Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: How Can A Goddess Be So Shallow?

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Ye Shengge didn’t want to read those boring financial news anymore, so she clicked into Weibo and used a sub account she had registered.

Both Summer Wood’s and Ye Shengge’s accounts were managed by someone for her, but because she had retired in the past few years, the two accounts were basically silent. She had asked Shang Tianyi to discuss her comeback.

However, she hadn’t expected to find two familiar names on Weibo today.

Qiao Yanze and Li Yinian.

An entertainment account with a million fans released photos of the two of them coming out of the nightclub. Although the light was dim, it was enough to tell that they were very intimate. He held the woman in his arms and said something to her with a smile on his face. Li Yinian also looked up at him and listened attentively.

To Ye Shengge, it was normal for the two of them to stand together, but to the netizens, it was like a huge earthquake!

All along, the company had always given Li Yinian a cold and aloof image, so Shang Tianyi was very cautious about her scandal. He had also begged Qiao Yanze to keep a low profile. Although Qiao Yanze was upset, he nodded and agreed. After all, he and Li Yinian lived in Jade Spring Palace, and their interaction wasn’t eye-catching.

Li Yinian hadn’t had any scandals in the past few years, and the studio would clarify everything once she heard news from male artists. This kind of image was contradictory to Li Yinian’s outstanding appearance, so she attracted a lot of fans. This was also the reason why Li Yinian had been popular these past few years.

However, who was Qiao Yanze? He was the president of Huayao, the fourth young master of Fengqiao Corporation. Half of the female celebrities in the entertainment world had gossiped about him. He had made countless celebrities popular these years, and many newcomers wanted to climb into his bed to soar. He was synonymous with a playboy. All the female celebrities who had slept with him wouldn’t have a good reputation.

But now, they were together?

Impossible! How could a goddess be so superficial?

Li Yinian’s fans, especially the male fans, refused to believe it, but this photo was solid proof! Moreover, the two people in the photo looked surprisingly compatible. At least, they were good-looking, so after the photo was exposed, it spread across the Internet and became the top trending topic.

Ye Shengge clicked on the trending topic and realized that most of the netizens were cursing at Li Yinian. They used to like her a lot but now, they were using vicious words. There were even people who were insulting Qiao Yanze, thinking that he had tainted the goddess in their hearts.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help sighing.

She wasn’t surprised by this outcome. She hadn’t agreed to position Li Yinian like this from the start. After all, it would be difficult to get down from the pedestal once she became a “goddess”. However, Shang Tianyi thought that it was the most suitable route for Li Yinian, and Li Yinian didn’t care either, so Ye Shengge agreed in the end.

Actually, if it weren’t for Qiao Yanze, Li Yinian might’ve been able to maintain her image until she retired. Who knew that Qiao Yanze would be so clingy and let the paparazzi take photos?

Qiao Yanze was a playboy, so this piece of news didn’t affect him at all..

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