Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1235

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While Qiao Yanze was drinking soup, Madam Qiao whispered into his ear.

The eldest son of the Qiao family, Qiao Yanxun, the second son, Qiao Yansen, and the third daughter, Qiao Yanni, were all married. However, only Qiao Yanxun had one son, and he was the only child of his grandchildren. He was very doted on by Qiao Fengnian and Madam Qiao. At this moment, Madam Qiao was whispering about this grandson to Qiao Yanze.

However, this child was probably spoiled. Qiao Yanze really did not like this nephew of his.

Qiao Yanze occasionally chimed in, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

After a while, Madam Qiao suddenly sighed. “On the other hand, when are you going to get married? Your brothers and sisters are always in pairs. You’re always alone.”

Qiao Yanze paused.

He put down his fork and wiped his mouth with a tissue. “Sure, I’ll find you a daughter-in-law as soon as possible.”

Madam Qiao was delighted. “Really? What kind of girl do you like? I’ll keep a lookout for you!”

“Pretty ones.” Qiao Yanze didn’t hesitate. “The prettier the better.”

Madam Qiao’s expression changed slightly. She immediately thought of Li Yinian.

“…Do you already have a goal in mind?” she asked tentatively.

She knew that her son had probably not let go of Li Yinian yet, so she was afraid that he would mention Li Yinian’s name. She did not want to argue with her son over that girl.

Fortunately, Qiao Yanze pondered for a bit and gave another name. “Someone like Su Qinxue, who is beautiful and not aggressive. She’s suitable to be a wife.”

Madam Qiao heaved a sigh of relief, then frowned. “Her… I remember that girl is arrogant. She has been engaged a few times, but her family background is average, and her reputation is not good…”

“She’s a little silly, but she’s not a bad person. Mom, don’t you like her?” Qiao Yanze asked casually.

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“It’s… not that.” Madam Qiao said reluctantly. “It’s not impossible if you really like her. I’ll personally teach her in the future.”

She wouldn’t interfere too much in her children’s marriage. Madam Qiao knew that she would have to rely on her children in the future, so she had a good relationship with them.

Although Su Qinxue was a beauty, she wouldn’t insist on forcing her son to marry her if he didn’t like her.

Qiao Yanze’s pupils constricted.

Su Qinxue’s family background was inferior to Li Yinian’s. Yet, Madam Qiao could tolerate Su Qinxue but not Li Yinian.

Therefore, she disapproved of their relationship, not because she disliked Li Yinian’s family background and reputation, but because of another reason.

His breathing was erratic, and his eyes looked terrifying.

Madam Qiao was shocked when she met his gaze. “Yanze, what’s wrong?”

Qiao Yanze smiled as if nothing had happened. “Nothing. I’m just glad that you’re willing to respect my choice. But Su Qinxue… She’s still a little lacking. I think it’s best if I marry a woman who can help me in my career.”

“That’s right. My son is so outstanding. He can marry any girl he wants.” Madam Qiao sounded proud.

Although she acted impartial on the surface, she still favored her youngest son more. That was why she wanted to push Qiao Yanze to become the heir.

Qiao Yanze smiled faintly without commenting.

After an hour, Qiao Fengnian returned from the company, and Qiao Yanxun and the others arrived one after another.

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