Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034: Unappreciative

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Ji Shiting turned around when he heard the noise. His handsome face turned cold.

Tang Ranran said in a timely manner, “Mr. Ji, this is the agenda for tonight’s meeting. I’ve also made a copy of the participants’ information and attached it at the back. It might be useful.”

This thoughtfulness was what satisfied Ji Shiting.

The man nodded slightly and picked up the document to read it.

Tang Ranran took the chance to look at him, but her gaze was restrained.

The man did not seem to be in a good mood. There was a hint of impatience between his brows, but even so, he was still extremely good-looking.

Due to her restraint, Ji Shiting did not notice her sizing him up. He quickly flipped through the document and casually asked a few questions, which Tang Ranran answered flawlessly.

Ji Shiting looked up and gave her an approving look.

Tang Ranran gave an embarrassed smile and lowered her head. Her hair hung down in a charming arc.

However, Ji Shiting had no intention of appreciating it. What he appreciated and admired was her performance at work. He treated his subordinates equally without any consideration of their gender.

Hence, Tang Ranran heard the man’s indifferent voice. “You can leave now.”

Tang Ranran’s eyes widened slightly as she looked up at Ji Shiting. The man who had nodded at her in satisfaction a few seconds ago was now looking at his phone on the other side of the desk. His eyes were dark, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Tang Ranran did not dare to take a second look and quickly left the office.

When the door closed, Ji Shiting could not help but pick up his phone.

He thought of the woman he had seen before he left in the morning. She was curled up in a fetal position, her face still wet and stained with tears, and she slept very restlessly. She was clearly the mother of two three-year-olds, but sometimes she would reveal the vulnerability and helplessness of a little girl.

So he should at least call her and ask if she was okay.

Ji Shiting had not planned to stay overnight in the office.

However, the way the woman said “is there anything else” coldly made him suddenly make up his mind.

She needed space to calm down and to catch her breath. He should have given her that time.

Hence, she blurted out.

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However, the woman sounded even colder. She hung up almost immediately without any patience.

The busy tone on the phone gave Ji Shiting an unfamiliar chill.

He pursed his lips tightly. In the end, he put this matter aside and focused on his work. Actually, the call just now was already an exception for him. He expressed his concern for her, but she did not appreciate it—actually, it was normal for her to not appreciate it.

Ji Shiting curled his lips into a self-deprecating smile.

The video conference lasted until late that night. It was almost midnight when it ended. Ji Shiting returned to his office with two assistants behind him.

He told them to get off work after giving them instructions.

“Mr. Ji, you haven’t eaten much for dinner. Do you want me to make you some supper?” Tang Ranran suddenly asked gently.

Sun Ye furrowed his brows. ‘This woman had finally exposed herself? Sending supper? What is she up to?’

“No need. You can go back now.” Ji Shiting waved his hand coldly.

Any possible conspiracy would be stopped by Ji Shiting’s refusal…

Sun Ye almost laughed out loud, anticipating the expression on her daughter’s face.. However, she only nodded her head without any disappointment, as if she had not suggested the supper.

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