Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1190

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Ji Shiting had nothing to say when he mentioned the three years he wasn’t around. He paused for a bit and said, “Then, I’ll prepare. As long as you have three days to be the bride, is that okay?”

“Um… Actually, there’s no rush…” Ye Shengge couldn’t help looking at the box.

Ji Shiting followed her gaze and raised an eyebrow as if he suddenly understood something.

“Are you really not in a hurry?”

“Really!” Ye Shengge nodded solemnly.

Ji Shiting stared at her for a while and nodded, “Okay, we’ll talk when you’re free.”

Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks and assented.

The man stroked her face and smiled, “It’s getting late. Go to sleep.”

Three months later.

The cast of ‘The World’ was officially wrapped up, and Ye Shengge changed her wandering attitude and participated in the crew’s party. Someone asked a few questions related to Ji Shiting, and she answered them. The atmosphere became heated.

“Shengge, there’s something wrong with me.” The screenwriter and Ye Shengge often interacted, and they were on good terms, so she smiled and asked, “Can I ask how many times Mr. Ji can do it in one night?”

Everyone laughed as soon as she said that.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help smiling. She thought for a bit and waved her hand.

“Five times?” Someone asked excitedly.

Ye Shengge took a sip of wine without saying anything. All the women present exclaimed in admiration.

All the men, especially the male actors, looked confused.

Su Yao was also there. He looked at Ye Shengge and snorted, but in reality, he was counting his performance with the fingers on his left hand.

“When was the last time?” Someone asked, pushing the limit.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “I’m not telling you.”

“I know, I know. I saw Mr. Ji visiting last week!” Someone raised his hand enthusiastically.

“But he didn’t stay overnight that day.” Ye Shengge blinked. “Don’t bully me. Ask Su Yao how he’s been feeling lately!”

Ye Shengge successfully lured the trouble away. Everyone looked at Su Yao who then almost choked on his wine.

“Sister Shengge, you’re being unkind. Everyone knows that my fans are my girlfriend,” he said.

Ye Shengge just smiled and looked at the scriptwriter. The scriptwriter immediately understood and said, “How many times do you think you can do it in one night?”

“I can’t compare to Mr. Ji anyway.” He looked at Xu Xiangjie. “Why don’t you tell me, Producer Xu?”

Xu Xiangjie almost choked. All the men present were forced to undergo soul torture.

Ye Shengge had already left and got into the car.

Lin Ran had been holding it in for a long time, and she laughed as soon as she got into the car. “Ouch, I’m dying of laughter! Everyone was so shocked by Mr. Ji’s performance that they didn’t dare say anything!”

Ye Shengge felt a bit guilty. “Should I not answer such a private question?”

Lin Ran thought for a bit and shook her head. “I think Mr. Ji will be very happy. After all, you’re praising him! But… isn’t five times a bit too much…”

She lowered her voice and blinked, her eyes glistening.

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