Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1057

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I was worried about the two children, so I came back after filming ended.” Ye

Shengge allowed him to hug her, her voice tinged with dissatisfaction.

“Fortunately, I came back. Otherwise, no one would tell them bedtime stories..

Didn’t you promise me to take good care of them? Not only did you come back

so late, you even drank:”

There were many servants in the villa, and the two children did not lack people

to take care of them. However, Ye Shengge felt that no matter how busy she

and Ji Shiting were, she had to make time to accompany them, even if it was

half an hour.

Hearing her gentle accusation, Ji Shiting hugged her even tighter. “Yes. I had a

social gathering tonight and drank too much. Sorry.”

“Who dares to make you drink? Ye Shengge snorted.

When the man went out to socialize, it was always others who supported him.

If he didn’t want to drink, who would dare to stop him?

Ji Shiting paused. “Did everything go well for you today?”

“It’s pretty good. Thank you for the lunch.” Ye Shengge smiled. “You’re

becoming more and more considerate.”

Ever since he had given her a gift that day, this man’s performance had

improved by leaps and bounds. Their relationship had been rather harmonious

for the past few days.

That’s good.” Ji Shiting inserted his right hand into her hair and said hoarsely,

“Tm going to take a shower first

Ye Shengge blinked and nodded.

While Ji Shiting was showering, Ye Shengge was lying on the bed reading the

drama script.

After a while, the man came out of the shower and lay down beside her.

Ye Shengge did not even raise her head and continued to write and draw on the


Ji Shiting looked at her for a while and couldn’t help but pull her into his arms.

Ye Shengge made a little sound, but she did not struggle. She put away the pen

and conveniently lay in his arms, rubbing against his chest. “Are you in a bad


She belatedly realized that since no one would ask him to drink, it was most

likely this man who had taken the initiative to drink.

When one takes the initiative to drink, it was usually to drown one’s sorrows.

“No.” Ji Shiting sounded indifferent.

He wished that he was in a bad mood. If that was the case, perhaps he could

confidently ask her to stay away from the man she was leaving.

Unfortunately, the suffocating feeling and subtle unhappiness was more like a

sense of crisis that could be broken in a peaceful life.

In the end, he just didn’t want to change the current situation, but it didn’t

mean that he had deep feelings for this woman.

Ye Shengge looked at the man’s dark eyes that were inches away from her. She

thought for a while and reached out to touch his cheek. “Is it because of me?


“Did you suddenly go drinking because of me?”

Ji Shiting paused and stared at her sparkling eyes. His Adam’s apple bobbed.


That’s good.” She seemed pleased with the answer as a smile appeared on her

face. “Are you worried Ill move on?

Ji Shiting said nothing and looked into her smiling eyes.

Under his arm was her soft body, and he could smell a familiar fragrance. His

breathing became erratic, and his body immediately had an impulse.

He grabbed both her hands and suddenly flipped over to pin her down.

“No.” Ye Shengge realized his intentions and widened her eyes. “I have to wake

up early tomorrow to go to the set!

Moreover, she did not reject him the previous two nights. This man was not

willing to stop for a day.

“You won’t move on.” The man’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “You don’t fancy him.”

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