Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1194

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Besides, Mr. Ji had agreed to be their witness of marriage!

How surprising!

The two of them didn’t realize that their limelight might be stolen by their respective bosses at all, and they were completely immersed in the excitement of being valued and cared for.

Sun Ye was especially excited. After all, Ye Shengge was an approachable boss, and she was more like a best friend or sister to Lin Ran. However, Sun Ye didn’t dare call his boss his brother, so he was so excited that he wanted to cry.

However, that wasn’t all.

She didn’t know how the news that Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge were about to attend their wedding spread, but Sun Ye and Lin Ran realized that they were more popular, especially Lin Ran. Those who had never looked at her before, and those celebrities who had only met her once, and even those who were completely unrelated, suddenly asked her for the wedding invitation.

Lin Ran was flattered and agreed, so she sent dozens of invitations in one go. There was almost not enough space for the guests at the wedding banquet. Sun Ye sighed at her, and in the end, he resigned himself to redesign the wedding banquet arrangements.

Although it was a bit troublesome, the benefits were obvious. The relatives and friends who had come to attend the wedding were all surprised and happy to be in the same room as so many celebrities, not to mention the grandness of the wedding itself. To be able to support such a wedding meant that the man’s financial condition was very good. They held Lin Ran’s parents’ hands and praised her for being successful. Her parents were glad that she was marrying a good man and that she was the hope of the Lin family, which satisfied their vanity. They thought happily, but now, it seemed that the girl’s dream had been fulfilled.

To Lin Ran, the entire wedding was still a dream.

She remembered Ji Shiting’s brief but powerful speech, which made Sun Ye’s eyes turn red. She remembered Ye Shengge smiling and hugging her, wishing her happiness, and telling Sun Ye to treat her well. She remembered familiar faces smiling and wishing her well, but she couldn’t say their names. She even saw Fourth Young Master Qiao, who had brought a beautiful female partner to give her and Sun Ye congratulatory gifts.

However, Fourth Young Master was obviously a bit distracted. He kept glancing at the guests, but his seemingly calm eyes were tense.

Lin Ran realized that Fourth Young Master was probably looking for Li Yinian, but he was disappointed. Li Yinian was studying in a music school overseas, and she wouldn’t be back for at least a year. Her wedding wasn’t important enough for Li Yinian to come back… However, she remembered that Li Yinian had asked someone to give her a congratulatory gift…

In the end, what she remembered most was the excited smile of Sun Ye, who had just become her husband. He even looked a bit silly when he looked at her, so much so that she couldn’t help smiling at him.

There was nothing spectacular between them, only the simplest way, but this was also a rare blessing, wasn’t it?

She used to envy Ye Shengge, but now, she wouldn’t anymore because she had found her happiness.

It was almost midnight when the wedding ended.

Ye Shengge hadn’t expected so many celebrities to come to Lin Ran’s wedding. She reckoned that the girl had received a lot of gifts and gifts. However, Ye Shengge suffered because these people didn’t dare talk to Ji Shiting directly, so they all tried to befriend Ye Shengge. Ye Shengge suddenly felt that she was close friends with half of the entertainment industry.

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