Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1152

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Jiang Yu frowned. Two seconds later, he followed Jing Tong’s gaze and realized what she was looking at.

He raised an eyebrow and curled his lips. He then leaned over and opened his collar wider.

“Have you seen enough?” He said calmly.

Jing Tong immediately looked away, but her face was burning.

How embarrassing, how embarrassing! Wasn’t it just muscles? If she wanted to look at some muscles, there were countless men for her to choose from in movies and TV shows. What was there to see about that man?

She tried to ignore the warmth on her face and said, “Let go and sleep!”

Jiang Yu stared at her blushing face for a while before letting go of her hand.

However, he didn’t sleep on the ground. Instead, he laid down beside her.

Jing Tong was furious again.

“Why aren’t you getting out?” She turned around and glared at him.

Jiang Yu lay on the bed and explained, “I can’t even put my hands and feet on the ground. Besides, your bed is big enough. I won’t affect you sleeping here.”

‘Won’t affect me? Are you kidding me?’

Most importantly, he had agreed to sleep on the floor, yet he went back on his word. How shameless!

“No, I don’t agree!” Jing Tong pushed him furiously with embarrassment.

Jiang Yu grabbed her wrist again and said, “You look at me so explicitly. I’m not even afraid. What are you afraid of?”

Jing Tong hadn’t expected him to notice her loss of composure and laugh at her.

She was furious. She kicked him and yelled, “Get lost!”

Unfortunately, the man pressed her leg down.

“I really can’t sleep on the floor. I don’t want to affect my work tomorrow. Can you be a good person until the end?”

He tried to reason with her.

Jing Tong gritted her teeth and said, “Sleep on the bed if you want, but don’t press yourself against me.”

Jiang Yu curled his lips. He didn’t know whether it was because he had succeeded or because he was certain that the woman hadn’t completely let him go, so he was in a good mood.

He let her go and saw the woman sitting up.

“I’ll sleep on the floor!” Jing Tong said.

Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow and didn’t stop her, but when Jing Tong tried to get over her, he suddenly bent his knees.

Jing Tong tripped and fell on him.

Jiang Yu grabbed her waist and frowned. “Throw yourself at me? Are you sure, Jing Tong?”

Jing Tong was dazed. Her chest hit his hard body, and all her senses were overwhelmed by the man’s masculine scent. She couldn’t think at all. She didn’t come to her senses until the touch of the hand on her waist became clearer.

The man’s handsome and silent face was right in front of her. She didn’t know whether it was her imagination, but she seemed to see some mockery in his eyes.

Jing Tong blurted out, “That’s right. So what if I throw myself at you? You can’t do it anyway!”

She was certain that there was something wrong with that man.

Jiang Yu’s eyes dimmed.

He pinched her waist and said, “Seems like you’re really coveting me. Otherwise, why would you resort to such a childish trick?”

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