Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1223

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Li Yinian knew that her parents didn’t love her. They paid attention to her because they wanted to get enough benefits from her. However, even though her father was using her completely, her mother still had some concern for her. She just couldn’t resist her husband’s will.

Therefore, she came back not only for her mother but also to completely resolve the hidden danger of the Li family.

At the thought of this, she smiled and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Li.”

Li Changdong was displeased. “Yinian, what do you mean? Won’t you even acknowledge your parents?”

“I remember that when I left, you said that you would treat it as if you didn’t have a daughter like me in the future. How could I dare address you that way?” Li Yinian said calmly.

Li Changdong said awkwardly, “I was just angry because you insisted on leaving home… Your mother and I have raised you for more than twenty years. We’ve been hiring famous teachers for you since you were young. It’s all thanks to your mother and me that you’re where you are today.”

Li Yinian smirked and didn’t say anything.

“Yinian.” Mrs. Li’s tone was a little pleading. “Come back. You’re working hard alone outside. Your father and I feel sorry for you… Don’t be afraid. This time, your father won’t marry you to an old man like Xiao Cheng. Do you still remember Fourth Master Qiao? He’s about to become the heir of the Qiao family. He liked you so much back then, and you like him too. If you can marry him, wouldn’t everyone be happy?”

Everyone would be happy.

Li Yinian thought about those words and found it ironic.


“Mrs. Li, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed,” she said. “It’s impossible between me and Fourth Young Master Qiao. You should remember that I was together with him for a few months, but we broke up later. Do you know why?”

Mrs. Li was stunned. “Why?”

“Because his mother doesn’t like me.” Li Yinian smiled. “She will never agree to let me marry Qiao Yanze.”

Li Changdong said, “When Qiao Yanze becomes the heir, he can marry whoever he wants.”

“Perhaps,” Li Yinian said coldly. “But I can’t have children… Even if he marries me, I can only be a decoration. He might even lose his status as the heir.”

Li Changdong and Mrs. Li were stunned.

“What’s going on?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can go to the hospital with you for a checkup anytime.” Li Yinian smiled. “I can’t give birth. No matter who I marry, I’m afraid I won’t be able to bring you much benefits. After all, there’s no betrothal gift now. Other than Xiao Cheng, I’m afraid no one can give you such a large sum of money before the wedding.”

Li Changdong’s face twitched and he stood up. “Is… is it because you had been leading a promiscuous and indecent lifestyle? Otherwise, why can’t you give birth?”

“Mr. Li, that’s interesting.” Li Yinian smiled. “You’ve taught me a lot over the years, but you’ve never taught me to be reserved and proper. If I had been proper, how can I achieve your goal?”

“You… You’re infuriating me!” Li Changdong was so angry that he was trembling. “Didn’t I teach you not to act until you see success? Didn’t I tell you that you’re not allowed to give yourself to anyone unless you’re engaged? Are you stupid or cheap?”

Mrs. Li’s face was pale, as if she felt that her husband’s words were inappropriate. However, she moved her lips and eventually swallowed her words, not daring to speak.

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