Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1213

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Li Yinian had noticed that the man had indeed lost some weight, and there was a hint of fatigue in his eyes.

What made him tired was definitely not work itself, but the targeting and attacking of his family. She knew that Qiao Yanze had always avoided participating in the Qiao family’s battle because of this. In the end, he did not want to fall out with his family.

However, others would only take his concession for granted and think that he was easy to bully.

Li Yinian walked over and said in a low voice, “You can sleep here. Blow your hair dry and change your clothes.”

He looked like he had rushed out of the shower halfway through. He hadn’t even wiped the water off his body, so his shirt was soaked.

Qiao Yanze opened his eyes and smiled when he saw her frowning.

He reached out and pulled her.

Caught off guard, Li Yinian fell into his arms. Her face turned cold and she wanted to get up, but the man grabbed her waist.

She took a deep breath. “Qiao Yanze!”

“Don’t move. Let me hug you for a while.” The man’s voice was hoarse with fatigue and indescribably quiet. It was as if all his negative emotions were appeased by hugging her like this.

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Li Yinian was stunned and subconsciously relaxed her struggles.

Sensing her softening, Qiao Yanze’s heart skipped a beat and his hot hand slid to her abdomen.

Li Yinian was still wary, so she dodged instinctively. “What are you doing?”

The truth was that the man didn’t do anything. He just put his hand there, neither gently nor forcefully, as if to comfort her.

“I remember that my father asked me to be his translator, so I went on a business trip with him,” the man said softly. “It was only half a month. When I came back, I couldn’t contact you. The child wasn’t there then, right?”

Li Yinian assented hoarsely.

Qiao Yanze didn’t say anything for a long time. His gaze seemed to be fixed on a certain void. He was silent, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

Li Yinian became more and more uncertain. She couldn’t help but say, “If you want children, there are many women who are willing to give birth to them for you.”

“Who said I want a child?” The man’s gaze landed on her. “I’ll only like the child we have together. I’m not interested in having a child with another woman.”

Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered. “You won’t think that way in a few years.”

“Perhaps.” Qiao Yanze laughed. “It’s fine if you don’t say it. I’ll find out eventually.”

Li Yinian was stunned for a moment before she reacted. Her heart tensed up.

She knew that it was useless for her to deny it now, so she decided to remain silent. Fortunately, all traces had been wiped clean, so it was not easy for him to investigate.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Qiao Yanze seemed surprised. “I thought you would try your best to stop me, just like you stopped me from seeing that case book.”

“There are no secrets to begin with. Why should I stop you?” she said calmly.

The man snorted. “I understand. You think I can’t find out?”

Li Yinian gritted her teeth. She hated this man’s sharpness.

“Why are you back today?” Qiao Yanze asked again.

Li Yinian was a little dazed by his casual tone. “I came back to talk to Tianyi about terminating the contract.”

“You’re going to terminate your contract.” He laughed ambiguously. “Looks like you plan to settle down overseas.”

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