Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1198

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It was unknown how many fireworks had to be released in order to create such a magnificent effect. Brilliant fireworks bloomed one after another, almost covering the entire sky. It was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

Ye Shengge gasped in surprise and held her breath. She didn’t even have time to say anything. Her eyes widened, afraid that she would miss any one of them. After two minutes, the grand fireworks still didn’t stop.

She took a deep breath and looked at him. “How did you do it?”

After all, fireworks and firecrackers were not allowed in Yang City!

“How can it be difficult for me?” Ji Shiting saw the surprise in the woman’s eyes and curled his lips. “As long as you like it.”

Ye Shengge nodded and smiled. “I like it.” She paused and said, “You haven’t answered me yet. It’s not a holiday or a Memorial Day. Why do you suddenly want to be romantic?”

“You suddenly remembered? I thought I had always been good at creating romance.” The man grabbed her hands and smiled. “If you really want a reason, does it count if I want you to be happy?”

“But I’ve never been so generous before… To be honest, I’m suddenly a bit worried. Did you do something to let me down? I feel guilty, so I want to make it up to you in this way.” Ye Shengge sounded worried.

Ji Shiting was rendered speechless. He flicked her forehead and said, “What are you thinking about all day long?”

“I miss you,” she said smugly.

Ji Shiting pinched her hand and said, “Don’t be distracted. Keep watching.”

The fireworks banquet was still going on, and the cries of the crowd could be heard in the distance. All the residents living in Yang City shared the surprise with Ye Shengge. They quickly posted photos or videos on social media, enjoying the envious gazes of their friends and family.

Ye Shengge leaned against the man’s chest and enjoyed the fireworks. She felt that every cell in her body was filled and light. She thought that this might be the most satisfying day of her life.

At this moment, the shape of the firework changed. The firework didn’t seem to be flowers, but… letters?

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit, then, the fireworks completely bloomed, and a sentence formed by the letters appeared in the night sky, clearly reflected in her eyes.

Will you marry me?

Her eyes widened, and her mind went blank.

She then felt the man let her go, and she held his right hand.

Ye Shengge suddenly realized something, and her heart pounded. The man turned her body to make her face him, and she saw him kneeling on one knee in front of her. The man’s dark eyes were still reflecting the light of fireworks, and his lips curled up with gentleness and affection.

“You’ve never accepted it, so I reckon you can only give it to me this way.” He held her right hand and held an exquisite diamond ring in his left hand. “Are you willing to marry me, Ye Shengge?”

Ye Shengge felt as if something was stuck in her throat, and her eyes were burning. She couldn’t say anything.

Just as she was no longer looking forward to the ceremony, he satisfied her in an unexpected way. She was completely dazed by the surprise.

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