she liked could be you.”


Keima choked as the tea was splendidly spit out.

“Ho? Wha, what? What did you say?”

Keima hurriedly wiped his mouth as he turned to look at Elsie.

“Is this true? What’s going on?”

“Who, who knows?”

Elsie chuckled in a vague manner,

“It, it’s strange, isn’t it?”


Keima concluded. Not understanding what’s going on, Elsie said,

“Th~that’s right. It’s great that she’s the one being conquered. Kami-sama, the problem is that you haven’t done anything…”

And thus, both of them eliminated the one possibility that girls would have any feelings for Keima if he didn’t do anything.

“I heard from that person as well…but.”

Elsie kept her voice done and said in a scary voice like she was talking about ghosts,

“According to that person.”

Keima swallowed his saliva. Elsie then said,

“Yoshino Asami-san, it seemed like she would often look at kami-sama…”

Once she said that, Keima and Elsie seemed to have thought about something as they looked back.

In the end.

What will happen…


They looked straight in the eye at a very shocked Yoshino Asami. She looked like she was watching here all this time…

Yoshino Asami’s attitude was,



After seeing Keima and Elsie stare at her blankly,


She hurriedly lowered her head and pretended to be studying. It’s a rare sight as even her neck was red.

Keima too,


And Elsie too,


Were stunned. After that, both of them said at the same time.

“No way.”

“I’m thinking the same thing too.”

"It was just that inexplicable.”

Katsuragi Keima continued to think as he sorted out information.

(Being called ‘ordinary’…frail? No one she’s really close with, and everyone’s comment about her were all the same. ‘Ordinary’, ‘ordinary’ and ‘ordinary…)

He made some assumptions before school ended as he played games during lesson time.

“Katsuragi~! Ka~tsuragggiii!”

He continued to ignore the teacher who was lecturing him.

“Katsuragi Katsuragi Katsuragi Katsuragi~!!”

Even with the teacher gritting his teacher and seething with anger, he continued to ignore him.

He continued playing his game as he placed his hand on his face,


He turned his head to the other side, and finally,

“Uu, Katsuragi…uu, Katsuragi~kun”

The teacher dejectedly left after giving up, yet Keima didn’t respond at all. Also.

Yoshino Asami was watching all these from behind.

And nobody knew whether Keima noticed this stare or not.

After school,

Keima separated from Elsie at the staircase,

“I’ll leave it to you then, Elsie?”

With such an emphasis, Elsie responded with a radiant smile.

“Please leave it to me! I won’t disappoint kami-sama!”

It seemed she was really happy about getting Keima’s trust.

She ran off quickly and lightly as she ran off to look for Amami Tooru on the streets, as according to the plan.


Seeing her back, Keima sighed. He had his own things to do, and first, he had to talk alone with Yoshino Asami.

Keima decided to wait for her here…

It was time for the students to end the club activities and head home. It wasn’t really the same as dismissal time, but the stairs were rather busy.

As compared to the sports club players who were changing or have to practice late into the night, there were more students from the culture clubs, which end at a more regular time.

Amongst them,


Yoshino Asami passed through the crowd and changed into her shoes at the shoe cupboard,


And walked out of the school building.

Over there.


A boy talked to her.

Stunned, Yoshino Asami lifted her face.

Standing over there was,

“What a coincidence, I’m going back too. Can we go back together?”

It was Katsuragi Keima.


Yoshino Asami was silent for an instant,

And then,


She smiled.


What was that little moment of hesitation about?

Or was it that she was stumped by the unexpected words?

Or rather,

Was it his imagination that her face went red? Or was it that the sunset turned the surroundings red?

Keima deliberately chose not to get close to Asami as he deliberately created the same scene from yesterday.

He chose a scene when both of them were walking together.

There were two reasons.

The first was to use the same action as yesterday to gauge Yoshino Asami’s reaction better, to observe if there were any changes. Thus, the road back home, their distances between each other and the arrangements were all the same as yesterday.

The only thing different was that as there was the tea ceremony activity today (which Keima had investigated through beforehand), Yoshino Asami was a lot later getting home.

There was another reason, a somewhat rare instinct for the rational Keima. It felt that even when both of them were together, they should avoid doing so in school.


