Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1153

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“Goad your grandpa!”

Jing Tong couldn’t help cursing, and all the charm disappeared. She raised her arms and was about to get up, but Jiang Yu was still holding her waist. She could only glare at him. “Let go!”

Jiang Yu looked at her silently, without showing any emotions. The two of them were so close that he could see his reflection in the woman’s widened eyes and her trembling lips because of anger.

He suddenly recalled that he had kissed her before.

However, he had only wanted to redeem something in that way, so he hadn’t focused on the kiss itself. Now that he thought about it, he only remembered that her lips were soft and burning.

He couldn’t help swallowing hard.

Jing Tong was furious seeing that he didn’t say anything. “Jiang Yu, what do you want?”

“I should be the one asking you that question.” Jiang Yu’s voice was hoarse. “Why are you crying?”

“I told you, it’s none of your business!”

Jing Tong was furious. She tried to get up, but she failed again.

However, she was sitting on the man’s belly. Although she was still a distance away from his most dangerous spot, this position was enough to make her ashamed, especially when she could still feel the shape of the man’s abs. The distinct feeling showed the man’s good figure, which made her have a strange impulse.

She froze and bit her lips to ignore that feeling.

“Answer me. Why are you crying?” Jiang Yu ordered, still holding her waist tightly.

“I’m crying about myself,” she said. “I was so stupid before.”

Jiang Yu frowned and said, “So you regret it now?”

“I’ve regretted it a long time ago.” Jing Tong sniffed. “I wouldn’t have liked you if I had known you were such a heartless person!”

Jiang Yu suddenly smirked and said, “I’m just afraid you won’t be able to control yourself.”

Jing Tong blushed, but she couldn’t argue back. She knew that Jiang Yu was right. Even if she knew that there would be no outcome between the two of them, that silly girl would still pursue him without hesitation.

“Whether you believe it or not, I’ve given up. If you hadn’t come to me, I wouldn’t have appeared in front of you.” She looked down and said tiredly. “You should know that very well.”

That’s right. Jiang Yu knew it very well.

The more he knew, the more complicated and obscure his emotions were, which made him want to do something to her.

He grabbed the back of her head and pressed it down hard.

The moment their lips touched, Jing Tong shivered as if she had been electrocuted. A strange chemical reaction spread throughout her body, making the strange impulse suppressed deep in her body become more obvious. Jing Tong couldn’t help feeling terrified. She wanted to run away, but the man’s arm didn’t move at all.

She then felt him bite her lips with his teeth. He moved very gently and tentatively, and her senses were filled with the hormones of a man. Her mind went blank, and she couldn’t help holding her breath.

Jing Tong finally regained her rationality when the man tried to invade her mouth with the tip of his tongue.

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