Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1093

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The sun was shining through the window, and the room was warm.

Ji Shiting looked at the green plant in the corner.

Although Ye Shengge had been using his study for the past three years, she hadn’t touched the decoration of the study. All his things were placed back in the original spot, but there were some things in the study. There was a green plant in the corner, a few books on the bookshelf that she had written with all her heart, and photos of Jinchen and Jinqing on the desk.

Ji Shiting suddenly realized that he had been immersed in this atmosphere for too long, so much so that he had neglected her efforts.

After a long silence, he finally turned on the computer and inserted the data cable of the hard drive into the interface.

A third of the hundreds of hard disks had been occupied. Although there was a lot of content, Ye Shengge had categorized them very clearly using time. There were a total of twelve folders, one every three months.

Ji Shiting felt his eyes burn before he read the details. He moved the mouse to the first folder called ‘The Twins are Born’, but he didn’t have the courage to open it.

He wasn’t around when the two kids were born, so Ji Shiting couldn’t imagine how she had recorded it. He had never expected himself to be so weak.

The man pursed his lips and moved the mouse to the last folder. He clicked on it, and it was divided into a few folders. He clicked on the sub folder called ‘Mountainclimbing’, and a large number of photos occupied the screen.

Ji Shiting clicked on the big picture, and he saw the dazzling smiles of the two kids. They were wearing sportswear and carrying a small kettle, and they looked like they were about to leave. The photos documented the entire process of their climb. Probably because Ye

Shengge was in charge of taking photos, she hadn’t shown up until he clicked on the last video.

The sound of the two kids breathing could be heard.

“Mom, I’m so tired.” “We’re almost at the top of the mountain. All the best, Jinqing!”

“Hold me, sister. ‘

“No, I can walk.”

The two kids were having a hard time climbing. Suddenly, Jinqing stumbled and almost fell. The scene shook, probably because Ye Shengge put down the camera and hugged her daughter.

“How about I carry you up?” Ye Shengge smiled.

“No need. Mommy, you can’t carry me,” Jinqing said and sighed. “If only Uncle Qiao were here. Uncle Qiao is strong.”

Ninchen suddenly said, “Mom, why don’t we let Uncle Qiao be our father?”

“No.” The ground was shaking, but the woman’s voice was very clear. ‘Uncle Qiao is Uncle Qiao, and Daddy is Daddy. If you say that, Daddy will be sad when he comes back.”

“But when is Daddy coming back?”

“Soon.” The woman was upset for a moment, but then, she smiled.

“How dare you look down on me? Who said I can’t carry you…

Jinchen, hold the camera. ‘

The scene shook again, and then Ye Shengge appeared in the frame. The sportswear couldn’t cover her graceful figure. She carried Jinqing on her back and said, “Hold Mom tightly.”.

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