Was something he just thought of…

No, that’s not it.

He was shaking his head deep inside. He decided not to lie to himself. This was his own will.

As for why…

“…Katsuragi-kun, where do you want to go next?”


It was a little tough for Keima to act calm.

“Un, there seems to be something here. I’ll walk down this way during this time.”


Yoshino Asami didn’t inquire further as she nodded her head. She continued to look forward. Even though she was smiling,

It was really impossible for others to know what her expression was about. Keima swallowed his saliva.

It was too tough to handle.

‘Yoshino-san may have feelings for Katsuragi Keima’. Elsie’s information may be more binding on him than what he thought.

Thus, to prevent himself from panicking, he chose to head home after school dismissal as he wanted as little interference from other students as possible.

Keima continued to try and raise some questions at her from time to time, and Yoshino Asami would take these questions seriously as she answered.

“…Yes, club’s really interesting.”


“Speaking of which, it’s about time for modern language. I’m not really good at comprehension, so I’m a little worried here.”

And also,

“It seems like our classmates are planning to go? Our classmates are really on good terms with each other. I’m looking forward to it…will you be going too, Katsuragi-kun?”

And things like that. Yoshino Asami’s answers were not importantly. Just like how he’s reading a manual,

Keima was sighing deep down inside.

And as for the last question.

“Nope, I’m not going.”

Keima answered readily.

“How could I possibly go?”

At this moment, Yoshino Asami, who had been giving only ‘normal’ responses up till now, seemed to be mindful of something as she turned her head around and looked at Keima.

Keima too was,


Staring back at Yoshino Asami with a surprised expression.



Yoshino Asami’s ‘ordinary response’ collapsed for the first time at this moment.

“No, nothing.”

She blushed, and also,

“That, that’s all. So, we’re at my…my house now!”

She hurriedly entered the house door that she just reached. Keima was a little bewildered.

What was that all about?

Did she really…

Have feelings for me right from the beginning?

Keima was thoroughly confused.

His confusion was compounded after that. After taking a few steps away from Yoshino Asami’s house and intended to meet with Elsie,

“Katsuragi-kun! It’s me! Hey hey! I’m going out now! How about we go play together? I still have lots of things I want to talk to you about!”

The PFP received the mail from Yoshino Asami. (Keima sent a mail to her yesterday, telling her his address.)

Right now, Keima had no choice.


The Yoshino Asami that appeared was wearing cute clothing.

A pink miniskirt, a blouse, a look that felt just like a girl’s. It was different from how she looked when she was in uniform, and she was really energetic, so she ended up being a really charming girl.

At this place where Yoshino Asami arranged to meet Keima,

“Here, let’s have fun, Katsuragi-kun!”

She grabbed his arm and walked,


She was smiling really brightly and energetically.

After that, she and Keima were at a game center. Yoshino Asami said,

“Katsuragi-kun, you’re good at all sorts of games, right? Show me!”

And then, she started playing all sorts of games. Though Keima was slightly lacking behind in rhythm games and touch games, he showed overwhelming prowess in puzzle games and quiz games. Yoshino Asami clapped happily,

“That’s amazing! Katsuragi-kun’s really amazing!”

Just like it.

After that, as according to Yoshino Asami’s proposal, they went to a fast-food restaurant to order something to eat. During this time, Keima tried to probe into her real nature, but what was shocking was that,

“Hey, hey, what have you been doing during the holidays, Katsuragi-kun?”


“Where did you go with your sister?”

And also,

“You said you liked bishoujo games. What sort of games? They’re a little ecchi, right?”

And things like that as she blushed and asked a series of questions just like a machine gun. Keima was really taken aback and didn’t know what to do. Amongst all the conquests up till now, nobody had shown that much interest in Keima himself.

It’s a definite that Keima wanted to know about Yoshino Asami.

Thus, he came out with her out to talk with her.

To get close to her.

To gauge the emotional distance between each other.

“But you don’t really hate humans, right? Because because, you’re talking a lot to me now, right?”

And also,

“Katsuragi-kun. Let me ask you. For example, what are you thinking while I’m talking to you?”

Yoshino Asami was wholeheartedly trying to understand Katsuragi Keima.

Yoshino Asami was serious.


