Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1101

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Chapter 1101 The Onlookers Can’t Stay Calm

Ji Shiting opened the door of the lounge and they walked out.

All of a sudden, countless gossipy and curious gazes fell on them. Some people seemed disappointed to see that they were both neatly dressed.

Ye Shengge blushed and resisted the urge to glare at the man beside her.

Ji Shiting was very calm. He raised an eyebrow, and everyone looked away. They worked and


Only one young man didn’t look away. He was expressionless and looked a bit untamed.

Ji Shiting recognized him immediately. It was the man called Su Yao.

He took a step forward and blocked Ye Shengge’s gaze.

Su Yao had been observing Ye Shengge after they came out, but before he could notice anything, his vision was blocked. He was a bit upset, but he looked up and met Ji Shiting’s dark gaze.

His heart skipped a beat, and he frowned because of suppressed displeasure.

The man’s eyes were dark, but his lips curled up with disdain. Su Yao gritted his teeth and looked away, unable to stand the pressure.

Ye Shengge didn’t notice the exchange of gazes in their eyes. She saw Lin Ran waving at her. “Over there.” Ye Shengge tugged at the man’s hand, signaling him to walk to the right. “Is this where you usually eat? Why don’t you go indoors?” The man looked at the simple tables and chairs not far away and frowned.

“There are too many costumes in the lounge. It’ll be bad if I accidentally stain them,” Ye Shengge explained.

“Sister Shengge, Mr. Ji.” Lin Ran smiled and handed over the chair. “I brought two more portions of food. I don’t know whether you two want to eat it or not. It’s still warm… Of course, it’s alright if you don’t.”

“Thank you.” Ji Shiting nodded. “We’ll eat here.”

“Okay. Eat slowly. I’ll get you some water.” Lin Ran ran away.

Ji Shiting had always admired Lin Ran’s tact. He smiled, sat down on the chair, and gestured to the woman opposite him. “Sit.”

He then opened the lid of the two meals, thought for a bit, pushed one to her, and put the disposable chopsticks on the lunch box. “Eat quickly.”

Ye Shengge was still dazed when she sat down.

The man moved very naturally, as if he didn’t realize how out of place his temperament, clothes, and surroundings were. Ye Shengge was also stunned. She didn’t see any forbearance or impatience in his eyes.

At this moment, Lin Ran walked over with two cups of hot water. Ji Shiting took the hot water from her and saw that the woman opposite was still in a daze. She frowned and said, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” Ye Shengge picked up her chopsticks and started to eat.

She was indeed hungry after filming for the entire morning, so she didn’t stand on ceremony. She accepted the hot water, tissues, and food the man handed her.

“The vegetables are overcooked. This pork is alright. It can barely be eaten.” Ji Shiting hadn’t eaten much. After tasting two bites, he gave Ye Shengge his food. Both of them accepted it, but the crowd wasn’t calm at all.

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