Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1208

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After Li Yinian finished speaking, she could clearly feel the man’s muscles tensing up greatly. His body was close to hers, and she could even vaguely feel the hardness and heat of his chest.

The man leaned over slightly, his heavy and rapid breathing landing on her face. There was an emotion in his dark eyes that shocked her.

“Li Yinian.” His Adam’s apple bobbed. “If it was really as you said, you should have confessed to me long ago. If I had known that you had aborted our child without any hesitation, I might have given up on you then, but you hid it from me.”

“I still have to marry into a rich family. How can I tell you such a thing? If the news is leaked, how can I survive in Yang City?” She pursed her lips.

Qiao Yanze stared at her for a moment before chuckling.

He suddenly hugged her tightly, one hand holding the back of her head, and his hot lips pressed against her face.

“What you said makes sense, but for some reason, I don’t believe it. Li Yinian, no matter what you say, I don’t believe it anymore,” he clipped, breathing heavily on her neck.

The woman’s neck quickly reddened.

Li Yinian was forced to lean into the man’s arms. She felt as if she was in the cold river, but the man’s hug was so hot that she trembled and couldn’t breathe.

She closed her eyes and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Qiao Yanze, let go!”

“You still don’t want to say it, do you?” He laughed hoarsely and let go of her slightly to size up her expression.

Her face seemed paler than ever, and her feather-like eyelashes trembled, revealing a sense of helplessness and vulnerability.

“Qiao Yanze, you’re thinking too much. If I was forced…” She paused and looked up at him. “Why would I hide such a thing? If I tell you, not only can I gain your guilt and heartache, I can also use this as a reason to make you stop pestering me.”

“Yes, why?” His breathing was deep and slow as he caressed her cheek. “You must know the reason.”

Li Yinian tilted her face and tried to avoid his touch. “Qiao Yanze, you’re imagining too much.”

“Am I imagining too much, or are you hiding too much from me?” He said hoarsely and grabbed her chin again. “Li Yinian, I couldn’t understand why you suddenly left without saying goodbye. You were still pestering me like a vixen before this… I did think that you had fallen in love with someone else or left me for someone with more power and wealth, but we both know that you’re not that kind of person.”

“Qiao Yanze, do you think you know me very well?” She smiled cynically and coldly.

“You’re right. I don’t know you at all.” Qiao Yanze closed his eyes and swallowed. His tone was self-deprecating and bitter. “If I knew anything about you, I should have known that you were so determined for a reason. You like Jinchen and Jinqing so much. Even if you didn’t intend to keep that child, you wouldn’t be so determined.”

“That was because back then…”

“You have an excuse for everything,” Qiao Yanze interrupted her. “But I don’t believe a word you say!”

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