Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Both Her Body and Mind Belongs To Him

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Grandpa Ji was already standing at the door. He was looking forward to this.

He couldn’t have been happier seeing them get out of the car. Just as he was about to greet them, he saw his grandson holding his granddaughter-in-law in his arms for a moment.

His grandpa was stunned.

When he saw Ye Siyan last night, he realized that Xie Siqi must’ve made a mistake, so he wasn’t surprised to see Ye Shengge open the door this morning.

He had expected Ji Shiting to refuse marriage over and over again.

After all, Ji Shiting wouldn’t have kept it from him for so long if he wanted to.

However, seeing Ji Shiting hug Ye Shengge and kiss her made him realize something was wrong.

He knew the kid’s personality a bit better. If he hadn’t been interested in Shengge, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative.

Grandpa Ji looked amused.

However, he quickly forgot about it seeing the two of them walking toward him.

“Come on in. Uncle Jin has prepared all your favorites,” said Grandpa Ji with a smile. He then looked towards Ye Shengge. “What do you like to eat, Shengge? I’ll tell Uncle Jin later. You’ll have a chance the next time you are back.”

“I’m not picky, Grandpa Ji.” Ye Shengge felt her face redden from Grandpa Ji’s enthusiasm.

“What did you call me?” Grandpa Ji’s face sank.

“Um… Grandpa.” Ye Shengge corrected herself.

“Good girl.” Grandpa Ji was thrilled.

Ji Shiting sneered, interrupted his grandpa and walked in with Ye Shengge.

His grandpa scolded him, “You brat.”

He had started to protect his wife already.

Grandpa Ye was very excited during lunch, and he kept talking to Ye Shengge. Ye Shengge was a bit uncomfortable at first, but her grandpa softened his attitude.

After dinner, Ye Shengge said goodbye and prepared to return to Ming Building to pack her things.

Ji Shiting stood up and picked up his jacket, “I’ll give you a ride.”

“Wait a minute.” Grandpa Ji shot him a glance. “Let Mr. Jin send Shengge back. Stay here. I have something to ask you.”

Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s about work,” Grandpa Ji said calmly.

Ji Shiting looked to Ye Shengge and said, “Let Uncle Jin send you back. After you’re done, go to Qianfan Villa.”

Ye Shengge nodded and left with Uncle Jin.

“What do you want to say?” Ji Shiting eyed his grandpa with a half-smile.

“What do you think of that girl Shengge?” Grandpa Ji was curious. “You seem to like her, but why did you keep saying you didn’t want to?”

Ji Shiting didn’t say anything. Instead, he lit up a cigarette and sneered.

“Because she’s up to something.” Ji Shiting had a sardonic grin. “If I don’t force her to take the initiative, she’ll run away soon.”

Ye Shengge approached him to get rid of the birthmark, and of course, T.S. Corporation had nothing to do with him, so he wasn’t mad.

He was used to taking the initiative, and he was used to being dominant. Since he had decided to have that woman, he needed to ensure that both her body and mind belonged to him.

“What?” Grandpa Ji was dazed. “Why did you marry her if she didn’t mean it?”

“Didn’t you say you don’t care about anything else as long as it’s a woman?” Ji Shiting shot him a glance.

“I don’t care what kind of character she has but she has to be a good person!” Grandpa Ji was anxious.

“It’s not about character.” Ji Shiting put a cigarette between his fingers and smiled. “I know what to do.”

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