She was stuttering, but kept staring at Keima.

“Then, let me ask you. I’m sorry if it makes you unhappy, but that, last time, who’s that girl who appeared when Katsuragi-kun was talking with me?”


“Katsuragi-kun’s dating with her…no, sorry. I shouldn’t be asking this…but I want to know, who’s that girl to Katsuragi-kun?”


What’s going on?

Keima thought.

The difference between the one inside school and outside school.

No, the difference between the one in uniform and the one out of uniform.

“That girl.”

Keima clearly stated.

“Wasn’t any of those. She’s just an ordinary friend.”

He merely,

Concentrated his will into his expression.

Perhaps Yoshino Asami felt it as she chuckled.


She merely continued to drink the cola through the straw, and smiled.

“That’s good then.”

She didn’t ask on, heaving a sigh of relief just like a girl who knew that the guy she likes doesn’t have a lover.


And in a shy manner,

“That’s great.”

Normally, guys would be able to conclude this already. First, Yoshino Asami kept looking at Keima when they were at school. Even Yoshino Asami’s friends noticed that she often looked at Keima, even though Keima himself didn’t realize it.

But once he knew that she had a runaway spirit, the attitude Yoshino Asami had at Keima were rather good (as compared to the other girls). And today, she even blushed when she went home with Keima, and even wanted to know about where he was going.

Yoshino Asami in plainclothes was undoubtedly interested in Keima, and wanted to go out with him, to understand him.

Normally speaking, this is,


Yoshino Asami had feelings for Katsuragi Keima in a boyfriend and girlfriend sense.

It could be concluded this way.


Keima felt that this wasn’t it.

Keima felt that there was something that didn’t match deep inside him.

That’s strange.

Something’s not right.

There’s a problem.

It’s strange.



He just didn’t know.

On the same day, after he separated from Yoshino Asami, Keima sank into deep thought, and felt that something was just not right.

‘Yoshino Asami’s conquest route.

It could be said to be completely clouded.

And worst of all, Elsie, who came back home at a very late time, dejectedly said,

“I’m sorry, kami-sama~”

She looked like she was going to cry.

“I couldn’t find Amami Tooru-san no matter where I looked! I had already set the search area to the largest…but this.”

And then, she stuttered,

“It’s like she vanished somewhere.”


Keima just kept thinking.

This route was starting to get tough too.

‘Amami Tooru’s conquest route.

It’s like there was an invisible wall blocking.

The next day, Keima continued to try and talk enthusiastically to Yoshino Asami inside and outside school, and Elsie went through the streets, looking for Amami Tooru.


There wasn’t any results on both sides.

Keima would feel troubled whenever he talked to Yoshino Asami.

And Elsie’s search for Amami Tooru didn’t show any progress.

Both of them were spent.

They were tired.

Keima was mostly drained mentally,

And Elsie was mainly tired physically after walking around for so long and yet unable to find Asami Tooru.

Both of them,

Returned home tired and laid on each other’s backs.

“Kami-sama, it’s really tough when both sides don’t have any clues.”


“It would be good if at least one side could give some information as a little hope.”


Keima was silent.

Silently waiting for something.

But on a certain day, there was a huge break.

That day was a rest day.

It was raining from morning on, and Keima and Elsie were walking around on the streets. Normally, Keima would focus his conquest on Yoshino Asami, but as there was no need to go to school today, he and Elsie were looking for Amami Tooru.

Both of them were moving with heavy footsteps, and they were talking very little.

Even the normally cheery Elsie said in a depressed tone, probably because of the rain,

“I’ve been using the runaway spirit detector like this recently, but there’s no response.”

After saying that, she placed her hand on the skull headpiece.

“Where’s Tooru-san?”

Just when she sighed and muttered.


There was a tremendous response.

Keima and Elsie couldn’t help but face each other.

And then,

“Over here!”

Elsie looked like she was knocked aside as she turned around, and Keima went chasing after her. Both of them made about 2 to 3 turns before getting onto a main street.

Elsie panted and said,

“That’s right, Amami Tooru-san’s.”

She pointed at a certain direction.


She was speechless. Keima was also panting heavily as he looked over there.


He blinked his eyes. The one over there was.

“…What’s that, a car?”

