Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1181

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Ye Shengge couldn’t help leaning back. Fortunately, Ji Shiting pressed the coffee table to stop Qiao Yanze’s violent actions. The poor coffee table trembled for a while.

“What the hell are you doing here? You don’t have to care about my business. Get lost!” Qiao Yanze was furious.

“Calm down.” Ji Shiting’s eyes turned cold. “You want to get rough just because you’re displeased? Are you still a man?”

Ye Shengge couldn’t help taking a deep breath and leaning against Ji Shiting. She was a bit glad that the man had come with her. Otherwise, if Qiao Yanze got angry, the women wouldn’t be able to control him.

Qiao Yanze had nowhere to vent his anger, so he kicked the coffee table.

Ji Shiting didn’t care about him this time. As long as he didn’t hurt anyone, he could do whatever he wanted.

Li Yinian took a deep breath, and before she could say anything, Qiao Yanze sneered, “Li Yinian, don’t forget that Exclusive Property doesn’t have the right to stop you! Do you really think you can get rid of me just like that? Stop dreaming!”

“Qiao Yanze! You’re too much!” Ye Shengge said angrily. “Are you bullying Yinian because she doesn’t have anyone backing her? Do you believe I’ll make sure that you never find her if you continue being like this?”

The muscles on Qiao Yanze’s face twitched, and he looked furious. He held the cigarette in his palm, and he didn’t care that the cigarette was still burning. When he clenched his right hand, there was even the sound of flesh being burnt. Although it was short, it was still shocking. Fortunately, this almost masochistic action made him recover some rationality.

“Qiao Yanze.” Li Yinian took a deep breath and said hoarsely. “Since I saw what happened today, I’ll never forget it. You know very well that it’s impossible between us now. I don’t understand what the point of your persistence is.”

“Why? Do you mind? You don’t love me, so what’s there to mind? Besides, you seem to be happy to see me lying on the same bed as another woman.” Qiao Yanze’s tone became more sarcastic.

“This has nothing to do with feelings. I just can’t accept it.” Li Yinian looked away. “I’m not interested in sharing you with another woman.”

Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth.

Couldn’t accept it? No, that woman accepted it faster than anyone else. When he woke up from the bed, he saw Li Yinian standing at the door. He was pleasantly surprised for a moment, but Su Xintian snorted beside him. He then realized what had happened.

At first, he almost thought he had slept with another woman, so when Su Xintian turned around and faced him, he kicked her out of bed without hesitation. He then got out of bed and rushed to the door, wanting to explain to Li Yinian, only to see her calm and cold face.

She didn’t question him, nor did she seem to be in the mood to listen to his explanation. She just smiled in relief and left.

At that moment, all the worry, guilt, and panic disappeared, leaving only crazy anger. It seemed that Qiao Yanze had to look at the truth for the first time. That woman didn’t care about him at all, so she was indifferent even when she saw him sleeping with another woman. No, she was still touched. She was probably very happy.

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