Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024: My First Confession

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After receiving Shang Tianyi’s call, her heart skipped a beat.

Shang Tianyi had told her over the phone not to bother about this matter and to just pretend not to see it. Li Yinian agreed, but after hanging up the phone, she was a little distracted.

Wasn’t Qiao Yanze afraid that his family would see him doing this?

In the past, no matter what kind of relationship the two of them had, the Qiao family would not care. However, it was different now. Qiao Yanze was openly expressing his love in front of everyone and the elders of the Qiao family could not ignore it.

Li Yinian was glad that he didn’t mention her name.

She exhaled slowly to calm herself down.

Perhaps this was a good thing.

She even hoped that the elders of the Qiao family would step out and pressure Qiao Yanze to back off.

She was afraid that the person the Qiao family was pressuring was not Qiao Yanze but her…

Li Yinian smiled bitterly.

Just then, her phone rang again.

It was Qiao Yanze.

Li Yinian hesitated for a moment before picking it up.

“Why did you unfollow me?” The man questioned righteously. “Now I’ve become everyone’s laughing stock!”

Li Yinian was stunned for a moment.

She said calmly, “My account is with Tianyi.”

“I see! I knew it was that gay guy who did it!” Qiao Yanze’s anger immediately turned into joy. “Hurry up and follow me again. Say that it was a slip of your hand just now.”

“No.” Li Yinian rejected without hesitation. “Tianyi’s decision is my decision.”

“Li Yinian!” He was furious. “This is my first time confessing to someone. Do you want to embarrass me?”

“Just delete it,” Li Yinian said calmly. “Or you can post another Weibo post to explain that you weren’t referring to me at all. After all, you didn’t mention my name.”

Qiao Yanze laughed coldly. “i didn’t state your name?”

With that, he hung up.

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Li Yinian suddenly had a very bad feeling. She immediately clicked into Weibo and only logged in after a long while. In the end, Qiao Yanze’s new Weibo post appeared on the trending page.

He reposted the post he had just posted and tagged her in it. He even aggressively said, “Pass? Is this your stance? But I won’t give up!”

In the end, there was a smug expression.

Li Yinian bit her lip tightly, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

She hesitated for a moment and finally clicked on the comment.

“Cry! Hubby, are you serious?”

“I’m actually a little touched… I always thought that Qiao Yanze had a cold and heartless persona. I didn’t expect him to be so shameless… This is true love!”

“Qiao Yanze! My goddess isn’t someone you can touch!”

“Li Yinian, hurry up and agree with him! Where else can you find such a good man!”

“Fourth Young Master, Li Yinian doesn’t like you. I like you. Look at me!”

There were tens of thousands of comments, and it was impossible for Li Yinian to finish browsing through all of them. She quickly scanned through them and exited Weibo, but she still couldn’t calm down.

Her WeChat was ringing non-stop. She had made some friends in the entertainment industry over the past few years, and these people had probably come to ask about her after seeing her Weibo. However, Li Yinian did not even open her WeChat.

Qiao Yanze called again.

Li Yinian gritted her teeth and picked it up.. “Qiao Yanze, do you think this is fun?”

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