Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1224

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Li Yinian couldn’t help laughing.

“Mr. Li, you sound like an old procuress.”

Li Changdong was furious. “How did I raise such a shameless thing!… Tell me, who is that man?”

“Old Xiao,” Li Yinian said nonchalantly. “I only realized it after something happened to Old Xiao. After that, Xiao Ruilang forced me to abort the child, but something happened… Otherwise, why do you think he was willing to give me such a huge sum of alimony?”

Li Changdong’s first reaction was disbelief. “How is that possible? He’s already so old!”

“Who else do you think it is?” Li Yinian found it funny and mocked. “Qiao Yanze?”

Li Changdong’s eyes flickered, but he didn’t say anything.

He did hope that the other party was Qiao Yanze. Even if it wasn’t Qiao Yanze, it would be good if it was a rich young master. In that case, even if Li Yinian really lost her ability to reproduce, he still had room to operate. In short, t Li hefamily wouldn’t suffer.’

However, Li Yinian insisted that it was Xiao Cheng.

He didn’t believe it, but he didn’t have any concrete evidence. Besides, he needed Li Yinian’s cooperation to be able to create his sounds. If he insisted on making Qiao Yanze take responsibility even though it wasn’t Qiao Yanze’s child, it wouldn’t be a marriage but a feud.

Thinking of this, he mellowed down and said, “Yinian, tell me honestly, who is that man? I won’t harm you. Isn’t the decision in your hands? Tell us who the baby belongs to. In short, I will make him responsible for you!”

“Didn’t you say that I can’t let anyone have me unless I’m engaged? I’m still very obedient to you,” Li Yinian said. “Since I didn’t let anyone have a taste of sweetness, that child can’t be pushed to him. He’s not a fool.”

Li Changdong’s face stiffened and he was speechless. After all, he couldn’t ask Qiao Yanze for confirmation.

“Get back to your room first. I’ll get a doctor to come to the house immediately!” He said decisively.

Li Yinian knew that he wouldn’t give up easily. She smiled indifferently and walked to her room with her suitcase.

After a few years, her room was still the same as before. It was very exquisite and neat. It was the standard boudoir of a rich young lady. Even though she had lived here for twenty years, Li Yinian still did not feel a sense of belonging.

She put down her suitcase, walked to the bay window, sat down, and stared at the garden outside.

After a while, footsteps came from behind.

Li Yinian did not look back.

A fruit plate was placed in front of her. Mrs. Li looked up at her worriedly and said carefully, “Yinian, have some fruit.”

Li Yinian took a look, stuffed a fruit into her mouth, and chewed slowly.

“Although your father has his own selfish motives, he won’t harm you. It’s not that easy to work hard in the entertainment industry. You might as well get married to a rich man and enjoy life.”

Li Yinian suddenly smiled. “You’ve been a rich man’s wife for many years. Are you happy?”

Mrs. Li forced a smile. “Your father treats me quite well. Look, you’re my only child after all these years. He didn’t say anything.”

“Heh…” Li Yinian couldn’t help laughing. “That’s because he’s useless. Even the mistresses outside can’t give birth. What else can he do?”

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