Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1195

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Fortunately, Ji Shiting saved her very quickly. He whispered to her as if no one was around, and he finally stopped those people.

After the wedding, they returned to Qianfan Villa.

The two kids were already asleep. Ye Shengge was exhausted, but she was completely awake after showering.

Ji Shiting went to the study room and wasn’t in the bedroom. She couldn’t help walking to the dresser, pulling open the drawer to look at the ring.

That’s right. Life required a bit of a ceremonial feeling, but more importantly, it was life itself. Now that she had everything she had dreamed of, there was no need to be too calculative about some things.

She thought to herself that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a wedding when she made a breakthrough in her career…

She smiled and closed the drawer.

She picked up the hairdryer and was halfway done when Ji Shiting took the hairdryer from her and took over. Ye Shengge leaned against his chest and enjoyed his service.

After a while, the man turned off the hairdryer, put his fingers into her hair and combed it.

“Does it feel good?” His voice was hoarse.

“Mm…” Ye Shengge snorted.

The man chuckled and kissed her lips.

After ‘The World’ finished filming, Ye Shengge had a short break. She talked about her next show while cooperating with the producers to do some voice acting and necessary promotional work. However, she stayed at home most of the time, reading books and accompanying the two kids.

She relaxed a bit, but Ji Shiting was suddenly busy. On one hand, T.S. Corporation was entering a new development stage, and the overseas market was unprecedentedly broad, so he went on business trips more often.

On the other hand, President Tang was suppressing Jiang Yu more and more in Beijing, as if he was counterattacking before his death. Although Jiang Yu wasn’t afraid, he also wanted to avoid the limelight, so he applied to be transferred to the military zone of Lan City. Lan City was close to Yang City, so he came to Yang City more often. He even went to Qianfan Villa and met Ji Shiting from time to time. It was unknown what kind of shady business the two of them had negotiated in private… Oh, no, cooperation.

Qiao Yanze was also very busy. He had quit his position as the president of Huayao and taken over the core financial affairs of Fengqiao Corporation. His ambition was exposed, probably because he didn’t have time to care about anything else, or perhaps it was because he had really given up. He never paid attention to Li Yinian anymore, and he never went overseas to see her. Every time Li Yinian went overseas for more than half a month, that man had to fly to her as if he was afraid that she wouldn’t return.

Perhaps that was for the best. She wanted them to start their new lives as soon as possible.

She went to Shi Sheng Studio for a meeting with Shang Tianyi, but Lin Ran rushed in and said to her, “Sister Shengge, come to T.S. headquarters with me! Sun Ye said something happened to Mr. Ji and he needs your help…”

Ye Shengge’s face paled, and her limbs went limp. “What happened to Shiting?”

“Um… Sun Ye didn’t say anything. He just asked you to go over quickly, but don’t worry. I heard from his tone that the situation shouldn’t be too serious.” Lin Ran waved her hands.

“Go now. We’ll talk about this later!” Shang Tianyi closed the document after realizing the seriousness of the matter.

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