Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1164

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The netizens were sending gifts on the live-streaming platform, which almost drowned the Maybach.

“Hahaha, I rejected another one. I’m dying of laughter! This melon is eating so happily! Ye Shengge is awesome! Keep going at this pace!” This was a gossipy netizen that was purely here to watch the show.

“Um… Isn’t Mr. Xiao very good? Why doesn’t Shengge like him?” said Ye Shengge’s fan who thought highly of Xiao Ruilang.

“What does Ye Shengge want? Even if she has her own studio now, it can’t compare to the Xiao Corporation, right? Where does she get the confidence to reject Mr. Xiao?” This was a passerby fan of Xiao Ruilang.

“Can you stop talking about Ye Shengge? I feel irritated seeing her!” This was Su Yao’s die-hard fan.

“Heh heh, do Su Yao’s fans up there feel ashamed? Shengge doesn’t even like Mr. Xiao, so why would she like your dear Su Yao? It’s hilarious!”

“Come on. Perhaps this is Ye Shengge’s way of playing hard to get? Be careful not to offend her!”

“Second that! Idiotic fans, quickly wash your eyes. Do you really think Ye Shengge is innocent? She’s so good at toying with men. She’s such a bitch!”

“Heh heh, our Shengge attracted a lot of suitors. The person above is so jealous!”

“Pursuer? When has our Su Yao ever pursued her? She’s always boasting about herself! I think Mr. Xiao just wants to toy with her!”

“I’m here to see Su Xintian. Su Yao and Ye Shengge’s fans, stop it!”

There were many celebrities on the red carpet at the entrance of the venue. Many big shots passed through the red carpet, which made the audience scream, and the lights kept flashing.

According to the order, Ye Shengge would probably enter midway or closer to the end, but Xiao Ruilang still refused to give up.

“What are you worried about?” He coaxed. “Are you afraid that Ji Shiting will be mad? I thought he’s become magnanimous now. After all, he didn’t react at all when the rumors about you and Su Yao spread.”

Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t mind being in a scandal with Su Yao because I can control him.”

“Does that mean you don’t think you can control me? Are you afraid that I’ll cause you trouble?” Xiao Ruilang smirked.

Ye Shengge said hostilely, “Isn’t that so?”

Although he had stopped being a big deal recently, Ye Shengge still considered him the most dangerous person.

“The media will be more excited if you don’t cooperate because I’ll enter with you no matter what,” Xiao Ruilang said. He smiled and grabbed her wrist. “Come on, I won’t eat you up.”

Ye Shengge glared at him and was about to break free when she heard the sharp screech of brakes.

Both of them couldn’t help turning around. Xiao Ruilang frowned, and Ye Shengge’s eyes widened.

She immediately recognized the car in front of her because she had one at home… Wait, it seemed to be Ji Shiting’s Maybach!

Besides, the red carpet had been cleared, and the car could still break through the defense line, which further proved the person’s identity.

However, how was that possible? Wasn’t Ji Shiting in the company? Even if he had seen the live-stream and didn’t want to see her walking the red carpet with Xiao Ruilang, he wouldn’t have arrived so quickly. It had only been a few minutes!

However, the man opened the door and walked out of the car, confirming her assumption.

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