Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: They Don’t Look As Good As You’d

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Ye Shengge was dazed, but Li Yinian was only a bit tipsy, so she recognized Ji Shiting immediately.

“Mr. Ji, Shengge drank too much,” Li Yinian said calmly, but she didn’t explain anything.

“What… What…” Ye Shengge said in a daze.

However, Li Yinian didn’t answer her. Instead, she stood up and moved aside.

Ji Shiting picked up the woman on the sofa.

The drunk woman was shocked. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him. After a while, she finally recognized the person in front of her.

“Shiting, you… You’re here.” She burped without restraint after speaking, her breath full of an overwhelming odor of alcohol.

Ji Shiting looked at her blushing face and his Adam’s apple blushed. He said, “It’s me. Are you happy now?”

“Yes…” She mumbled. “I… I’ve figured it out.”

Ji Shiting didn’t know what she had figured out, but his heart still twitched as if her answer could directly affect his life and death.

“Okay, let’s go home,” Ji Shiting said and looked at Li Yinian. “Thank you.”

“You’re being too polite, Mr. Ji.” Li Yinian blinked and tried to stay sober.

After Ji Shiting took a few steps out of the room with the woman in his arms, Qiao Yanze walked over. He and Ji Shiting had come separately. He couldn’t help being furious when he saw Ye Shengge blushing in Ji Shiting’s arms.

“Those two women!”

However, Ji Shiting didn’t agree with him. Ji Shiting shot him a cold glance and walked past him.

Qiao Yanze didn’t want to argue with him. He walked into the room and stood in front of Li Yinian. “I heard you hired a gigolo, huh? Li Yinian, you’re getting more and more brazen!”

“I didn’t do anything.” Li Yinian stared at him for a while, as if confirming a fact. “They’re not as good-looking as you.”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes widened. Two seconds later, he smirked.

He didn’t mind being compared to a gigolo at all.

“Mm, you have good taste,” Qiao Yanze said as he grabbed her waist. “Come back with me.”

Sensing that Qiao Yanze was trying to hug her, Li Yinian pushed his arm away and said, “I’ll walk on my own!”

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Qiao Yanze then realized that the woman’s eyes were brighter than usual.

She was also drunk, but she looked calm.

Qiao Yanze humphed coldly and put his arm around her shoulders instead of persisting on.

Gu Yimo finally came out when the wo of them left the room.

“Qiao Yanze, what happened to Old Ji?”

“How on earth would I know?” Qiao Yanze snapped in displeasure.

“I know.” Li Yinian sighed and explained the situation. “I reckon Mr. Ji doesn’t want you to notice the changes in him, so he pretended to be aloof and ignored you.”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes dimmed. After a while, he looked at Gu Yimo and said, “Although all the instruments were destroyed, didn’t Xu Wei escape successfully? He can definitely build those machines a second time if he has the means.. You used to be his disciple. Can you find him?”

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