Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1201

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Yang City was as lively as ever.

Li Yinian walked out of the airport in a daze, feeling like she was in a trance amidst the crowd.

She had been in Europe for nearly half a year and was almost not used to such a bustling scene. When her assistant, Xu Chuchu saw her in a daze, she quickly said, “Sister Yinian, let’s get in the car quickly. It won’t be good if someone recognizes us.”

Li Yinian was stunned and nodded.

“Sister Yinian, where should I send you first?”

“No, send me to the office directly. I’ve made an appointment with Tianyi,” Li Yinian said softly.

“Okay.” Xu Chuchu started the car and asked, “Sister Yinian, how have you been these few months abroad? You didn’t let me go with you. Brother Tianyi is worried about you.”

Li Yinian smiled. “Not many people overseas know me. What do you think?”

Xu Chuchu couldn’t help laughing and said, “Sister Yinian, how did you become a celebrity with your personality? I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t like to be in the limelight and attract attention more than you.”

Li Yinian looked out of the window and smiled emotionlessly. “Because I need money.”

If she wanted to make money quickly, the only way to do so other than selling her body, was to enter the entertainment industry.

In a sense, these two methods were similar.

As for why she didn’t like being stared at, it might be because… her mission since she was young was to be in the limelight. The more attention she attracted, the happier her parents would be. Over time, attention had become her instinct, but it was also her fate to fight against it her entire life.

At this moment, a familiar building flashed past outside the window. Li Yinian was stunned for a moment before remembering that it was Fengqiao Corporation’s office building.

Her heart suddenly ached uncontrollably.

She had been in contact with Ye Shengge recently. Occasionally, Ye Shengge would tell her about Qiao Yanze’s situation.

This man had indeed entered Fengqiao Headquarters and joined the battle for the heir. Moreover, his performance was outstanding, causing the board of directors and partners to praise him. However, at the same time, he was also hated by a few siblings.

However, Qiao Yanze handled it very well. All these years, he had been secretly accumulating power. Li Yinian knew this better than anyone, so she knew that he could handle it.

That was good. When he completely controlled Fengqiao Corporation, those past events would never be able to defeat him again.

On the other hand, he should have completely given up on her. That was why he had a constant stream of female companions over the past six months. Every time they appeared on the news, they would smile willfully.

The netizens all said that a playboy is a playboy, and Li Yinian couldn’t stop him from having fun. Perhaps Li Yinian went abroad to study and stopped her career in the country because she was heartbroken by Qiao Yanze’s fickle heart.

At this moment, Li Yinian was overseas. She laughed for three minutes until she cried.

She thought that she had long lost count of the grudges between her and the man. Since she couldn’t figure it out, she might as well leave and be happy.

While she was lost in thought, Fengqiao Corporation’s office building had completely disappeared from her sight.

She turned around without any emotions in her eyes.

An hour later, she met Shang Tianyi in the conference room of Shisheng Studio.

Knowing that she was coming back today, Shang Tianyi specially stayed in the company to wait for her.

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