Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1105

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Chapter 1105 His Work Has Been Destroyed

“No.” Ji Shiting was furious, but he tried to suppress it and said to Jinchen, “She’s a liar. Jinchen, you did well. You didn’t trust her easily.”

The child said smugly, “I’ve never seen her before unless Uncle Sun comes to pick me up.”

Tang Ranran dusted herself off and sneered. “I’m not going to attack the two kids yet. I just want to tease them.”

Ji Shiting was furious, and his expression was terrifying. If the two kids were really taken away by that woman, he and Shengge would probably go crazy.

Jinqing slid down the slide and ran to Ji Shiting excitedly. “Dad!”

Ji Shiting squatted down and hugged his daughter. He put the two kids on the ground and smiled. “Wait beside me for a bit. I’ll take you home immediately.”

They nodded and walked to the bench hand in hand before sitting down.

Ji Shiting looked at Tang Ranran again and said, “Ms. Tang, do you think you can do whatever you want just because your father is the president?”

Tang Ranran wasn’t surprised. She smiled and said, “Aren’t you tempted since you’ve guessed it?”

Ji Shiting smiled coldly.

“Let me remind you, Ms. Tang. Your father is surrounded by enemies, and many people are waiting for him to make a mistake. If his daughter uses her power to suppress others, I believe your father’s political enemies will be ecstatic.”

Tang Ranran looked resentful.

Of course, she knew that, which was why she had to pretend to be close to that man. However, that man didn’t listen to her at all and wasted her acting skills.

“Mr. Ji, I really don’t think Ye Shengge is that good. She’s even hooked up with another actor. Do you really want to wait until she cheats on you before you can accept that?” Tang Ranran snorted.

Ji Shiting said coldly, “You bribed Su Yao?”

“It’s not considered bribing.” Tang Ranran flicked her fingers smugly. “I’ve never had any difficulty conquering ordinary men. Mr. Ji, you’re the first, no, the second man I feel defeated by. The first is that iceberg, Jiang Yu.” “Ms. Tang, I suggest you stop as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’ll have to contact your father and ask him to restrain you,” Ji Shiting said.

After Jing Zhiyuan’s lesson, Grandpa Ji had been paying attention to maintaining his relationship with Beijing, and Ji Shiting was no exception. Tang Ranran was just the president’s daughter, and even if she was the president herself, she wouldn’t be able to do anything

Tang Ranran bit her lips and sneered, “Do you still remember Xu Wei?”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and said, “Why? Did your father find him? This is valuable news. I’ll tell Jiang Yu. Thank you.”

Tang Ranran’s expression changed. “I didn’t say that…”

“If Xu Wei wasn’t in your father’s hands, why would you suddenly mention him?” Ji Shiting curled his lips. “I hope you can tell your father not to place his hopes on Xu Wei. He won’t be able to replicate the results. He probably won’t dare tell your father that all the hard drives he took are destroyed. He can’t recover any data at all. However, he’s cautious and hasn’t made a backup in any cloud. His efforts have been destroyed.”

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