There was a large black limo parked there. A man dressed in black suit, most likely the chauffeur, opened the back door of the car in a respectable manner, and a rich-looking over passed through the street and walked there. But of course, Elsie’s spirit detector wasn’t responding to the skinny middle-aged woman in brand clothes and glamorous jewels all over her…

“Arre? Really, eh?”

Elsie rubbed her eyes. Keima himself however,


Remained silent. A girl followed that followed the middle-aged lady as they walked out of the building in front of them.

She was…

“Was that really…Tooru-san?”

Amami Tooru.

At first, Keima and Elsie couldn’t recognize her as Amami Tooru as she was completely different. First, her clothing was different.

It wasn’t those casual and loose clothing Keima saw those few times.

But a proper-looking jacket.

The blond hair was properly tied up, and her shoes were shiny black leather.

She’s undoubtedly an ojou of the upper levels of society.

The only thing that was the same was the cross-chained necklace that was hanging on the neck, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for the response of the spirit detector and that cross, Keima and Elsie wouldn’t be able to tell that the girl who walked out of the building was Amami Tooru.

The difference in impression was this big.

What changed wasn’t just the clothes, but also her expression. It wasn’t the expression of the Amami Tooru Keima and company knew.

That fantasy story-like energetic pretty girl was already gone, and she just looked like a girl with a mask on in front of Keima, looked all proper and like she got something on her mind. The eyes that once boasted ‘I’m looking for my guiding star’ were now showing a blank black.

The energetic angel disappeared.

What replaced it was a stiff puppet.

Or it looked that way.

And also.

“Eh? Wha, what’s going on?”


Keima said softly,


He was now discussing based on their premises.

“…She got affected by a runaway spirit.”

Up till now, he had met an idol who would disappear when they don’t meet, or a female martial artist who would split into two people, so Keima made this decision quickly.

Amami Tooru had something strange on her as well.

As she followed the middle-aged lady and walked towards the limo, there seemed to be a black fog surrounding Amami Tooru that started to cover her body.

Keima and Elsie were speechless about this. At this moment,

“Here! Tooru-chan! You have to listen to your piano teacher and French teacher once you get home, okay? You have to learn what you lacked, got it?”

The middle-aged female cackled in a shrill voice.


Amami Tooru answered simply. They sat on the back seats of the limo, and the chauffeur then closed the door, returned back to the driving seat, and started the limo. Keima and Elsie couldn’t move until the limo left.

What should they do now?

Both of them had no idea. And until the end, Amami Tooru didn’t detect their presences.

After a while.

“Ka, Kami-sama…”

Elsie seemed like she was finally released as she asked.

“Wha, what do we do now.”

Keima still remained there, not moving at all. His eyes were staring at a certain point in the sky. Elsie sighed,

“For some reason.”

With a pained expression.

“It doesn’t feel like Tooru-san. She’s the person yet she felt like someone else…don’t you feel that way, kami-sama?”


At this moment, Keima moved. His voice had a little hot air in it. Though it was little, he was really trembling. He had an inspiration from what Elsie said, but Elsie herself didn’t realize it at all.

“Ye, yes? What is it?”

Elsie answered normally.

Keima asked a question.

A very important question.

A question that could cover all the scenarios.

“Elsie, that person was really Amami Tooru, correct?”

“Ye, yes.”

Though Elsie was blank for a while.

“That’s right. My spirit detector did show that it was Amami Tooru-san.”

“Is that so.”

At that moment.

(They’re the same person, but why does it feel like they were completely different people? On the other hand~Yoshino Asami’s ‘ordinary’~, the possibility of having feelings~ frail~why is she so different? After school and during school? And Elsie’s existence~ I saw a ‘Denpakei’~searching for the reason~Amami Tooru’s reason to look for something~why did she disappear after saving me~Yoshino Asami~Amami Tooru~ Yoshino Asami~Amami Tooru~Yoshino~Amami. After connecting the similarities and differences between these two.)

(All the answers.)

Keima’s thinking ability suddenly kicked into active gear.

Fuu, he chuckled. He used his fingers to push his glasses and said,

That classic line.



“I can see the ending.”

And without hesitation.

And Elsie could only stare blankly at Keima.

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