Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1090

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“No,” Ye Shengge said calmly. “I told you, it’s my job. It’s just a scandal anyway. Nothing will really happen between me and Su Yao. Don’t worry.”

She then looked away, washed up and changed her clothes.

Ji Shiting stopped Ye Shengge when she walked out of the bathroom.

“I suddenly realized that your reason sounds familiar.” The man looked at her face. “I gave you a similar reason when I refused to fire Tang Ranran. Shengge, you still say this isn’t punishment?”

Ye Shengge paused and didn’t say anything.

“But I’ve already fired Tang Ranran.” His voice became hoarse. “So, can you clarify this scandal and announce our relationship at the same time? You need popularity and hype, so announcing that we’re already married

will be better than you spreading the news.”

The man’s analysis was rational, and his tone was calm. He even seemed to be stooping low.

Ye Shengge blinked and smiled. “I don’t think so. Perhaps we’ll get a divorce soon? That’ll be a slap in the face.”

“Ye Shengge!” He finally sounded angry. “We won’t get a divorce.”

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered.

“Perhaps, but I don’t agree to announce it now. It’s not the right time, so I won’t clarify this scandal,” she said calmly. “I hope you won’t interfere. Of course, if you insist on interfering, there’s nothing I can do.”

Ji Shiting’s heart skipped a beat.

She sounded calm, but Ji Shiting could hear the threat in her voice. What would she do if he really interfered without her consent? Would she be angry or disappointed in him?

The man clenched his fist.

“I’m going to the set.” Ye Shengge walked past him and left the room.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and followed her, but Ye Shengge ran downstairs. When Ji Shiting walked out of the room, the woman was already in the living room downstairs.

After watching Sister Xiu handing her a packed breakfast set, he took a deep breath and watched her leave.

The man stood in a daze for a long time until Sister Xiu went upstairs and said, “Young Master, Little Master and Little Miss should be getting out of bed now.”

Normally, it was Sister Xiu who woke the two kids up and took care of them when their parents weren’t at home.

Ji Shiting came back to reality and nodded slightly. “I’ll go.”

“Okay,” Sister Xiu agreed with a smile. She couldn’t wait for Ji Shiting to spend more time with the two kids. After all, even she could tell that her Young Master seemed to be less humane this month.

Ji Shiting walked to Jinchen and Jinging’s room and opened the door. The two kids were indeed showing signs of waking up, and they were squirming under the covers. He sat down beside Jinqing’s bed and lifted the


The girl was rubbing her eyes, and her almond-shaped eyes were almost identical to Ye Shengge’s.

She called Ji Shiting ‘Dad’ in a gentle and tender voice.

Ji Shiting’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help clenching her hand. “Okay. You should get up. I’ll send you to kindergarten later.”

Her eyes lit up, and she immediately sobered up. She got out of bed and yelled as she put on her clothes. “Brother, it’s time to get up! Dad wants to send us to kindergarten!”.

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