Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1180

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“Change your clothes first. I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Li Yinian looked down, avoided eye contact with him, and walked downstairs.

Qiao Yanze moved his hand as if he wanted to stop her, but he held it in because Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge were there. He clenched his right hand tightly. He turned around and returned to his room, closing the door. Before long, he heard a woman scream. After a while, a woman ran out of his room and rushed to the second bedroom next door.

Li Yinian seemed oblivious to what was happening behind her. She walked to Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting and forced a smile. “Sorry for implicating you, Mr. Ji. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, take Shengge back.”

“No, I can’t leave you here alone,” Ye Shengge refused resolutely.

Ji Shiting looked at her and then at Li Yinian. “It’s alright. He can still take it if it’s me and Shengge.”

If it were anyone else, Qiao Yanze would’ve been furious. This wasn’t a good thing after all. No one liked being watched.

Li Yinian didn’t insist. She knew that she might not be able to handle it alone.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Yanze went downstairs to the living room and sat opposite them.

Qiao Yanze’s expressionless face was actually very cold, and his slightly upturned eyes were sharper than ever. He had changed into casual clothes, but his collar bone was still exposed, and there were a few ambiguous red marks. He didn’t look at anyone but took out a pack of cigarettes from under the coffee table, lit one up as if no one was around, and took a deep puff.

He finally looked up at Li Yinian with a stern and solemn look in between his dark brows.

Li Yinian was looking down, but she finally looked up and met his gaze calmly, perhaps because she had sensed his menacing gaze.

“I recognize that woman. It’s Su Xintian, right?” Li Yinian asked gently.

She had entered the room and saw the woman’s panicked face, then she was pushed off the bed by the furious Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze puffed out a smoke ring and said coldly in a hoarse voice, “Didn’t you see it?”

Li Yinian was dazed, then she nodded and said, “Do you… have anything to explain?”

“Do you really want to hear an explanation? Do you care?” Qiao Yanze sneered. “Besides, who are you to me? Are you my wife or my girlfriend? What right do you have to ask me for an explanation?”

His voice was hoarse, as if every word came from his heart, filled with pain and blood.

Ye Shengge was shocked. She couldn’t help looking at Li Yinian. Sure enough, her face was pale, and her eyes looked empty. Her hands on her knees were trembling, so she could only clench them tightly to suppress the trembling.

“You’re right,” Li Yinian said calmly. “Let’s do this.”

She put a bunch of keys on the coffee table and smiled. “You shouldn’t have given me the keys from the start.”

Qiao Yanze looked at the keys, and he was furious. In the next second, he grabbed the coffee table and soon, it was about to be flipped over.

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