Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1001

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Chapter 1001: Take Care, Brother-In-Law

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Gu Yimo’s face was pale. He nodded and said, “I can try… However, I don’t think Shiting is suitable to be stimulated by electromagnetic waves anymore.”

“Let’s search first. Xu Wei must be holding it in since he’s hiding. It’s best if we can find him,” Qiao Yanze said. “I’ll leave first.”

“Take care, Brother-In-Law,” Gu Yimo said when he saw him and Li Yinian.

Li Yinian frowned.

Qiao Yanze looked at Gu Yimo and said, “How dare you?”

Gu Yimo immediately shut up.

“I feel that your research results are indeed interesting and worth investing in,” Qiao Yanze suddenly said.

Gu Yimo was dazed. She yelled at their backs, “Thank you, Brother-in-law!”

It was amazing that she could call him her brother-in-law and get sponsorship.

After leaving 1912, Li Yinian couldn’t help looking at the man beside her. “Qiao Yanze, is it fun deceiving yourself?”

“Are you so sure that I’m just lying to myself?” Qiao Yanze shot her a glance. “Why? Are you afraid?”

Li Yinian bit her lips and ignored him.

They didn’t notice the lights flashing behind them after getting inside the car.

The car reeked of alcohol.

Ji Shiting wound down the window, and the woman hugged his neck. She smiled and moved closer, looking seductive because of the tinge of redness below her eyes.

“Shiting, Shiting…” She called his name over and over again. “You look amazing.”

Ji Shiting grabbed the back of her head and stopped her from moving. He stared at her watery eyes and swallowed hard.

“You said you’ve figured it out. Can you tell me what you’ve figured out?” He said softly in a coaxing tone of voice.

Ye Shengge was confused. She had obviously forgotten what she had said.

Ji Shiting wasn’t in a hurry. He stared at the woman’s parted lips and couldn’t help kissing them until she whimpered in displeasure.

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“Don’t go, okay?” He took a deep breath and said. He still couldn’t bring himself to say the words “I need you”.

He didn’t know whether Ye Shengge understood him or not. Her breathing was irregular from his kiss, and she only knew to stare at him.

After some time, she mumbled, “Shiting, you’re back… Jinchen and Jinqing are already three years old. You’ve never seen them as newborns, have you? They…”

Before she could finish, Ji Shiting kissed her again to stop her from speaking.

She couldn’t breathe again, as if her emotions were blocked.

After a while, he finally let go of her and asked, “What did they look like when they’re just born?”

“…They were very ugly and red like little monkeys. They only started to look better after they were past a month old.” She seemed to be trying to remember. “I’ve always felt that the two kids look like you, but Grandpa said they look like me… They have been very obedient and sensible since they were young… But sometimes, they’re also very naughty and often gang up to cause trouble… I remember the first time they called me Mom…”

She couldn’t stop talking.

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