Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1188

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Ji Shiting returned late that night and only had time to say goodnight to the two kids.

Ye Shengge coaxed the two kids to sleep and went to the dining room.

Sister Xiu had made him a bowl of wontons for supper. He was probably really hungry, so he ate very quickly, one bite at a time, but his actions were still elegant. Ye Shengge couldn’t help swallowing as she saw his Adam’s apple moving up and down.

Ji Shiting looked up at her and smiled, “Do you want some?”

“No, don’t tempt me,” Ye Shengge refused. “I’ve been controlling my weight recently. I can’t gain any weight.”

The man grabbed his waist and hugged her. “You’re too thin. Besides, you won’t gain weight after eating just one.”

“No.” Ye Shengge turned around.

She could indulge herself to eat a bit more because she had exhausted herself on set, but no matter how much energy she expended, she still had to reject supper.

Ji Shiting didn’t force her anymore. He stroked her hair and said, “Why torture yourself like this? Can’t you quit being an actress and do something else?”

“No.” She grabbed the man’s left hand and pinched his palm from time to time. “You know I like acting.”

He sighed and stroked her face. “I know.”

Every time she left for filming, she would only come back once every ten days or half a month. Although he was trying to adjust his work schedule, as the executive president of the corporation, it wasn’t easy for him to do so. He couldn’t visit her every day, not to mention that he had two kids at home.

She was going back to the set tomorrow, and she didn’t know when they would meet again.

“I’ll come back as soon as I have time. Find me when you have time, okay?” Ye Shengge said. “As long as we’re willing, distance isn’t a problem.”

Ji Shiting nodded and assented softly.

“Did you go entertain clients tonight?” Ye Shengge remembered that he still smelled like alcohol when he came back, so he changed his clothes and said good night to the two kids.

“I drank a bit at a meeting with a few directors tonight.” Ji Shiting didn’t hide it. “The share price immediately increased after our relationship was announced today. The board of directors was very happy and suggested that we be the spokesperson of the corporation.”

Ye Shengge was shocked. “Really?”

“Of course. The public relations department wants to do marketing for us. It’s good for the company’s brand image. What do you think?” He asked calmly.

Ye Shengge immediately understood. Since their relationship had been exposed, it was understandable for them to market it and shape their character, but…

“I thought you didn’t like this kind of marketing.” She blinked.

“We’re a loving couple, so it’s nothing to publicize. They just need some photos and information occasionally.” Ji Shiting smiled. “I don’t mind talking to you.”

Ye Shengge suddenly said, “Are you trying to announce your ownership of me in case someone doesn’t know how to behave?”

He said with a gloomy gaze, “Let’s see who dares.”

Ye Shengge couldn’t help chuckling. Xiao Ruilang hadn’t given up yet, and it was probably because of Xiao Ruilang that the man hadn’t refused the suggestion from the public relations department.

“Okay, I’ll consider it,” she said with restrain.

Ye Shengge came to the dresser after showering at night, only to see the diamond ring Ji Shiting had worn on her ring finger.

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