Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1203

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The night was cold.

Qiao Yanze walked out of the clubhouse and was mostly drunk from the cold wind. He reached out to tug at his collar and heaved a long sigh of relief. His originally dazed eyes finally became clearer.

Someone came over and patted his shoulder. “Fourth Young Master, is that settled?”

Qiao Yanze smiled. “Of course. I’ll urge the board of directors to approve this plan as soon as possible.”

“Good, good!” The other party laughed. “Fourth Young Master, you’re indeed a straightforward person. To be honest, your second brother looked for me before. I hesitated for a long time before rejecting him. Now that I think about it, it’s fortunate that I rejected him back then. Working with you is more reassuring.”

“You flatter me, CEO Xu.” Qiao Yanze smiled and glanced at the parking lot not far away. The driver had just started the car and hadn’t driven over yet.

CEO Xu was talkative after drinking. “Fourth Young Master, you should have entered Fengqiao Headquarters earlier. You’re smart and flexible, and you’re steady. It’s rare for you to have principles. If I were your father, I would definitely appoint you as the successor.”

“Thank you for your blessings.” Qiao Yanze’s smile was still calm. “The car is here. Go back and rest early.”

Qiao Yanze watched CEO Xu and the others leave before getting into his car.

The driver asked, “Fourth Young Master, where are you going?”

‘Where to?’

Qiao Yanze was dazed for a moment and said, “The Jade Spring Palace.”

“Okay,” the driver replied and started the car.

Qiao Yanze was stunned for a moment before he spat lightly.

Ever since he had been completely separated from Li Yinian, he had never been to the Jade Spring Palace again. During this period of time, he had basically stayed in his hotel for convenience.

Seeing that the driver was already driving in the direction of the Jade Spring Palace, he finally gave up on correcting him.

He rolled down the window and let the cold wind in.

In the past few months, he had been busy with work and scheming against his brothers. He had almost forgotten what kind of life he had been living.

Until the words Jade Spring Palace slid into his mind.

Yes, in the past three years, he had spent almost all his time with Li Yinian in the Jade Spring Palace.

Although Li Yinian never admitted it, in Qiao Yanze’s opinion, they were lovers for those three years. They were both busy with work, especially Li Yinian, who could only come back for a night after ten days to half a month. However, as long as she stayed at his place, she would personally cook and urge him to wash the dishes after dinner.

At night, she would lie under him and make sounds that made him unable to stop.

Actually, as long as they did not discuss the future, she would be quite cooperative. He would always have the illusion that there was some imperceptible warmth hidden in her seemingly docile but actually resistant posture.

He had once taken this illusion seriously, thinking that she still cared about him.

Until reality slapped him hard.

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes and pursed his lips tightly.

When the car arrived at the Jade Spring Palace, he opened his eyes. The next second, his pupils constricted.

The lights in Li Yinian’s villa were on.

He ordered almost involuntarily, “Stop the car.”

The driver didn’t understand, but he still stopped the car. Qiao Yanze quickly pushed open the door and got out of the car. He strode over and stood at the door of the villa.

His breathing was a little rapid. When he placed his hand on the door, rationality suddenly took over.

What was he doing?

Qiao Yanze smiled self-deprecatingly and was about to leave when the door behind him suddenly opened.

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